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    • An rock organ riff.

      Something very soft and tender fills our soul when we listen to this track ...

      Only the sun, joy and good fortune - that's all we need. Best for presentations, slide shows, games, videos and holidays ...

      A happy, laid-back song that makes you feel like cruising along!

      Positive, driving, uptempo, old disco track that pulsates with energy. Electric guitar with electric piano play riff. Analog synth play lead melody in second part of a track .Wide strings in the background. Great for media production, commercials, TV, film score, and background music.

      This composition in the style of reggae creates a sunny mood and brings good luck.

      This composition for jazz quartet creates a positive mood and makes it easy to solve lifE's problems.

      Many aren't able to appreciate summer. But you notice and feel each of these fine evenings when it is possible to put on pair of things and to go for a walk on the coast. Only don't forget the fine half...

      Our family cafe best of all is suitable for sunday rest by all family. Only at us you will taste ice-cream with a natural strawberry syrup and hot chocolate with cherry cream! Spend at us this unforgettable morning!

      Our seconds - into minutes. Our minutes - into hours. Our hours - into days. Days into weeks. Happiness is lasting every moment. Hours passes.

      The solemn melody. Main instruments guitar and trumpet.

      Hurry up, go faster to the fresh white snow and fresh air! Let's run away from the gray city into a cozy winter rest!

      A happy organ groove with piano, bass and drums.

      Featuring mainly electric guitars, this track gives off a feeling gentle and beautiful vibe. Perfect for presentations.

      A vintage rock passage featuring an organ riff, acoustic guitar, drums and bass.

      A pumping, high-energy, house dance beat

      This track is perfect for a commercial spot with its friendly, upbeat and positive nature. Piano with clean electric guitar leads the track with the great support by the drums and bass. The track creates a wonderfully friendly atmosphere.

      Light romantic melody played on electric guitar. Perfect background music for love stories, romantic videos and sweet, nostalgic mood.

      A quiet, solitary guitar passage, emoting a sense of silence and thoughtfulness.

      A Fun positive melody with a feel good vibe featuring warm and bright acoustic guitar along with playful bells and vibrant keyboards elements. The drum beat combining with all the featured instruments suggests a happy hand clapping beat, which is very catchy and very useful for childrens animation, educational and projects and themes.

      Dreamy smooth reggae with pop and rock elements. Visualize laying on a quiet tropical beach relaxing and carefree, totally ease and content with everything. Track consists of bass guitar and acoustic drums. Dreamy smooth clean guitars with Hammond organ.

      Nice evening, beautiful companion, light music, cocktails, soft light. Musicians feel the rhythm, play free and easy.

      Light as a cloud, airy, sunny music track. This loop reminds of tenderness and calmness. Imagine a smiling baby that wakes up early morning at the room full of sunlight.

      Soft relaxing music. Gentle as a baby's skin. Positive, warm and soothing. Light percussion, shaker, acoustic guitar, clean sound.

      Mid-tempo, positive acoustic song with measured rhythm and light, feel-good melody.

      Easy listening light track featuring acoustic guitar, accordion and electric guitar solo. This background music will be perfect as a soundtrack for videos about anniversary, friend gathering or family party.

      New paint an evergreen style of disco 70th. The warm sound of vinyl is mixed with fashionable and powerful kicks. Rhythm guitar, strings, orchestra hits, clavinet, jazz bass and a modern groove-box.

      This atmosphere of the late sixties. The man had already been in space, and it seems that the whole world in your pocket.

      Loud dance music, night clubs, warm sea, sandy beaches, romantic mood. Young people have some rest, they drink cocktails, looking at the stars and green laser beams in the sky.

      Positive track made with guitars and synths. It can be used for advertising or as a background music for broadcast.

      Positive track with medieval melody. Featured instruments are synths and guitar. Good for casual flash games. It can be played in game menu or during gameplay.

      The composition for jazz quartet - electric piano, guitar, bass and drums - creates a light spring mood.

      Happy and powerful dance track. Featured saxophone, lot of synths,dance drums and bass.Great for presentations and adverts, radio and TV.

      Motivational song with some calypso style and synth congas

      Calm and positive track made with guitars and synths. Good for hotel videos, broadcasting or advertising.

      Stylish and Deep Background Music with catchy rhythm of house beats. Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion.

      Calm and quiet track made with synths and guitars. It would be nice for relaxation and hotel videos or videos about nature. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast.

      Positive track with celtic melody. Featured instruments are synths, guitar and flutes.Good for casual games. It can be played in game menu or during gameplay.

      Easy listening mid tempo track featuring sounds of xylophone, marimba and acoustic guitar. This ethnic composition will perfectly suited for projects about traveling and cultural heritage.

      Abstract exotic track featuring sounds of marimba and xylophone. Perfect background music for web sites, computer games, presentations and for other projects.

      Warm and relax track. Consist of percussion,electric piano, soft acoustic drums, fretless bass, digital pad, trumpet and trombone.

      Calm and quite track made with synths. Good for hotel or relaxation videos or videos about nature. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast.

      Calm and quiet track with sounds of asian instruments. It would be nice for videos about nature ot documentary films. Also it can be used as background music for broadcast.

      Bright, beautiful and sparkle jazzy composition featuring fretless bass, airy woodwinds and a solo violin passage. Excellent for movie scoring,advertising or festive projects.

      Country American, western style, piece featuring wailing harmonica accompanied by slide guitar. Evokes dusty, downbeat cowboy landscape.

      Piccolo and glockenspiel create a delicate musical effect to suggest a playful and fun feel. Ideal easy listening track suitable for chilldrens theme or mellow background.

      A beautiful, slightly sad melody. Used percussion, synthesizer and electric guitar sound. Perfect as background music for the design of thematic programs, relaxation and contemplation.

      Calm and quiet chillout track made with synths and asian flute. It would be nice for videos about nature or documentary films.

      Calming, natural sounding, loop with slight hypnotic quality. Playful pizzicato segment in middle. Suitable for commercial presentations/advertising.

      A nice dance song with a mood for remembering good moments, feeling positive emotions, spending a night to remember, a happy achievement. Suited for slide shows, gallery images.

      Nice and light acoustic track. Consist of acoustic guitars,soft electric piano, wide warm pad bass and drums.

      Smooth Jazz track with positive and relax mood. Consist of acoustic guitars, piano synth, drums with bass in bottom.

      Slow acoustic guitar backed by delicate synth washes create a relaxing, slightly romantic feel . Very useful for commercial backgrounds or presentations.

      This is a slow country-blues creates a sense that you walk on the prairies of the wild west with his lovely cowboy.

      Beautiful acoustic guitar track. Sweet melody played on guitars. Acoustic drums and bass make fat background.

      Beautiful easy listening clarinet combined with flute and guitar creates a sense of peacefulness and hope, certain elements could also suggest love or regret.

      Dynamic mid-tempo track. Acoustic guitars plays melodies and chords. Drums with bass create dance-like groove.

      Calm and quiet track made with synths and guitars. Good for hotel videos or as a background music for broadcast.

      Calm and quiet lounge track made with synths and guitars. Good for hotel videos or as a background music for broadcast.

      Calm and quiet lounge track made with synths and guitars. Good for hotel videos or as a background music for broadcast.

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