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    • Acoustic piano, bass, electric guitar and drums play improvised arrangement inspired by traditional jazz and blues. Suggested to underscore scenes of leisure, partying, celebration and lighthearted friendly gatherings. Key of E, 73 bpm

      Short and cheerful rockabilly song with human back vocal, cha-cha and a 1950's style motive similar to a voice of a duck. Suitable for comedy videos, funny advertisement, kids TV show opener or cartoon animations.

      Positive old school pop rock track. Suitable for your next travel video, camping with friends, summertime road trip in a van, and other.

      Old school boogie music with rock beat and drive. Honky Tonk piano with some old vinyl record effects at the beginning and full band instruments starting then. Perfect background music for old silent movies style such as Charlie Chaplin etc.

      Uplifting freestyle electronic dance music featuring various synths, bells, and bass. Possible uses can range from nightclub scenes from the 80's-90's era, songs, sci-fi films and space adventures.

      A traditional big band playing stylish bluesy swing, featuring trumpet and guitar solos. Trade-offs before the last chorus.

      A great day, a relax and easy mood and a cool soundtrack to describe this moment. Featuring Ukulele and acoustic guitars.

      Feel good funk rock track with old school sound of the electric guitar and e-organ. Great for transmitting a message of coolness to your audience.

      A slow optimistic track. Features a yearning electric guitar, quiet pads and an ambient synth melody. A thought provoking music with many possible uses.

      Digital and analog synths combine with beatbox percussion in a minimal, syncopated, trance-influenced loop suggested to underscore images of precision, robotic motion and automation. Key of G minor, 72 bpm

      Antique sleigh bells, acoustic guitar, piano, organ, bass and Latin percussion combine for energetic, upbeat groove suggested to underscore images and scenes of holiday celebration in tropical settings.

      Powerful energetic electronic music in the ethnic space style. Ideally for your projects.

      An atmospheric tech-inspired track. Futuristic in feel, featuring an accoustic piano melody and various synths weaving in and out. Suitable for science, technology and gaming type productions.

      Electric guitar, organ, piano, clavinet, bass and drums combine for a quirky, syncopated, reggae-influenced rhythm suggested to underscore party scenes, sequences depicting shady business and crime in progress settings.

      Electronic dance track with a touch of 80's. Great for sport and corporate projects, business achievements, dynamic action, strong motivation, high-technology process, marketing messages, brand awareness and much more. It conveys a sense of movement toward challenging goals.

      This is dream pop/ indie, chillwave track with relaxing vibes, airy melody and some carefree atmosphere of the 70's. You can use this soft and luminous background music for your versatile projects as documentaries, commercials, images of urban city life, makeup and hairstyle tutorial. Also good if you want to add some hipster vintage flavor to your video.

      A simple jazzy melody perfect for casual games, product placements, travel blogs, lifestyle, fashion.

      A Texas blues styled electric guitar riff with full band. Think about south Americana, biker bar, cowboys, smokey saloon, beer and card games.

      Mid tempo funk track with orchestrated horns adding punch to the overall groove.

      Dramatic and bright EDM music track from 80's era, that sounds like Nintendo NES console. Great for video game, trailer promo, driving action films, high-intense adventure, heroic effort.

      Pianos, bass, beatbox drums, electric guitar and percussion combine for syncopated energetic groove suggested to underscore urban scenes, sequences of spontaneous leisure and carefree good times. Key of D, 138 bpm

      The energetic pop looped track, with a punchy drum beat and an inspiring, soaring chorus, with just the right amount of a vintage flavor. It sounds positive, optimistic, hopeful. The full-length version also available!

      Uplifting, corporate, motivational track inspired by technology, positivity, easyness, romance and good feelings.

      Easy piano blues, bouncy rhythm, simple and light. Great music for ambient situations and background usage.

      This sad music was composed having in mind a post-war scenario, in which sad people walk down the streets of destroyed buildings and ruins. The music is quite sad, with a midsection in which a Hammond organ and a drum appear. Obviously, it can be also used for other purposes!

      Clumsy piano music great for comedy and cortoon. Jazz, old style, medium tempo.

      Rhythmic Jazzy Piano. Traditional jazz, old jazz, swinging piano. This music is graceful and bouncy with improvised piano melodies.

      Trumpet and piano music, blues mood, medium tempo. Great for ambient situations, background music for media projects

      Bouncy and bright, featuring a jovial Polka style tuba, breezy ukulele, bouncy double bass and a brushes swing drums that create a playful mood.

      Soft and light music performed by whistler and cello. Suitable for romantic video or about nature

      This is a beautiful mysterious uplifting music loop with trance notes and tender dreamy bells solo.This track can be used as a music background for websites, games, and movies, business projects, corporate videos, presentations, slideshows, documentary scientific films, telecasts, podcasts, video about nature, space, etc.

      Super positive Disco 80s Dance 30sec music Loop for Arcade children video Game with holiday beautiful mood in the old dance style (aka Modern Talking or Bad Boys Blue)! Really easy, motivational and melodious track with celebratory synths, rhythmic drums. Musical background for websites, advertising video projects or films for children.

      Starts as funky beat by itself builds up into a funky sounding loop with a 4 part chord sequence. Ideal for the background behind a voice over in a fashion ad, or used as a transition track between scenes. Would also fit very well as music in a sports or action video sequence or for a video game.

      Public Domain Christmas Song "Jingle Bells" with a funky rhythm lead by piano and accompanied by Christmas bells and orchestral strings. Ideal for use on Christmas E-cards, seasonal phone holding music, games, DVD title screens etc.

      Lively loop with a funky beat and a bit of bounce to the rhythm. Inspired by the fashionable person walking up a town. Ideal for you uses as background in an ad, voice-over. Or could be used for video game music.

      A funny and very playful track. Great for funny scenes, funny chases, funny animals, cartoons, humor scenes, parody and comical films and much more. Moods: childish, silly, sweet, amusing, idiotic, fatty, dumb, sneaky, lazy, cute and much more.

      This is a sweet tune with a vintage flavor & orchestral elements makes a great track to use if you want to give a creative & magical feeling to your project. Perfect for commercials and advertising, YouTube videos, kids projects, winter holidays, Christmas shopping and more. Featured instruments, piano, strings, clarinet, bells, harp, contrabass, drums & percussion. In the style of "Home Alone" soundtrack.

      A vey simple loop with a simple melody that could be very effective for videogames, but can also be used in other projects

      A funny and very playful track. Great for comedy scenes, cartoons, humor, parody and comical films. Moods: childish, silly, sweet, amusing, idiotic, fatty, dumb, sneaky, lazy, cute.

      A funny and very playful track. Great for funny scenes, funny chases, funny animals, cartoons, humor scenes, parody and comical films and much more. Moods: childish, silly, sweet, amusing, idiotic, fatty, dumb, sneaky, lazy, and cute.

      A laid-back arrangement of piano, electric piano, acoustic guitars, bass, drums and strings suggested underscoring scenes of contemplation, decision-making and thoughtful relaxation. Also for romantic slideshows, underscoring of feel-good sequences and nostalgic images. Key of A, 137 bpm

      It is a sequence of dance style with a bright and beautiful melody built with typical sounds of the Sega Genesis / Genesis console. Feels like rider galloping on horseback.

      Setting the Scene - Soundtracks that are Quirky & Cool. Fun but funky track with a Surf Vibe, ideal for an Party or Activity video. This soundtrack can be mixed/mastered to your specific requirements - Just Ask

      Melodic, laidback arrangement of pianos, synthesizers and percussion suggested for underscoring of heartfelt moments, peaceful scenes and segments depicting relaxation, leisure and rejuvenation.

      Rock organ plays punchy pattern over synthesizer bass and drums. Suggested for club scenes, energetic transition, montage, slideshow, urban nightlife, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Miami, Los Angeles, TV and radio production spots. Key of C minor, 129 beats/min

      Run. Shoot. Kill all enemies. And, above all, manage to collect trophies. Be winner.

      Slow and sensual bluesy track. This solo piano music track is very smooth and has a warm acoustic sound. Cool, fresh music with nice improvised melodies.

      Joyful and relaxed at the same time, this melody loop is perfect to illustrate feelings of happiness, empowerment, summer vacations, traveling, friendship, optimism, being together, innovation. Full track plus other looped versions also available.

      Live playful melody with the leader guitar, keyboards, guitar bass, and drums. Suitable for any kind of multimedia projects.

      This is an old style jazz track with an upright piano, a double bass, drums and a strings section that comes in the second half till the end. Perfect for vintage footages or old style ads and scenes.

      Up tempo Pop Rock, radio ready instrumental, reminiscent of The Beatles, The Ventures and The Beach Boys. Fun-filled, good feeling, and danceable.

      Up beat, feel good pop instrumental with the happy melody being whistled. Ideal for children family-themed programs as well as TV, film, cable and corporate video productions.

      A cool, groovy track, with a bluesy inspired improvised lead guitar. This relaxed and hippie-chic background music is ideal for insight moments, LSD trips, transcendental meditation and same kind of projects.

      Pop, smooth jazz instrumental with electric guitar playing the melody accented with orchestrated strings. Great for easy listening-themed music productions.

      That is a funny and animated funk track with piano, electric bass, and drums, with different sections and dynamics. Perfect tune for funny scenes and videos. Great for poker gameplay, casino, lounge settings, trendy events, parties and celebrations.

      Casual Finger clicks, jazz guitar, upright bass and pizzicato strings combine to create casual care-free flowing jazz melody featuring suggesting walking along without a care in the world. Very useful to convey everyday life or confidence.

      Old-fashioned music, great for vintage, comedy, traditional situations. Jazzy solo piano music, happy and positive. Great for romantic films, old-stories, cocktail party, black and white movies or lounge settings.

      Fun and happy tune, featuring saxophone section along with trumpet, electric piano, and electronic drums. The music has a childish mood and feel, but still you can use it any adult project where brightness and playful mood required.

      Stylish 60s-like american rhythm and blues rock tune featuring drums, electric bass, overdriven guitars, electric piano and blues harp.

      Positive and playful track with bright and joyful feel. This mid-tempo arrangement features upbeat ukulele, playful tune, percussion, electric guitar, glockenspiel, synth, bass and drums. This cheerful instrumental track will fit perfectly for an animated cartoon production, a video game, as an intro/outro, as well as a wide range of promotional media, including uplifting marketing videos, corporate motivational videos, business retreat and events vlogs, as well as other marketing material related to fun, having good time and happiness.

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