1:53 , 2:01
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Sentimental romantical love music with feeling and heartfelt melody.
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Elegant dramatic background music with tango piano rhythms, sensitive strings, guitar. Ideal for your all emotional scenes, intriguing videos, searching for hope, detective love story, cinematic trailers, intriguing stories and more.
1:49 , 0:34, 1:01, 2:10
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Upbeat ambient music, inspiring and motivating.
1:35 , 1:42
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Inspiring and motivational theme for piano and strings.
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This is an uplifting theme featuring piano and orchestra, loaded with inspiring harmony.
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The beautiful hopeful romantic piece with reflective and sensual melody.
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An atmospheric new-age outer space ambiance with soft pads fills out the arrangement.
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Atmospheric relaxing and emotional music track for background using in video films or games.
1:54 , 0:00, 1:52, 3:09
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Dreamy and soft melodic backing music to create a beautiful soundscape for your project.
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A groovy, atmospheric retro style soul track with a jazz guitar hook line over a funky drum beat and a vintage Rhodes piano.
1:38 , 1:42, 1:44
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A simple inspiring solo piano track with an overall positive, sentimental and uplifting vibe.
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Modern stylish hi-tech background track with a unique catchy atmospheric lead synth over a prominent synth bass line with sparkling guitars and a danceable cinematic taiko drum groove.
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Positive and emotional solo piano with cello.
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Acoustic guitar track with beautiful and emotional melodies that will evoke feelings of nostalgia, romance and affection.
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A calm, dreamy, transparent and a little bit melancholic piano piece.
1:55 , 2:28
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Warm, subtle, gentle, beautiful and touching track with romantic piano, emotional strings and sparkling bells.
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A crystal clear gentle piano theme with a very soothing and relaxing melody and progression.
1:46 , 0:14, 1:50
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Beautiful, melodious and romantic piece about our fleeting lives.
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A brooding orchestral passage with full string orchestral grouping.
0:55 , 1:49
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A cinematic and emotional track exuding melancholic and contemplative emotions.
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This is beautiful, light, atmospheric and emotional instrumental music with a contemporary groovy beat and delayed piano fills.
1:40 , 1:50
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Inspiring corporate royalty free background music.
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An atmospheric ambient piece in chillout mood.
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This is an atmospheric and emotional composition with contemporary groovy dubstep beat and delayed piano fills.
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This is a calm chill-out track, it is both relaxing and moving.
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A romantic guitar arpeggio leads an emotive piano with smooth underlying string lines that create a reflective and melancholy mood.
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This soft and gentle track features piano to depict a sentimental and hopeful mood.
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A classic blues style song, featuring sax and horn section
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A warm and inspirational track in the style of Thomas Newman with piano, strings and modern percussion and synths sequence.
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