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    • Through The Clouds Of Dreams by Infraction

      Stylish electronic background music is perfect for openers and lifestyle videos, fashion, music vlogs, beauty blogs, technology gadgets, or any elegant videos. It creates an optimistic and cutting-edge mood. Suitable for podcasts or as a soundtrack for TV adverts or documentaries.

      Best Days by MediaM

      Gentle, peaceful, and emotional chillstep music with piano, pads, strings, cello, and slow beats. Perfect for romantic visuals, sentimental video, innovation documentaries, travel media content, tv, youtube, product presentations, commercials, and more.

      Towards The Foggy Mountains by DPmusic

      Emotional and airy chillstep music similar to Enigma with relaxing beat and warm atmospheric sound. Beautiful background for travel videos, car trip adventures, drone videos, nature views, landscapes, futuristic projects, science and technology videos or more.

      Synthetic Organism by AleXZavesa

      This atmospheric and inspiring corporate music will make your video look professional. It is ideal for time-lapse, science, technology projects, and documentary movies. The gentle piano, synth pads, and dreamy string section combine well with the underlying percussion elements to provide a beautiful piece of music for your project.

      Hokkaido by Infraction

      If you are looking for a modern, stylish, atmospheric chillstep track with a trap beat this is the music track for you. Perfect for openers, romantic, love, technology, fashion, city streets, stunning city skylines, and beautiful design projects.

      Chasing Stars by AG Music

      Winter atmospheric chillstep music with rhythmic synths, floating effects and laid-back beats. Great for stylish commercials, 3d visualization, fashion films, city webcam, innovative technologies, and presentations.

      Sunset Chill by Premium TraX

      Chill and peaceful lo-fi hip-hop track featuring dreamy Rhodes and keys, playful bass, and a relaxed drum beat along with atmospheric effects. Perfect for branding, commercials, advertisements, presentations and more.

      Surreal World by Nuform Music

      Contemporary chillstep electronic production music. Featuring catchy plucked synths sound and arpeggiated synth sound that suggests the flow and continuity of the tune. Ideal for modern corporate presentation, cutting edge technologies, science inventions, new product launches, and more.

      Reach The Ocean by DPmusic

      The is cool chillstep music with a relaxing mood and downtempo beat. Nice background for retreat experience, drone timelapse video, nature landscapes, ocean views, travel vlogs, hotel and spa presentations, advertising and promo projects, cinematic sunsets or sunrise pictures.

      Night Trips by SPMusicGroup

      A relaxing and catchy royalty-free chillout tune with elegant piano, nice strings, vocal effects, and sweet beats. This lush and smooth background music is best for hotel lobby, coffee, lounge zones, sensual commercials, on-hold music, and more.

      Embrace The Sky by DPmusic

      This one is an atmospheric royalty-free chillstep track with a warm sound and calming mood. Perfect background for nature views, drone videos, travel and vacation videos, advertising, deep relaxation, cruise ship or hotel resort promos, scenery views, or more.

      Higher Than The Sky by DPmusic

      This is dreamy and atmospheric chillstep music with airy, warm and lounge sound. This relaxing and sexy royalty free melody can be perfect background for cinematic view videos, videos from drone perspectives, sky and space videos, Hotels and Spa presentations, slide-shows, new product launch, lounge and bar background and more.

      Lifestyle Thing by Dopestuff

      Sun-drenched and soulful, this Chillhop track is a great fit for lifestyle projects that evoke a sense of wanderlust. With soulful vocals, chill beats, and voice samples, this track has a cool vibe that makes it perfect for a fashion show, travel and lifestyle projects.

      Success On The Cryptocurrency Exchange by Audioflame

      It's a modern track for your media projects, made in the style of electronic chillstep, corporate tech motivational. The track contains violin, pads, electronic instruments, synths, leads and drums, percussion.

      Sensual Waves by Nazar Rybak

      Modern energetic chillstep music with emotional e-piano melody, digital synth, dubstep beat, deep bass and soft pads. Suitable for corporate videos, commercials, cinema, advertisement, movie trailer or as landing page music.

      City Of Passion by Nazar Rybak

      Tropical lounge music with EDM elements will give your projects a relaxed and inviting feel. Ideal for advertising, video blogging, design and fashion, interior and room tour, real estate and hotels, comfort, and pleasant atmosphere.

      Morning Chill by Dopestuff

      A beautiful, slow chillstep track with relaxed mood has an edge that will introduce a sophisticated sense of class. Combines female vocal fx, atmospheric pads, electric guitar licks, edgy synht-bass and modern dubstep drums. Ideal for luxury retail, classy commercials, fashion and urban high life videos.

      Leading Edge by AudioPanda

      Modern and catchy electronic chillstep music with a high-tech, SFX sounds and groovy ethnic beat. Fits perfectly for projects related to cutting edge technology, science research, technical developments, eco-friendly projects, life reality TV, modern gadget and apps.

      Bridge Of Hope by Infraction

      Stylish and sophisticated chillstep music with relaxing Lo-Fi beats and a deep smooth atmosphere – for your project. This track is the perfect background music for projects related to urban themes, stylish food vlogs, and other videos. Suitable for openers, digital art, technology and fashion.

      Modern Technologies by DPmusic

      This is modern music with a contemporary future chill beat and chillstep groove. Beautiful piano fills together with light plucked synth, bass and pads create warm background atmosphere. This track can perfectly fit for any kind of corporate media, new product promo video, YouTube travel lifestyle vlog, emotional point in commercials, advertising background and other projects.

      Soaring Above The Waves by Rolikmusic

      This heartwarming and sensitive modern lounge music is great for movies, radio, tv, advertising, commercial, video, and other projects. This track gently takes off with a tender pulse to a gentle chillstep groove. Lush, silky synths and soulful textures paint an aural soundscape for intelligent achievement and thoughtful emotion.

      The Flicker by Infraction

      Modern Chillstep style corporate royalty-free music with floating rhythms, and laid-back beats. Used digital synths, e-piano, deep drums, percussion, electric guitar. Perfect choice for lounge bar, city webcam, real estate project, contemporary visualization, innovative eco-technology projects, design agency promo video, inspiration travel clip, etc. Enjoy!

      A Day In A Dream by Alex MakeMusic

      A groovy and chill lo-fi track featuring floating vocal chops, guitars, keyboards, vocal FX, and synth drums that create a positive, feel-good mood. This background music would be perfect for many projects like commercials, presentations, and more!

      Deep Diver by Paul Werner

      This chillstep style soundtrack features calm atmospheres and inspiring harmonies with a steady beat. Cafe lounge zone, beach club mood.

      The Blossom by Soundroll

      Light, bright and floating chillstep, featuring future plucking synth leads, verby piano pads, electronic trappy drum beat. This gentle track is great for corporate presentation, fashion ads, stylish vlogs, 3D visualizations, elegant commercials.

      White Moonlight Rays by Emilio Merone

      Smooth and relaxing ambient music featuring piano, synths, and electronic elements to create a downtempo electronic soundscape. This track is perfect for commercial use.

      Time For Life by MediaM

      This is modern, inspiring music with a contemporary future chill beat, emotional atmosphere and chillstep groove. Beautiful piano fills together with light plucked synth, idm elements, bass and pads creating a warm background atmosphere. This track can perfectly fit for any kind of timelapse, corporate media, new product promo video, YouTube travel lifestyle vlog, documentary videos, emotional point in commercials, advertising background and other projects.

      Urban Aesthetics by JGaudio

      Stylish contemporary chillstep production music. Perfect as background music for video games, timelapse videos, modern design presentations, urban life and more. Featuring breakbeat drum beats, sub deep wobble bassline, warm piano keys, the 80s styled synthesizer, euphoric beautifully violin strings, atmospheric pads, airy plucks.

      The Prism by CozyVibes

      A chill, ethereal royalty-free lounge piece ideal for aerials, time-lapses, or nature-related videos. This track features piano and airy pads, soft drums, and percussions, with a heavenly atmosphere that evokes calm and tranquility.

      Weekend Rest by JGaudio

      Relaxing, atmospheric, dreamy track in hybrid hip-hop trap, ambient and chillstep genres. Featuring punchy breakbeat urban beats, rich piano chords, angelic synthesizer plucks, beautiful acoustic guitar, cosmic choir pad, noisy sound effects and more. Perfect for presentation videos, slideshows, titles, game and video commercials background music and every day listening.

      Shape The Future by CozyVibes

      This chillstep music is calm but bass-heavy, beautiful but aggressive. A nice fusion of glitch and dubstep with booming kicks and wobble bass, it’s a complete contradiction that works together to craft one beautiful piece of music. An ideal choice for advertising, reality TV, and commercials.

      Digital Minds by Emilio Merone

      Powerful and catchy chillstep music score, featuring fat synth, samples, and digital beats, creating a positive, innovative mood. Great royalty-free track for technology projects, hi-tech visuals effects, futuristic applications, web conference videos, video intros, etc.

      Logical Mind by EdRecords

      Beautiful and atmospheric corporate technology background music. The track includes deep synth, soft piano pads, and drums. Ideal for advertising, promotional videos, business presentation, websites, slideshows, product presentations, and more.

      Space Road by MixSound

      Ambient and floating music track, with cool rhythm and spacious pads. Light, calm, and relaxing music track. Good choice for background music for corporate projects, advertising, Youtube, presentations, and other media applications.

      Happy Events by Mark Woollard

      A positive and friendly tune with a strong chillstep influence. Ideal for corporate video, podcast intros or presentations.

      Awakening Star by JGaudio

      Energetic and focused loop in chillstep genre with stylish breakbeat rhythmical drum beats, angelic pads, warm synthesizers, airy plucks and analog leads. Good for sports video, high tech cinematic trailer, technology presentation, speed race games, teaser promotion, youtube channel opening or just background music. Also good for every day listening.

      Morning Sleep by CozyVibes

      This is an atmospheric chillhop track with warm and dreamy downtempo vibes. Great as background for many projects. The track has a simple loop melody with piano and percussion elements. The mood is uplifting, relaxing, positive, and joyful at the same time. It would be perfect for commercials and presentations as well as your projects that need mellow background music.

      Infinite Universe by JGaudio

      Atmospheric, yet dramatic chillstep / chilltrap track. Perfect for video games, presentations, futuristic videos, relaxation after a hard workout challenge, background music for youtube channel and more. Featuring punchy trap drum beats, warm sub bassline, bright and emotional piano keys, futuristic synthesizers, magic pads, cool cosmic arpeggios and more.

      Endless Highway by DPmusic

      This is a bright and inspiring modern dubstep track with plucked synth, pads, catchy drums, analog synth bass, vocal effects, and deep piano chords. Perfect for advertising, car travel videos, nature views, drone footage, lifestyle videos, youthful and stylish content, and many more.

      Another Dimensions by JGaudio

      Creative sounding, modern, innovative track in chillstep / electronic chillout genre. Featuring powerfully hip-hop trap drum beats, deep bassline, wobbling futuristic synthesizers, emotional piano keys, cool sound fx and more. Good as background music for movies dramatic scene, technologies presentation, creative youtube videos, videogame level soundtrack.

      Nightfall Stars by CozyVibes

      Slow downtempo lounge track with glitch elements and catchy beat. Live electric guitar melody, atmospheric background FX samples, and warm piano chords blended together to create an emotional soundscape. This track is highly suitable for commercials, motivational corporate videos, or as background music in any video project.

      Dive Into The Deep by ikoliks

      A deep and futuristic royalty free track with airy pads, bouncy plucks, deep bass and glitchy beats, best for innovative vlogs, medical soundtracks, science documentaries, technology or corporate contents.

      Purest Mind by JGaudio

      Dreamy, inspiring and motivating track in chillstep genre. Featuring glitch drum beats, stylish atmospheric pads, calm and warm synthesizer, cosmic plucks positive mood. Perfect as a background for motivating, inspirational, corporate, presentation or adventure videos and fantasy games soundtrack.

      Dreamy Time by Dopestuff

      This music has a dreamy, floating vibe. It features atmospheric keys and drums, vocal chops and synths, glitch effects, and otherworldly textures. Great for fashion and lifestyle brands with a focus on travel like luxury hotel chains or high-end resorts.

      Forgotten Transmission by JGaudio

      Futuristic, atmospheric, melodic track in future chilltrap / chillstep genre with punchy drum beats, deep wobble basses, creative cosmic fantasy arpeggios, airy plucks and more. Perfect for video games, timelapse videos, high-tech presentations, travel videos, etc.

      Luxury Zone by Dopestuff

      This smooth and relaxing track with modern hip-hop beats is ideal for any casual or social setting, from drinking a cocktail to hanging out with friends. Great for background music in bars, clubs, lounges, restaurants, and more.

      Soft Breeze by JGaudio

      Relaxing, smooth, atmospheric loop in chillstep genre. Featuring drum beats, futuristic plucks, airy synthesizers, piano, warm sub bass, angelic pads, noisy sound effects and more. Perfect for every day listening, background for videos, a theme for slideshow, etc.

      Vivid Light by CozyVibes

      Inspirational and emotional soundtrack with beautiful piano, synth beats and electric guitar . Gentle, and impressive, this background music could fit perfectly for various media projects: corporate videos, business presentations, science and technology videos, film trailers, etc. This track contains no voice lines.

      Fascinating Moment by JGaudio

      Beauty, light, fascinating track in the chillstep genre with atmospheric drum beats, deep sub wobble bassline, airy background pads, light trance plucks, beautifully emotional violin strings, rich piano keys and more. Perfect as background music for video games, timelapse videos, modern design presentations, urban life and more.

      Miracles by EdRecords

      Modern, positive, and uplifting electronic corporate music with a futuristic touch. Perfect for presentations, new technologies, 3D visualizations, and edgy advertising. Motivational, high-tech, and inspirational.

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    Derived from the dubstep genre, chillstep music is a more melodic, downtempo version, creating a chilled vibe as its name suggests. While still bass-heavy, this sub-genre is much less intense, often with the beats at half-pace and less to the forefront, either without distracting vocals or with a soothing, usually female voice.

    Although chillstep can be differentiated from louder, wilder dubstep, it uses the same techniques and electronic dance music influences. While all recognize what chillstep is, not everyone within the dubstep world class it as a separate sub-genre and instead thinks of it as a more laid-back style of song that is still dubstep.

    The genre from which chillstep was spawned originated in 1990s London and grew through the 2000s to wider reaches when this more relaxed version was coined. However, as dubstep was already more comfortable than other types of rave music, it can be argued that original artists were already making what would later be called chillstep songs in their mellower moments and that there is not necessarily a separation of artists, only in their song types.

    Indeed, the most successful dubstep artists have produced some of the most popular chillstep songs, such as those listed on EDM sauce: You & Me by Skrux, Worlds Apart by Seven Lions, Let It Be by Blackmill, Open Window by MitiS, Think About It by Phaeleh, I Need You by Rameses B, and I Remember by Deadmau5. All are important names in the genre, and even the biggest dubsteppers, such as Skrillex, have many typical tracks of the chillstep sounds.

    As dubstep became more popular, the chilled parts were the most accessible elements to the mainstream, so songs that could be termed chillstep crossed genres and entered the charts. Singer James Blake and the band London Grammar are two exponents of this crossover success.

    Even though chillstep deploys rumbling bass, doesn't remove the beats, and evokes a strong emotion, passion, and beauty, it can also be used for passive listening, as its controlled effect can focus the mind and become a calming influence to help a listener either wind down or complete tasks more effectively. The flexibility in how this music can be beneficial maintains it as an influential sub-genre.

    Download royalty free chillstep music to create a relaxing atmosphere for your production. Chillstep is the perfect choice for using in your video or slideshow, it's ideal for creating a comfortable environment, but it can also be used as background music in events and presentations.

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