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    • A clean and fresh background track with electric guitar, acoustic piano and acoustic guitar accents. Perfect for any inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects. Lighthearted, inspiring, and uplifting acoustic corporate track with an optimistic and motivated character. Suitable for various media abou organic living, friendships, good times and enjoying the simple things in life, and more. Soft, relaxing, light and playful track. Featured guitars, strings, electric organ and light percussion. Great for commercials and films that feature moments of romance, childlike innocence, peace, harmony, awakenings, nature. A team can be unbeatable when all members work together. This track stays for teamwork, optimism, visions, fairplay. The perfect choice for impressive multimedia projects. Very hypnotic and atmospheric electronic track. Perfect background music for slideshows, explainer videos, imagevideos, hi tech and much more. Inspirational and uplifting dream pop music with a groovy beat and inspirational elements. Featuring flowing electric guitar melody, synthesizer, and piano. Great underscore for a modern lifestyle, family and friends, learning journey, corporate presentations, romantic series, etc. Uplifting and motivational track with electric guitars, piano, drums, bass and synths. Use anywhere a sense of positive feel and enjoyment needs to be invoked. Positive and optimistic song with electric guitars, piano, glockenspiel and drums. Suits perfect in any motivational and uplifting projects. Intense indie rock track with electric guitar, deep synth sounds and powerful drums. Uplifting and modern song with a positive and optimistic message. Uplifting R&B pop track with melodic piano hook, big analogue synths, strings, electric guitar, bass, drums, and sfx. Works well for background music in a club, bar, or playing on the radio. Also great for feel good, corporate and motivational themes. Happy, elegant and refined motivational music track. Best background for any happiness moments and all for your life! An inspiring, powerful and engaging track! Based on a motivating electric guitar, accompanied by electronic beat and warm pads. Happy, motivational and upbeat music bed. The perfect background for advertising, DJs morning show and any positive event. Bright and plucked electric guitar riffs in optimistic key D major. Uplifting and exciting track in electro pop genre, featuring a catchy tune accompanied by acoustic and electric guitars, synth, background vocals and great electronic beat! Recommended usages : promotional media, uplifting marketing videos, corporate motivational videos, projects related to modern lifestyle, fashion and youth. I’ve added 3 additional edits for maximum flexibility and comfort in your production. This beautiful and cutting-edge electronic track is based on an innovative synth tune. The music gently builds up into a creative, futuristic and atmospheric sound. It's a motivating, exciting and inspiring piece of music - Perfect for your media project! This is an epic and motivational cinematic track perfect for trailers, films, motivational videos, inspirational videos, video games and more. Energetic, upbeat, trendy dance-pop track, with vocal chops, catchy tune, and uplifting vibes. Great for commercials, TV ads, corporate presentations, YouTube videos, fashion brand clips, product launches, lifestyle content, new fest conception, and any project that needs a fresh, modern, and exciting mood. Upbeat and fresh background track fit for any inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects. Happy, energetic, uplifting and motivational vital music with the atmosphere of fortune and victory. This track will give everyone confidence in success and strength! Made with love, soul, and skill! A cool track that sounds like music when your the future. Perfect for corporate branding, elegant commercials, elevator Muzak, hotel lobbies, in-store music, or as background for various media projects. Electronic rhythm based background track with synth arpeggios and modern synth percussion. Versatile background piece for many applications. Main version and a version without synth percussion available. A sweet and tender track made up of a simple repeating piano phrase backed up by an emotive string section. Heartwarming, cinematic, and touching. This track would be great for corporate and business projects, presentations and underscoring cinematic images of life, nature and the world. Positive and optimistic mix of pop, ambient and dance elements. Perfect song for image videos, slideshows, financial themes and much more. This piece represents teamwork, success, straightness and professionalism. Unique piece for a wide range of applications. An inspiring and motivating track with delayed electric guitar, ambient piano, acoustic guitars, bells, glockenspiel and strings. An easy going, corporate chillout track. Featuring a lead acoustic piano, smooth breakbeat and percussion. This track subtly introduces changes as it progresses and is ideal for all manner of productions. A powerful, attention grabbing news headlines or breaking news theme. Ideal for a news headlines section or as the theme for a sports, news and current affairs projects. News Headlines is written in the style of CNBC, CNN, FOX, ABC and Sky News, with a full orchestra and contemporary beats to project a serious and professional image. EDM dance track with a touch of trance. This track is consisting of digital synths melodies, strong bass line, wide pad, drums, percussion, and effects. Best for corporate videos, commercials, media projects, radio, TV, advertising, private videos and more! Uplifting and positive pop/rock track. Driving electric guitars riffs. Perfect for presentations, advertising & Travel. The fast paced high tech liquid melodies take over as this the music plays on. It has an exciting and progressive edge and is perfect for a wide variety of applications including corporate, news, presentations, flash, video game, documentary, television, infomercial, and much much more. Experimental minimalistic electronic music in '80 era style, full of mystery and atmosphere of alienation. Great for science fiction and futuristic videos, robotic underscore, digital advertising, corporate backgrounds, modern moods, aviation trailers, flythrough tunnel animations, spaceships and astronauts, and more. Positive and bright song with an evolving arrangement of synth arpeggio, harp, strings, piano,and spare rhythm. Brings a modern, lively and life-affirming feeling in every project. Happy, motivational and upbeat music bed. The perfect background for advertising, DJs morning show and any positive event. Bright electric guitars riff in optimistic key C major. Inspirational, uplifting and motivational music track with catchy electric guitars and background synths pads. Evokes feelings of success, accomplishment and achievement. Will certainly work well with commercials, corporate videos, presentations, business projects, TV ads background, YouTube videos and more. Soft and inspiring corporate background music. Featuring electric guitars, digital synth, and soft drums. This track is a perfect choice for advertising, presentations, tutorials, travel videos, and any other projects requiring a motivational soundtrack. An inspiring and upbeat pop track. Ideal for many types of corporate uses, including voice-over, presentation, videos. Also great as background music for road trip, travel adventure, trip to a new destination. Sedate song with intense atmosphere. Perfect background track for architecture, art, science, technology, slideshows and much more. Technological advancement in the asian industry. This is a mix of asian elements and a pop song. A diverting piece for many asian related themes. A bouncy and positive feel-good pop rock track, featuring driving electric guitars, drums and bass. Conveys motivation, can-do attitude, a positive outlook, and good energy. Stylish Background Music with rhythm of Electro & Tech, Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion. Melodic sequence produced entirely with KONAMI SCC sound from old MSX home computers. This characteristic sound was incorporated in some of the Japanese brand games that included a chip called SCC in their cartridges that added new sound capabilities to the 8-bit computers of the 80s era. Successful Moments, is a positive, uplifting track, at 120bpm, featuring piano, orchestra & electronic sound elements. Works perfect on any project that you need to give that feeling of new beginnings, motivation, strong confidence and positivity. Enjoy! A special track with strong rhythm and groove. Useful as background track in movies. A slow dreamy, corporate-inspired track. The bell plays a very easy friendly melody accompanied by guitar, music box and various other instrumentation. An melodic piano rift played over a driving bass and drum beat. An ambient track, driven by synths and pads, with light loops on the background. It has a smooth and soft athmosphere, perfect to be used as a backing music of descriptive videos or documentaries and for corporate presentations Very easygoing loop with acoustic guitar, charango, ukulele and acoustic piano. Brings that innocent and natural feeling in every project. Atmospheric punchy trip hop tune with inspiring and energy mood. Ideal for motivational stories, sports presentations, corporate videos, documentary movies, nature projects. A driving riff of orchestral strings accompanied by acoustic guitar, drums and deep bass. Very tech related song with analog synth sounds and a tight feel. Works perfect in a product video, slideshow and much more. Electronic track with hypnotic arpeggios and a shimmering synth pad. The rhythm ensures an urban and more down-home feel. Versatile song for many needs. This track is fit for any project that requires an uplifting and positive music track. Lounge lighthearted song performed on synthesizers and piano. Mood of having good times. Suitable for sports and fashion tv shows, corporate presentations. Intense rock track right in your face. Strong distorted guitar sound and tight rhythm. Gives every project a rough edge. Perfect for any action content, extreme sports and so on. Driving modern orchestral strings across a back beat of classic drum machine rhythms. Background music without attracting attention. Traditional jazz sound for many applications. An intense and dramatic soundscape that evokes floating sensations. A deep lament. It can fit perfectly to underscore underwater scenes or natural landscapes in any kind of documentary, but also ethereal and delicate scenes in dramatic TV serial or movie, film or corporate videos Modern electronic keyboard chords with a flowing, upbeat vibe, overlaid with casual male vocals. Designed for advertising and background music to convey inspiration, achievement and success. Great if used as a motivational music bed or if used with sport themes. An inspiring, electronic royalty free corporate piece, with strings, synths, brass, hybrid fx, and tight beats, best for vlogs, space visuals, or tech projects. Uplifting, positive song created advertising. Instruments include Piano, electric guitar, strings, bass and drums. Bright and breezy, featuring acoustic guitar, mandolin and a cheerful bell melody that creates a joyful and celebratory mood.
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