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Flowers for Mom Small Cover
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms.
33 Melodies
Springtime Small Cover
Enjoy a warm, sunny hug with this acoustic album's cheerful ukulele tunes and soft rhythms, perfect for brightening any day.
35 Melodies
The Happy Farm Small Cover
It brings joyful bluegrass music, mixing guitars, banjos, harmonicas, and bass, evoking a welcoming, heartwarming community feel.
36 Melodies
Dark Pleasures Small Cover
Let this jazz lounge album be your guide to a night of romance. Its seductive notes create an intimate world, perfect for lovers cherished moments.
25 Melodies
Melodies of Promise Small Cover
This playlist, with its acoustic guitar and piano, enriches cherished memories and love stories, offering a musical keepsake of eternal promises.
25 Melodies
Halloween Kids Small Cover
Ready for some Halloween fun? Grab the kids and dive into this playlist! It's packed with melodies that perfectly mix the playful and spooky vibes of October.
18 Melodies
Wanderlust And Highway Dust Small Cover
Venture off the beaten path and immerse yourself in the heartfelt journey of "Wanderlust And Highway Dust".
29 Melodies
Enchanted Yoga Garden Small Cover
Step into a realm of tranquility and inner harmony as serene melodies and nature's whispers guide your yoga practice towards balance and serenity.
32 Melodies
American Road Trip Small Cover
Take down a road from the East to the West.
17 Melodies
Urban Xmas Small Cover
What do you get when you teach Santa hip hop? These tunes, of course.
19 Melodies
Vintage Christmas Small Cover
Do you long for the way Christmas used to be? This playlist takes you back.
17 Melodies
Far Away From Everything Small Cover
Ready to get away from it all? This playlist is the first step…
25 Melodies
Vampire Ball Small Cover
Vampires move with elegance and grace. As will you when you play these melodies.
15 Melodies
Haunted House Small Cover
How do you know a spirit is present? This playlist holds the clues.
25 Melodies
Building Together Small Cover
Working together for a brighter tomorrow. That’s what these melodies represent.
25 Melodies
World Cup Small Cover
What does power and elite performance sound like? It sounds like this.
35 Melodies
Stargazing Small Cover
With darkness comes possibilities. With nighttime comes hope of an even better tomorrow.
31 Melodies
Against All Authority Small Cover
Rules are meant to be broken. These melodies can help you push past yours.
31 Melodies
Give Me Summer Small Cover
Summer is the season for celebrating life…which is what these melodies do.
30 Melodies
For the Love of Mom Small Cover
If you could put your mom into music, these are the melodies you’d hear.
30 Melodies
All In or Nothing Small Cover
It’s hard to describe how it feels to win big. Yet, these melodies do.
26 Melodies
In The Kitchen Small Cover
With this cooking-inspired playlist, your dishes will literally sing in your mouth.
31 Melodies
Corporate Island Small Cover
The place where all dreams come true, without any worry and fuss, but with the pure energy of action.
25 Melodies
Road to the Olympics Small Cover
Hard work and dedication followed by success. That’s the journey these melodies inspire.
22 Melodies
Come on and Line up Small Cover
Grab your friends and your board and hit the waves with these surf-inspiring melodies.
20 Melodies
Sunset Chill Small Cover
Enjoy music that bridges today and tomorrow in a peaceful and relaxing way.
16 Melodies
Shades of Feelings Small Cover
Play the tunes that make you feel good all over again.
13 Melodies
I Love U Small Cover
Ignite the spark in your heart with this compilation that’s all about love.
20 Melodies
Happy Valentine Small Cover
Share your feelings of love in a way that is uniquely you.
10 Melodies
Christmas Songs Small Cover
Christmas Songs are all about the melodies that bring back sweet holiday memories.
24 Melodies
Crystal Winter Small Cover
Few things are as beautiful as fresh fallen snow, and Crystal Winter reminds you of that.
17 Melodies
A Magical Christmas Small Cover
You can’t help but feel like a kid again with Magical Christmas melodies.
29 Melodies
Sweet Candy Halloween! Small Cover
This Halloween, experience more treats than tricks.
15 Melodies
Bloody Tears of Halloween Small Cover
If your Halloween is all about fear and fright.
19 Melodies
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