Joy Build Up

by Andrea Quarin

BPM 155
Uplifting, positive and energetic track with nice precise rhythm guitars, gentle piano melodies and big, lush string pads. A cello's solo comes in at the end making the track very emotive and beautiful.
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  • Joy Build Up by Andrea Quarin

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    On The Top by DPmusic

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    Secret Of Success by Alex Grey

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    Reach The Top by Audioflame

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    Delicious Success by Nazar Rybak

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    Reaching Higher by Nazar Rybak

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    Building Your Day by Media Sushi

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    The Only Winner by Mikael Manvelyan

    An inspirational, uplifting tune for business, corporate success. This happy background music has a sense of freedom and optimism. Perfect for motivational commercials, presentations, innovative projects, or even lifestyle videos.

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    Happy And Curious by Sungtae Kim

    Fun, upbeat track starts out with ukulele, bell and piano. Continues to build over time with piano and pizzicato strings. Use anywhere a sense of good feel and enjoyment needs to be invoked.

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    Reach Higher by Mark Kueffner

    Uplifting, positive song created advertising. Instruments include Piano, electric guitar, strings, bass and drums.

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    Rise Up by AG Music

    This positive track has a great uplifting and joyful mood. It is perfect for corporate and business presentations, advertisements, commercials, news broadcasts, podcasts and TV and radio shows

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    Great Idea by Melodality Music

    This is a catchy upbeat corporate music track with a joyful and uplifting vibe. Great soundtrack for TV, commercials and Business Websites/Projects. Motivating Music that brings hopeful and inspiring feelings to the listener.

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