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I Love U

When you’re in love, the world is overwhelmingly beautiful, colors are more dramatic, and everything just seems to fall into place. You feel like nothing is impossible as long as you have that special someone at your side. These tracks bring that feeling alive in your heart, the one place where true love resides.
  • Its time to sleep! Hush-a-bye and sleep tight! Special for youthful moms and their babies.

    Warm and positive track cause to remember all that was best in your life and to dream about the future.

    Corporate motivational track, featuring piano, drums and orchestral elements, suitable for your business advertising project. Enjoy!

    This music brings good luck! Simple and soulful melody, happy feeling and a cute little four-stringed ukulele. Music for your good mood and happy memories.

    A simple yet fast moving piano theme that loops seamlessly.

    Take a deep breath. Imagine your house near vineyard on the coast. Smell all wonderful fragrances that the mother Earth provide to you.

    An upbeat, hand-clapping happy piano tune that loops seamlessly. This music is suitable as background music in a variety of multimedia applications or productions.

    60 second loop featuring strummed and fingerpicked acoustic classical guitar, piano, bass and drums. Drives smoothly in 3/4 time, moderate to fast paced. Has a very positive, optimistic and inspirational feel.

    A happy, lighthearted piano loop that brightens the mood.

    This song is mainly driven by fingerpicked acoustic guitars with a simple, positive sounding piano melody. Medium to fast paced, this track is full of optimism and visions of a bright future ahead.

    A happy piano solo theme that loops seamlessly. This track is suitable as background music in videos, commercials, film and television productions.

    Corporate motivational track, expose a lot of positivity, creativity and confidence. Start out with piano arpeggio, bass, drums, guitars & orchestral elements join in, to create that beautiful feeling! Enjoy....Life!

    This is a heartwarming positive and energetic track that slowly grow. The track starts off with a small and quiet piano sequence and slowly swells into a crescendo. The buildup with big drum sounds at the end. Ideal for any presentation, Commercial or drone flight videos etc..

    'Inspired Moment' is a simple smooth and mellow acoustic guitar & ukulele musical passage that can be used on commercials, TV Ads, games, podcasts and presentations.

    Positive, cheerful and playful music with uplifting ukulele ,bells,upbeat claps and drums.Rhythmic, lively music, good background for commercial,videos, television and web adverts.

    This cheerful and playful background instrumental is happy and upbeat. The cute and bouncy ukulele and acoustic is perfect airy music for advertising ads and Teenage YouTube videos. The marimba and bells give it that bright and positive mood for a optimistic presentation. This Beautiful and sweet melody is carefree and perfect for corporate business, motivation, and laid-back slideshows and holiday music.

    This is a lively, upbeat, fun and uplifting track with a happy and easy come easy go feel. Glockenspiel, ukulele, guitars, piano and drums combine in this light-hearted feel good soundtrack that is great as background music for adverts, corporate videos, podcasts, documentaries and other video productions needing a joyful, fresh, modern and inspiring lift.

    An soft and spacey uplifting chill out / lounge background music track, played by synth, piano and classical guitar over a light mid tempo drum groove.

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