• Endless Possibilitiess

      Endless Possibilities - Beautiful and light acoustic track, featuring nylon guitar, acoustic piano, smooth string pad, and percussions that create a cozy ambiance. This track is perfect for motivational stories, documentaries that aim to evoke feelings of hope, simplicity, and the beauty of life, romantic scenes in films and TV shows, family photo slideshow, etc. It's an ideal background score for any setting where peace, comfort, and inspiration are the desired outcomes.

      Gray Clouds

      A wonderful and delightful acoustic music with piano, guitar, celesta, strings and pads featuring. Perfect for family videos, weddings, charity, romantic scenes, sentimental moments, Valentines Day videos, nature views, travel, and many more.

      Memories We Shared

      A beautiful, emotional, and dramatic royalty-free cinematic piano theme. The delicate piano with the tender strings builds up to the heart beating and emotional climax. This background music captures the essence of heartfelt moments and evokes deep emotions. Ideal for wedding ceremonies, happy ends in movies or TV shows, love stories, romantic films or dramas, dramatic revelations of closing scenes, and YouTube videos sharing personal stories or life-changing moments.

      Spreading Your Wings

      Beautiful, emotional, and storytelling cinematic piano with warm and inspiring strings, breathtaking, mellow and flowing melody, touching, tender, and sensitive mood. Ideal for wedding videos, romantic and Valentines day videos, heart touching love videos, romantic films, and emotional commercials and advertising.

      Whispered Emotions

      A romantic cinematic composition creates an atmosphere of tenderness for weddings, romantic moments, and documental videos that celebrate love. This composition cherishes the delicate emotions and grandeur of such moments. Featuring gentle strings, tender piano, and the subtle whispers of woodwinds.

      Beautiful Vibe

      A light and positive piano piece that flows gently and loops seamlessly. Works great with a wide variety of visuals, including the traditional wedding reception, memorable anniversary film, emotional TV commercials, family videos, romantic background, love cards for St valentines day, etc.

      Great Wonder

      A beautiful, emotional, warm, uplifting cinematic piano and orchestra piece that conveys love, romance and togetherness. Great for trailers, adverts and projects that need a sentimental, heartwarming and uplifting score, such as a wedding and Valentines Day.

      Calm Morning

      Indulge in the allure of our acoustic pop gem, a blend of beauty and nostalgia. Crafted with intricate acoustic guitar strums and emotive piano notes, entwined amidst lush strings and subtle percussion. Perfect for stirring sentiment in wedding videos, romantic montages, or any project aiming to evoke deep, heartwarming emotions.

      Love Nest

      A very soft tender piano piece complemented by strings and bells with very warm feeling and intimate mood. It will be good for any romantic moments like wedding, home video, sentimental memories, for St.Valentines day etc.

      If You Just Believe

      This acoustic composition exudes a tranquil beauty, stirring deep emotions and inspirations. Its uplifting tones make it an ideal choice for enhancing your diverse media projects, adding depth and resonance.

      Morning Reverie

      This one is a gentle and peaceful cinematic piano track with strings, pads, celesta, and piano features. Beautiful music for movies, Saint Valentines Day videos, love stories, melodramas, touching moments, family videos, slide shows, and many more.

      Vienna Masquerade

      A majestic and regal royalty-free classical orchestral theme that exudes the grandeur of royal celebration. Features piano and vibrant strings that create a soundscape s both epic and hopeful. This background music is a fantastic choice for historical documentaries, romantic narratives, castle scenes, or wedding receptions, offering a melodious and glorious backdrop to elevate your project.

      Treasured Memories

      Inspirational, sincere and bright acoustic pop-rock ballad with an emotional, caring and loving mood. Ideal for love story, photo slideshow, heartfelt tv commercials, and advertising, wedding anniversary, motivational advertisements, romantic videos, Valentines Day and more.

      Inviting Warmth

      "Morning Reverie" is a captivating acoustic folk composition that transports you to a serene summer morning. With its gentle picking guitars, heartfelt melodies, and warm harmonies, this track evokes a sense of introspection and tranquility. Perfect for creating a nostalgic, yet uplifting ambiance in film, commercials, documentaries, and nature-inspired content.

      Golden Rays And Country Days

      A lively classical Vienna waltz featuring strings, horns, woodwinds, timpani, and cellos. Perfect for ads, stylish videos, masquerades, balls, theatre and opera presentations, medieval films, historical and documentary, regal and ceremonial videos, and many more.


      Uplifting, inspiring, motivational and emotional instrumental background music. Perfect for corporate, commercials, presentations, romantic video, Valentines day promo, time lapse and other media projects.

      Sweety Love

      A soothing and romantic acoustic country track. This beautiful composition features finger-picked guitars, gentle percussion, and the melodic tones of a mandolin, creating a captivating and heartfelt atmosphere. The gentle strumming of the guitars sets a serene and calming tone for a romantic scene in a film, a serene backdrop for a rustic landscape, and more.

      Sweet Loves

      Emotional track that evokes romantic feelings. Suitable for Valentines day video, romantic vlog or slide show and more. The instruments here are drums, guitars, bass, piano, strings and brass.

      Sense Of Gratitude

      A heartwarming and beautiful romantic background track that sets the perfect mood for love stories and moments. Suitable for a variety of romantic scenes, including wedding ceremonies, romantic montages, romantic trips, videos about design, art, floristry, instagram stories, vlogs about beauty and more.

      Travelling With Friends

      Experience the gentle, yet uplifting melodies of this enchanting acoustic piece. The intertwining of delicate fingerpicking and emotive strings creates a sense of warmth and tranquility, perfect for adding a touch of heartfelt emotion to your project. Whether it's a romantic film, a nostalgic montage or a peaceful nature video, this track will capture the beauty of the moment.

      Travelers Hymn

      A dramatic cinematic orchestral music that perfectly conveys the feeling of great adventure and travel. An inspiring music track that is full of light, hope, love, and beauty. The perfect background for projects such as feature films, documentaries, or commercials with a sense of wide open spaces. Features staccato strings, brass sections, percussion, and piano.

      Health Comfort

      Acoustic indie folk composition with a beautiful and inspiring melody. This uplifting and rustic composition is perfect for YouTube videos as well as any type of personal video project related to education, traveling, lifestyle, or other positive topics. Featuring acoustic guitar, hand claps, flute, and more.

      Star Child

      Sweet Loves - Romantic track in retro pop style with classical piano, bell, violin solo, and shuffle swing rhythm. Melody and harmony are cute, pretty, beautiful, elegant, and lovely moods. Suitable for weddings, marriages, Valentine's themes, and advertising.

      Children Travel

      Inspirational and emotional classical piano track with gentle melodies and a soft string section. It's perfect for advertising, romance videos, Valentine's Day movies, and wedding montages.

      Beloved Family

      This inspirational modern classical music features a piano melody with a lovely marimba rhythm. It is light, positive, and happy with a subtle sense of urgency. The perfect background music for home videos, commercials, advertising, and corporate projects.

      Life Is Beautiful With You

      Beautiful acoustic composition. Inspiring, uplifting and motivational track. Perfect for your media projects.

      What We Got

      Cooking Recipe is a folk track that creates a calm and happy atmosphere. The acoustic guitars, bass, and drums create a chill vibe with no big changes in the mood. This track is best suited to use in cooking videos or when creating an ad with a positive vibe. It is useful for travel vlogs and TV shows, but also good for us in your Instagram or Youtube.

      Autumn Song

      This playful and delicate instrumental piece has a calm and focused tone, perfect for an accompaniment to a puzzle, game, or enigma. The gentle flute and harp passages help to keep concentration and focus, making this track perfect for your video projects.

      Inspired Ideas

      A motivational acoustic rock track with uplifting and inspiring feelings. This track will help you to boost your energy and motivate you to make miracles happen! Perfect as background music for advertising, TV shows, films, and positive and optimistic commercial production projects.

      Emotional Heart

      A sweet, acoustic guitar track with warm and happy background voices, soft percussion, and piano. It has a carefree and cozy mood that perfectly fits the image of joyful warmth. Suitable for various projects including commercials, presentations, viral marketing, and family videos.

      Light Inside

      Evocative chill-out track with a melodic synth line played over a lush guitar chord progression and a deep silky smooth bass line underneath. Perfect to build a luxurious and sensual mood in your media projects. Ideal for luxury products, real estate, chill-out moments, and sensual pleasures.

      Cooking Recipe

      This elegant and dreamy background music will add a sense of emotion and sophistication to your project. Perfect for romantic videos, commercials, advertisements, film/television, wedding videos, and corporate presentations. The piano melody is supported by a beautiful string section and has been composed to have a memorable impact on the listener.

      We Are Going Home

      An uplifting acoustic composition that will make a great background for commercials, YouTube videos, wedding videos, and more. This track is packed with positive energy and makes a perfect choice for any content about love and family relationships.

      Puzzle Book

      This one is a light and gentle cinematic piano track with strings, celesta, piano and cello featuring. Perfect for nature views, films, emotional moments, travel videos, fairy tales, love scenes, touching stories, inspiring adventures, and many more.

      Family Gathering

      This beautiful acoustic composition is suitable for corporate, motivational, inspiring, and uplifting presentations. The melody is played on acoustic guitar and accompanied by gentle-sounding piano chords. Pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Perfect for any media project.

      In Peace And Harmony

      Uplifting and hopeful orchestral classical music track. Beautiful piano melody, strings, and brass. The optimistic, inspirational nature is excellent for success, hope, accomplishment, a wedding, or achieving a goal. A sense of nostalgia and longing makes it a good fit for historical or period pieces.

      Tomorrow Is A New Day

      Inspired by the fairytale atmosphere, this composition will help you to create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere. The music is imbued with light sadness and nostalgia. Features gentle cello, mysterious celesta, excellent development, and interesting dynamics. Excellent for any project related to dreams, wedding ceremonies, and Valentine's day events.

      So Lovely Day

      It's Happy, uplifting, inspiring background music with warm synths, strings, piano, bell, pad, fat bass, and percussion. This track will take you on a summer romantic journey where people in love relax and jump for happiness. Suitable for vlogs, travel videos, vacations, commercial projects, beach resorts, seaside walks, outdoor activities, movies, and any other summer projects.

      Rising Of The Sun

      A romantic and emotional track featuring piano and orchestral strings. Perfect for wedding videos and montages, love scenes, and romantic videos.

      Story About Love

      An acoustic romantic music theme with acoustic guitar, rich-sounding piano, and sweet violins. The mood is calming, dreamy, and lovely. Ideal for storytelling, romantic wedding slideshows, sentimental cinema moments, ads with children, health media projects, family oriented commercials.

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    If you want to give a romantic gift on Valentine’s Day, try giving video as a gift, video that captures unique memories.

    Music is a big part of life, whether it is music that one listens to at the gym, on their way to work, or in the background of a film, music can change moods, tell a story, and inspire creativity. Music has touched cultures around the world since the actual dawn of time, and yet what was only recently discovered was the manner in which music can affect the body and mind.

    Many people find music healing. It is an expression for all humanity, something that people everywhere are touched by no matter where they are from. Music is not only a beautiful diversion, something to appreciate, but it reduces stress, changes mood, accesses different states of mind, develops the brain, and raises states of consciousness, all of which can be useful in regular meditation.

    Classical music has been shown to improve visual attention. Listening to classical music on special occasions such as this will actually improve visual attention, leading to heightened awareness of the environment and those things in front of the listener. Music actually stimulates visual and verbal skills. Those who listen to music are shown to smile more frequently and show greater signs of sophisticated brain responses. Listening to music actually functions as exercise for the brain, no matter the occasion. It improves memory and mental sharpness, both of which can be used to access memories associated with certain melodies or musical harmonies relevant to such a special occasion.

    Listening to a special Valentine’s Day music set enables people to draw on old memories based on the neurological patterns of rhythm and sound that remain within the brain core for an extended period of time. Moderate noise levels for music listening will increase processing difficulty, which actually promotes abstract processing and in turn leads to increased creativity. The music which people enjoy listening to on Valentine’s Day can actually tell quite a bit about their personality. For example, those who are fans of classical music are typically introverts with high self esteem and creativity. Those who are fans of opera are often gentle and creative, with high self esteem. Those who enjoy jazz music are outgoing, creative, and have high self esteem.

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