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  • This track in a rock style gives us a good mood and makes the smile.

    This active composition fills us with energy and makes the only move forward.

    An rock organ riff.

    Hard rock melody. Main instrument electric guitar.

    An electric guitar riff on top of a groovy rock organ.

    An old one but a good one

    Positive, driving, uptempo, old disco track that pulsates with energy. Electric guitar with electric piano play riff. Analog synth play lead melody in second part of a track .Wide strings in the background. Great for media production, commercials, TV, film score, and background music.

    This composition for jazz quartet creates a positive mood and makes it easy to solve lifE's problems.

    An ascending and descending hallowed electric guitar riff with the accent of cymbals.

    An echo rich guitar riff, with bass and cymbals.

    An electric guitar passage with bass, drums and Hammond organ.

    A happy organ groove with piano, bass and drums.

    Medium tempo melancholic cool jazz tune featuring drums, upright acoustic bass, electric piano, electric guitar and muted trumpet playing melody.

    Catchy cinematic track that would be great soundscape for various TV projects and movies. It contains a whole palette of moods, with a predominance of fun and fervent drive.

    Medium tempo electric blues featuring drums, electric bass, electric piano, electric organ and 2 electric guitars.

    Energetic and funny old school rock style composition. Perfect soundtrack for road trip maded with love and drive thirst!

    This atmosphere of the late sixties. The man had already been in space, and it seems that the whole world in your pocket.

    Happy sixties, free love, long hair, an amazing guitar. Playful, a little crazy music in Tarantino style. The warm sound of vacuum tube devices. Good times!

    Uplifting trance song performed on synthesizers with a memorable mood

    Neutral fast mellow track with jazzy rhodes piano solo easy to mix with another audio files

    Funky style track with happy vibe. Consist of solid drum section, electric bass, clean guitars, synth and Hammond organ. Great for adverts , TV and radio.

    Happy and powerful dance track. Featured saxophone, lot of synths,dance drums and bass.Great for presentations and adverts, radio and TV.

    Positive song with a sense of achievement.

    A nice dance song with a mood for remembering good moments, feeling positive emotions, spending a night to remember, a happy achievement. Suited for slide shows, gallery images.

    Laid-back easy-listening track with calm and pensive mood. This versatile background music would work well in any project with themes of travel, intimacy, solitude, cogitation and many more.

    Fun and lively childrens track, featuring silly trumpets, banjos and crazy synthetic instruments to create a playful, silly, circus style feel. Very useful for comedy, animation, animal comedy and childrens projects.

    Aggressive electronic track made with synths and electric guitars. Good for videos about extreme sports or high tech. 8-bit Track.

    A small easy listening background music featuring jazz guitar, electric piano, bass and drums. This composition will give you a sense of optimism and carelessness.

    This is my favorite and it's a little sad. But I expressed my calm mind.

    Classic-sounding funk romp driven along with soaring horn crescendos, brass stabs and incessant clavs. 1970s feel.

    An electric piano and a electric bass with the add of a pad over a complex percussion.

    Positive jazzy track made with groovy guitars, smooth electric piano and electric organ. Good for hotel videos or websites. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast.

    Up-tempo track, great for adverts,presentation, etc. Consist of acoustic drums with bass and old-style synth melodies.

    Acoustic guitar, trumpet and whistle all piece together to create this friendly childrens track, which gives the sense of happiness with a slight romantic edge.

    This is funk/blues piece featuring a solo Hammond organ improvising over a blues scale. The rhythm instruments include guitar, clavichord, bass, and drums.

    Hard driving sax riffs mixed with classic piano create a happy 1950's style dance track.

    A jazzy tune with an electric piano solo. Good for advertising or hotel videos.

    Mid-tempo old school track. Straight drums with bass, piano riff, clean guitar arpeggio and strings.

    Light, inspirational and fun background music featuring electric piano . Perfect for different types of projects such as games, videos or presentations.

    A bit haunting, a bit funky but a whole lot of class. Easy to visualize the fact that something's about to change.

    This song is easy and dreamy with soprano sax lead, strings and rhythm section. It will make you daydream

    Heavy bass track with Hip-Hop type drums and melodic high end

    This is a funky track, kinda whimsical with brass, rhythm section and a cool groove.

    Mid Tempo funky track with live band elements including bass, drums and guitar.

    Funk groove with a jazz twist and brass section at the end.

    These cute, funny toys in shop windows amuse us, making to smile

    Easy and ingenuous melody performed on "traditional jazz" instruments, such as electro-piano, guitar, bass and drums.

    Really a mellow instrumental snipit of another of my full tracks from my 4th cd. Kind of a lazy feeling but then it's also sort of a cool walking/strolling track.

    A beautiful little laid back section of a full instrumental piece that I wrote a few years back and appears on my first cd. Puts you in the mind of just kicking back and enjoying the evening.

    A little island flair with flute, steel drums & guitar lead. Not specific to island style but gives a feeling of island bliss. If you're on island time this is the song for you.

    A slight sneaky feel, with rhythm, brass & piano. A bit "Pink Pantherish". Really cool.

    A feel good track with cool marimba, vocalese, muted trumpet and percussion. Smooth & sexy

    A small bit of Louisiana blues styling with guitar and organ. Old time foot stompin music.

    This is an easy listening mid-tempo music for jazz ensemble. It is as funny as the famous cartoon character.

    This track is instrumental and has a focus on intensity. A few airy effects give this track a feel of action or suspense basically as a theme song for a tv show or a bit of underscore for a scene.

    Light music for jazz quartet: electric piano, jazz guitar, bass and drum.

    This loop has positive and playful mood. It is suitable for various project, that wants to have a comedy feel to it. Enjoy and have a fun!

    60s like Bb rock and roll with a large intro part. Drums, electric bass, electric organ, electric guitar playing riff. No melody, background only.

    Steady southern soul jazz in Gm. Drums, small percussion, electric bass, electric organ, electric piano. Contrasting bridge after middle part. No melody,background only.

    Slow British style 12/8 G blues, drums, electric bass, electric organ, piano fills in 2d part, with ending.

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