• I Fight For Me

      Dark, epic, and dramatic hybrid-orchestral track with an intense, and foreboding mood and a feel of inevitable destiny. A suspenseful melody, played in a syncopated rhythm, with pulsating synths, and soaring orchestral arrangements. This instrumental reminds a soundtrack for "The Terminator". Suitable as background music for action movies, sci-fi film scores, dystopian cyberpunk movies, fantastical realms, epic fantasy, etc.

      Cyber Inferno

      Experience an electrifying cyberpunk adventure with this action-packed synthwave rock track. Pulsating synths, edgy guitar riffs, and energetic beats create a high-octane atmosphere. Get ready to immerse yourself in a futuristic world of adrenaline and suspense.

      War Is Approaching

      Dark, impressive, futuristic track in a dark synthwave music style. With powerfully groovy drum beats, old school bassline, retro-futurism, neon nostalgia feelings. Perfect for every day listening, Robocop, Rambo, aliens styled movies, innovative presentations, cyberpunk games and videos.

      Retro Mode

      Stylish electronic synth-pop track inspired by the vibrant aesthetics of the late '80s and early '90s. Featuring throbbing basslines, synth plucks, energy lead, sampled voice, warm pads, and electronic drums. The tune resonates with the allure of yesteryears and sets a retro-futuristic ambiance. Ideal as background music for YouTube videos, street fashion, neon-lit evenings, synthwave parties, etc.

      Dark Alleys

      A synthwave/retrowave instrumental track combines pulsating synths with electric guitar solos, capturing the nostalgic and futuristic essence of the 1980s. It creates an electrifying fusion of past and present, perfect for driving scenes and action sequences. Immerse yourself in its captivating melodies and mesmerizing atmosphere.

      Recall Time

      This dance synthwave music track inspired by the famous artist Digital Emotion. It's punchy, energetic, aggressive and very 80s influenced.

      Back To The 80s

      Dark, industrial, and powerful synthwave track performed with intensity and epic grandeur. Featuring pulsating rhythms, gritty synthesizers, brass sections, haunting electronic sound effects, and computer glitches. This background music is perfect for post-apocalyptic films or video games with futuristic worlds.

      Across Oceans

      This cinematic track is a compelling mix of cinematic rock, and synthwave. It merges brass, rock drums, electric guitars, guitar solos, and analog synths heightening the tension and nostalgic experience. Similar to the soundtrack of famous action movies like "The Terminator", "Rambo", "Independence Day", etc. It is perfect for action-packed scenes and dramatic storytelling, immersing listeners in its cinematic magic. It would especially be fitting for video games with military, space exploration, or post-apocalyptic themes.

      Analog Memories

      Track influenced by the hugely successful "Stranger Things" Netflix Original series. Whether you need original music for a TV spot, game, trailer or movie inspired by Sci-Fi ambiances and 80s synthwave music, this track is going to be the perfect fit for you.

      Back To The Future

      Retro Memories: Journey back in time with pulsating beats and nostalgic synths. This background retrowave music elevates videos with a mesmerizing blend of 80s-inspired melodies, capturing the essence of neon-lit nights and vintage arcade dreams. Immerse your audience in a wave of nostalgia and excitement

      We Are Ready For The Challenge

      Recall Time is an energetic instrumental track that seamlessly blends synthwave and rock elements. This tune is featuring both melodic and shredding guitar solos that will leave you feeling nostalgic and pumped up.

      Fatal Blow

      A retro, futuristic 80s synthwave music track, with synths, Electric Guitars, bass, and vintage electro beats, best for indie games, ads, vlogs, or podcasts.

      Ultraviolet Dreams

      This is a cool and energetic retrovave/synthwave rock royalty-free track with a throwback to a time of neon lights, arcade games, and unbridled optimism. Featuring the iconic sound of retro analog hardware synthesizers, a drum machine, and powerful electric guitar riffs. Perfect for media content inspired by the aesthetic of the 80s, like racing simulators, pixelated arcade game reviews, vintage pop culture, 80s-themed events, or brands that exude old-school cool.

      Neon Night Drive

      If you're looking for a high-octane instrumental track that combines elements of synthwave, rock, and 90's arcade fighting games music, look no further than "Action Hero". This bold and intense soundtrack is perfect for setting the mood for an action-packed adventure.

      Once Upon A Time In 1977

      Retro, energetic, synthwave music dance track with a pulsating rhythm, digital synths, freaky and festive mood. Suitable for incredible projects such as youtube videos, old-school aerobics video, open-air festivals, vintage ads for YouTube, and more.

      The Underdog

      A bright, inspiring royalty-free synthwave pop track. Inspired by the sound of the '90s, it features a catchy melody, airy guitar plucks and claps, bells, and drums. Best for ads, explainers, vlogs, and promo videos.

      To The Stars And Back

      Dynamic synthwave music with a glitched out melody and dubstep drop. Perfect for techno commercials, futuristic fashion show, robotics and innovation technologies, sci-fi science, car racing, playthrough games.

      Ignite The Night

      Experience a thrilling fusion of synthwave and rock in this action-packed track. With pulsating synths, powerful guitars, and energetic drums, it creates an electrifying atmosphere that demands attention. Get ready to be immersed in a high-octane adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

      Neon Attack 80s

      This EDM soundtrack is a unique blend of synthwave and trance dance music. This music will make you feel like stepping back in time. It features various synths and drums, resulting in a retro-futuristic feel with modern sensibilities. Perfect for any project looking for some retro dancefloor nostalgia.

      For Champions Of The Future

      Warm, uplifting, inspiring track in 80s synthwave music style with groovy drum beats, light shiny synthesizers, crystal plucks, good mood, electric guitars. Perfect for retro style projects, neon cars and videos, presentations and background.

      Night Dreams

      This background music is for those who love retro synthwave music. This is a light and easygoing tune that will be the perfect choice for your indie video game, trailer or vlog. The track features a smooth arrangement with soft leads, sharp guitars and analog synths. All elements together create an energetic atmosphere that guarantees to make your project standing out!

      Pink Sunglasses

      Upbeat synthwave music track with a solid pop beat, 80s basslines, warm chords, and iconic synths best for games, promos, or TV series.

      Into The Fire

      A cool, glamorous, and trendy EDM tropical house track with an optimistic feel. Features a catchy arpeggiating synth hook, groovy bass line, upbeat progressive house production, and positive mood. This energetic and vibrant background music is perfect for fashion vlogs, runway show highlights, travel and lifestyle vlogs, product releases, digital advertisements, fitness videos, and workouts.

      No Pain No Gain

      Synthwave is a genre that embodies the whole 80's retro-futuristic nostalgia. Analog synths, leads, bass, sharp guitars, and electro beats are the key elements of this track that will help you to make your next ad, corporate vlog, or podcast catchy and memorable.

      Action Heroes

      Inspiring and encouraging mix of synthwave music and progressive rock with powerful drums, digital synths and strings. This catchy melody would be a great backdrop for extreme sports footage, skydiving videos, or summer adventures. Also suitable for advertisement, presentation, multimedia projects, and more.

      Crystal Waves

      The synthwave music you'll hear on this track will take you back in time. The synth beats for this song were inspired by famous dance, and pop hits from the 80s. It's a perfect choice if you are looking for an uplifting and motivational background track that evokes a sense of passion and determination.

      80s Robot Dancing

      Аeel-good and nostalgic retro synthwave music with analog synth sound and vintage drum machines. Ideal to re-create the atmosphere of the 80s. The perfect underscore for flashback scenes, emotive moments, stylish 2020 commercials, final credits, new technology, and video game. Enjoy!

      Born In 1984

      Night Dreams is a dreamy, peaceful and hypnotic corporate chill-out soundscape that creates a serene and contemplative atmosphere. This captivating composition provides a soothing and ambient backdrop. Ideal for final titles in films or business presentations, long storytelling, or short demo speeches.

      Midnight Raid

      A powerful and dynamic synthwave track with heavy rock guitar riffs that will perfectly work for videos, projects, and commercials that need a modern and powerful sound. Perfect for futuristic concepts in sci-fi videos, movies, technology presentations, engineering themes, and car commercials.

      Arcade Mind

      Stylish atmospheric retrowave track with a catchy 80s style analog synthbrass theme and funky guitars over a synthbassline with a groovy electronic vintage drum machines beat and lots of eighties style DX7 FM pianos and fat analog style synth brass sounds. Perfect for 80s montages, action clips or any retro eighties inspired media.

      Dark Man

      This retro synthwave track is inspired by the '80s '90s. Great melody and mood transferring to the past. Perfect for the 1980s and retro video, VHS effects movie, home photo presentations, etc.

      Strange Days

      Inspired by the '80s and '90s, this retro disco track provides a nostalgic and melancholic feel of those eras. Ideal for use in movies and videos, it features a sad emotional melody that conveys feelings of nostalgia. Appropriate for any retro VHS effects, and all types of media content.

      Cassette Memories

      This dark and dramatic synthwave music is feeling like immersed in the depths of outer space. Saturated with nostalgic 80s vibe and featurÑ–ng synths, deep bass and intense drum machine sound. The composition would give an exceptional mood to timelapse videos, science projects, technology, and cosmic movie.

      Talk It Over

      A retro, nostalgic royalty free synthwave track, with vintage analog leads, synth bass, and 80s electro beats, best for games, ads, vlogs, or promo footage.


      A positive and uplifting synthwave track featuring a piano, a guitar, pads, a driving beat, strings. Increases confidence and hope. This track is especially suitable for inspirational corporate videos, life projects, or any other media or advertising requiring an optimistic vibe.

      80s Time Machine

      Nostalgic synthwave/retrowave track Influenced by 80's era. Featuring hazy analog synths and vintage drum machines. Perfect soundscape for projects related to technology, space, science, retrospective documentary, and more. Enjoy!

      Falling Into Trance

      An electronic track in Synthwave style featuring an 80s synthesizer and drum machine. The atmosphere in this track is unforgettable and makes you feel like you are walking through a misty park to the old neon sign blinking somewhere far away. Perfect for commercial or trailer, science fiction, and video games.

      The First Step

      Dynamic retro music with punchy energetic drums and cool bright synthwave synths created for technology, digital, sport, sci-fi projects, hi-tech, presentation, ambient background, commercial, and advertising. Perfect for futuristic videos, documentary films, hi tech projects, science, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and more.

      Night Walking

      A retro, futuristic royalty free 80s synthwave with analog synths, leads, bass, sharp guitars, and electro beats. Suitable for indie games, ads, vlogs, or podcasts.

      Betamax Dreams

      Light, optimistic, synthwave pop track. This motivational tune has a pleasant, calm, inspirational, and light mood. This song can be useful as background music for presentations, commercials, and various media projects.

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    Synthwave music, a genre of electronic music, was made popular during the 1980s, being heavily influenced by video games and film soundtracks. It grew in popularity during the mid-2000s, thanks to various communities that were developing on the Internet. Later on, in the early 2010s, it gained even more popularity, transforming into an entire movement.

    The video game influence can be seen not only in the music but also in cover artworks, becoming a form of tribute for the 1980s culture. The Synthwave movement aims to capture and celebrate the atmosphere of the 1980s, drawing influences from science fiction action and horror works, such as books, movies, and TV shows, adhering to the retrofuturism movement.

    Many songs are inspired by video games and include elements considered clichés, such as electronic drums, analog synthesizers and gated reverbs.


    Retrowave is not exactly a subgenre of Synthwave, but rather another name for Synthwave, which seems to be a more popular term for today’s artists. Retrowave is also used to describe another subgenre of Synthwave, called outrun. The name outrun comes from the 1986 arcade game called Out Run, which distinguished itself from other video games because the user could select the soundtrack in the game.

    Retrowave music is used nowadays in video games, as well as in movies and other media, aiming to resemble tracks or the atmosphere from that period. One of the most notable examples is the soundtrack for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, which was created by the Canadian duo Power Glove, a popular name on the Synthwave and electronic scene.

    80s Synth Music

    When synth music first emerged, the term was used for every style of synthesized video game-inspired music made in that period. In time, it was split between multiple subgenres, such as dreamwave, scifiwave, darksynth and fashwave, each with its own distinct features.

    Dreamwave is the more chilled out subgenre of synth music, inspired by cinematic scenes in video games, usually with slow tempos and dreamy sounds.

    Darksynth is characterized by heavier sounds, incorporating heavy electro and industrial music and made popular during the 2010s, by names such as Perturbator and Mega Drive. It is usually inspired by action or horror scenes in video games.

    In recent years, it is believed that the video game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragons, as well as Netflix series Stranger Things, have brought 80s synth music to the eyes of a broader audience.


    Vaporwave, another subgenre of synthesized music, emerged in the early 2010s, borrowing elements from the 1980s and 1990s jazz, elevator music, lounge music and R&B. It is often used to satirize pop culture and consumer capitalism, bringing out the nostalgia of the past decades not only through music but through artwork as well.

    Vaporwave songs consist mostly of brief cut-ups from music, advertising, anime and other media elements that were popular in the 1980s and 1990s, made entirely out of samples, but cleanly produced and mastered. The visual aesthetic is colorful and fun, borrowing elements from the late 90s web design, glitch art, as well as 3D renders.

    If you are building a retro video game, or working on a retro project and want to give it a more authentic feeling, buy Synthwave music and incorporate it into your work.

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