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    • House Music track with female vocal samples. Great for catwalks, fashion shows, entertainment programs, radio and TV advertising videos and much more. Fresh, funny, young, moving, dancing, hot, brilliant, energetic, dynamic, groovy. Electronic track combined with a slap bass and synth arpeggios. Versatile piece for many applications. It is a musical dance sequence melodic style. Bright and full of splendor melodies. It is a beautiful song dance style made with care and with much love sweets instruments like the piano. Melodic, relaxing, hypnotic and driving... this track has what it takes to give your production that modern dance / house vibe and feel. Steady and powerful beat, lead by strings and accompanied with a guitar. Orchestral strings come in part way through and create a wide ambience. Effective pitch bend is also used to create dead end feeling. Inspired by old abandoned rusty trucks from the 50s, left in the desert. It is a musical style dance sequence with a bright and very catchy tune. The main instrument is a kind of sweet bell It is a sequence that runs at 130 BPM and dazzles from the first second. It is a style electronic musical sequence with a fairly gentle pace and is designed to serve as background music to a news space. Contains an attractive and very catchy tune. Up tempo action loop with a base line and electric guitar chords. An ambience is also created with piano strings. Inspired by a cool snowboarder on a mountain going over jumps and with a clear blue crisp sky behind them during a big orange sunset, and scenic terrain all around. It is a musical sequence in a loop that is designed for the musical atmosphere of retro style games. This one reminds of a typical sitcom theme with people smiling all over the face in the title sequence. Bright and positive sound with a catchy melody. This powerful hip hop fusion music is a strong mix of drama and emotion. The gritty hip hop beat is complimented with a soft flute that dances to the beat. This dramatic music loop is great for a wide variety of applications including video game, sports, flash, ads, and more. It is a sequence of electronic style with an easy pace and a brilliant melodies that is designed to serve as background music in video games. A confident, positive and cheerful track in which there are bright percussion. This is an electronic style musical sequence that is designed to serve as background music in action games. Contains fantastic melodies full of vigor and energy. Fun and textural electronic beat. Would work well for games or technology related projects. This is music for an adventure video game. This is a musical electro style dance sequence with a simple but effective melody attracting attention. A cool loop with saxophone, tight rhythm and sound effects. A pop track with kind of gregorian chant, strings and distorted guitar. Straight beat style track with a catchy melody played on piano synth. Upbeat and bouncy electronic music loop. A perfectly positive vibe for uplifting corporate and motivational business videos, websites, urban advertising, Youtube videos and New Media. It is a kind of melodic dance track loop style with vibrant, fresh and full of pure energy sounds. It is a sequence eurodance style with nice and catchy melodies. An energetic pop loop with a periodic bell theme. Different synth, guitar and drum elements and a distorted guitar pattern. Lounge lighthearted song performed on synthesizers and piano. Mood of having good times. Suitable for sports and fashion tv shows, corporate presentations. Heartbreaking song performed on digital synthesizers and overdriven electric guitar over a power drums pattern. Uptempo, inspirational and motivating soundtrack. Great as a film soundtrack, corporate projects and videos, broadcast production and commercials. Uplifting and hopeful piano melody, with bells. Powerful exciting and upbeat 70's style Rock Track featuring distorted guitars, drums and solid bass. Strong corporate loop for a wide range of applications. Perfect for image videos, factory shots and much more. Futuristic electronic funk with a vintage influence. Features cool Rhodes chords, swirling synth pads, congas, & drum machine. 8-bit Powerful and Strong 70's style Hard Rock Track featuring distorted guitar rhythms and solos, drums and bass. Electronic dance track, with melodic pads and leads, suitable for early hours after party in the beach. You can use it in your project as background music as well. Enjoy the Summer... An upbeat, guitar driven melodic pop-rock track with an energetic, lively, commercial radio friendly sound. With chiming, layered guitar interplay, crisp popping drums, keys and bass. Great for teen/pop culture, sitcoms or almost any positive, uplifting media project: TV, film, adverts and more. A powerful and catchy high energy motivational party track with a distinct modern contemporary synthesizer lead melody over a groovy four on the floor backbeat. Electric guitar, bass, electric piano, strings and percussion play driving, energetic retro dance club groove in 65 second loop suggested for urban nightlife scenes, nostalgic and transitional sequences, montages, corporate presentations. Key of A minor, 88 beats/min Powerful, motivational, dynamic rock piece. Good mood, energetic guitar riffs, rocking drums. Suitable for any production with a happy and positive atmosphere. An energetic and playful melodic theme, played by piano and glockenspiel over a funky-style guitar and a bouncing, clappy, upbeat shuffle groove. This is the rhythm of many succesful pop hits and it will inject your project with an unstoppable positive energy. Dance/Electronica instrumental featuring various synths. Possible uses can range from dance/party scenes, web videos, trailers, etc. A horror dance melody with twist. Aggressive electronic track made with synths and electric guitars. Good for videos about extreme sports or high tech. 8-bit Track. Medium slow Em heavy metal piece. Power drums, electric bass, overdriven electric guitar, synthesizer pad, arpeggiated synthesizer.
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