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    • Upbeat groove with analog bass and claps.

      An intense dubstep style loop with suspenseful arrangement. A trip through exciting games, trailers, shows, promos etc.

      Do you want mystery and action in the same track? Here is a solution for your advertisement in around 30 secs! If you are a forward thinker, you have got a fantastic product to promote, nasty hackers, luxury cars, sportive watches, masculine eau de toilette, perfumes, this is the perfect background music for you.

      Intense loop with kind of factory and working noise. Distorted guitars for a rough edge and powerful sound.

      A hard hitting glitch hop fused breakbeat track with tech drums and analogue synth around that can be looped.

      An atmospheric track in a tense mood. Featured instruments are synth leads, pads and electronic percussions. Good for sci fi videos or documentary films. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast.

      Are you ready for a trip in the future? We invite you aboard our spacecraft. Hot, aggressive and very energetic percussion for any kind of your projects. I hope you like it.

      A cool styled looped break beat, instrumental track with a lot of bite, energy and style.

      This deep house inspired music contains a throw back feel with a modern twist. The music combines a lush, smooth and cool bass line that is complimented with a plucky synth lead melody.

      Are you ready for a trip in the future? We invite you aboard our spacecraft. Cool futuristic and very energetic percussion for any kind of your projects. I hope you like it.

      This modern electronica music is an energetic and dramatic fusion of the dark nature of electro mixed with the catchiness of contemporary break beat house. The synthesizers boom out a powerful rhythm while melody adds a very cool overall vibe.

      A fun melodic and uplifting electro house kind of track made with the dance floor in mind.

      Slightly spooky sounding track with huge strings and a pounding bass line

      Futuristic, hi-tech, cool, and robotic are the words best to describe this modern robotica music. The rhythm plays an echoing melody that is highlighted by plucky hybrid synths. The arrangement is minimal but has a sound that is ultra progressive.

      This intense loop has a hypnotic feel. With some soft dubstep elements it moves between different styles of music.

      Upbeat electronic track with driving beats and hypnotic synthesizer effects. Great for the high tech feel in corporate and presentation videos.

      This track is the "rock-meets-electronica" combination that will fill up your project with raw power and energy. Great as a background for action scenes in video games, movies, presentations. Thanks for listening!

      This music uses a unique style and pulsing beat to create a vivid picture. The acid synths are complimented by a solid bass line while the arrangement is subtle enough to work great for a wide variety of applications.

      Cool corporate technology music. Modern flowing and relaxed electronic track with strong hi - tech corporate feel. For new media, presentations, banking, modern industry, communication and telecommunication and other business related productions.

      Great powerful track ideal for scenes of adventures, action, thriller with a powerful groove and electronic sounds surround.

      In dependence on dubstep style this loop has a full arrangement of synth strings and choir. A distinctive arpeggio line and some typical dubstep sounds make this song sound very dynamic and exciting.

      Slow ambient track. Featured instruments are synthesizer, digital drums, percussion, arpeggiator, atmospheric effects. Perfect for documentary films, space frames, relaxation and other projects.

      A static synth track with factory noise here and there and synthlines, pads. It sounds some sterile, but more technical. Could be used for technical coverage or reports, sci-fi, factory shots, motor sports, robot themes, big city scenes and so on.

      A hypnotic and straight synth rhythm groove. An ideal background for your special multimedia projects.

      Heavy Electro sound according to modern dance scene, more specific to GLBT community. Similar to Fukk Off, Jeffree Star, Die Antwoord etc.

      Energetic Guitar, Electronic Digital synth.

      2 Fast is a fast and bouncy Drum & Bass loop ideal for chasing scenes and fast changing images

      This music is a hard hitting mix of power and energy. The combination of wild electronics mixed with a dubstep style wub wub bass lines really makes this music perfect for a wide variety of applications

      Think Action dvd befroe hitting "Play" for the movie to begin. This is a suspense army of darkness type piece that traps you and makes you feel like a great battle is about to begin....

      Aggressive electronic track with dark mood. Featured instruments are atmospheric synths and electric guitars. Perfect for different kind of videos or slideshows.

      Melodic energetic track. Perfect for web sites, news, research stories, presentations and other projects.

      Dark ambient loop with throbbing synth beats and a pulsating bassline. Perfect background music for action scenes, crime films or computer games.

      Cheerful electronic track. Would be nice for corporate videos or podcasts. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast.

      An electronic track with dark mood and drum'n'bass beats. Good for hi-tech videos or science films.

      Smooth electronic track featuring electronic drums, percussion, synth bass, effected piano, synthesizer pads and effects.

      Fast energetic track with a driving electronic sound. This is nice background music for sci-fi films, action scenes and corporate presentations.

      Technical electronic loop using various synths, beats, and modern effects to create a digital futuristic atmosphere. Very useful as backing music for product launch.

      Majestic orchestral track with powerful brass sounds. Perfect background music for news intro, films on political or historical themes or for corporate usage.

      Electric drums with synth bass and orchestra like sounds. Nice for some short opening theme.

      Happy upbeat bouncy walking style track with a great synth riff backed by a solid bass and drums.

      Dancing and powerful house track. Stimulating and groovy. High energy beat with euphoric synth in second part of the track.

      Electronic drums, synthesizer bass, piano, synthesizer arpeggiated leads, synthesizer pad.

      Well paced upbeat groove great for adding a sense of action and movement.

      Slowly swelling din of cold metallic clinks echoes with steal machinery noises. This melodyloop distinctly reminds dismal atmosphere of Wachowski�s matrix world.

      Underwater acoustic mystery emulates slowly motion of shark fins among billions of water blebs and ultrasound signals somewhere in ocean depths.

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