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    • ABOVE THE MOUNTAINS holds an amazing and quiet depth from the initial beats. Its sounds purely romantic and the composition easily take you to an impeccable nirvana. Mid-tempo intro with beautiful, ringing, crystal pure melody resembling the break-up of ice gradually changes into the fast gurgling beat like steady stream to circulate stagnant water. Beatiful, wintry, glassy melody loop. Cold winter morning in Japanese village. The lake becomes frozen, the ringing ice shines under the morning stars. Measured rhythm of tread on the snow joins with clear metallic sounds of the axe cutting the ice hole. Quickened rhythms of clock ticking sound and background strings create mysterious athmosphere for projects where time is important. Kind of oriental tune with measured rhythms and quirky dissonant passages that create an effect of leaping tongues of flame in ancient temple. Celtic leitmotif of tuneful piano imitates sounds of the waves washing over the seashore. Shaman sounds and Jew’s harp coil like snake traces on the sand, sudden syncope of the canyon wind reminds of hidden danger such as a cold sheen of snakeskin.
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