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    • Short calm tune with synths and guitars. Good for advertising, corporate videos, video games. Also can be used as background music for broadcast

      Short energetic tune with guitars. Good for advertising, podcasts or corporate videos. Also can be used as background music for broadcast .

      Short positive tune with guitars and piano. Good for advertising, podcasts or corporate videos. Also can be used as background music for broadcast .

      Short energetic tune with guitars. Good for advertising, podcasts or corporate videos. Also can be used as background music for broadcast .

      Soft mid-tempo lounge track. Straight dance beat but mellow electric piano theme with some synths.

      Simple but elegant lounge track that shows some positive moments in life. Acoustic drums and bass but digital electric atmosphere sounds.

      When you blow over the streets and you see them not from the windows of the car, but so really. A warm breeze - you are on the road with it. City ??Park greets you with each petal. All day is yours!

      Mysterious slow melody with a deep bass line will keep listeners on their toes. This dark and disturbing ambient background music is ideal for grabbing attention of any viewer.

      Driven, intense melody, followed by a pulsating synth bassline is ideal for news, crime stories, information about the chronology of events or other dramatic projects.

      Sexy smooth jazz loop with nice sax and synth lines followed by a piano interlude. This elaborating composition would work well in cases where some sexy background music is needed.

      This soothing light melody carry the listener on a journey where the snow is shining on the hills and all you care about is the speed of your snow ride .

      Hypnotic ambient track with smooth digital lines and sophisticated piano keys guide the listener to the dimension of true digital relaxation. Perfect for corporate videos and any types of virtual projects.

      Dark techno/industrial electronica with throbbing beats,blended with a variety of synth sounds. Suitable for racing games, documentary or scientific videos and any projects that need nanotechnology style.

      Catchy dream house loop featuring electro synth and piano. This background music would work great in a video game, documentary or research videos.

      With the first snow and the onset of winter, we are waiting for the new wonders and for the new year to make the most secret wishes. Winter - snow fairy!

      Deep sound of the music that a stream makes played on piano with a rolling string, drum and bass backing.

      Woodland sounding drums and bass complemented by a gentle string section, with a deep sub bass backing.

      Takes you to the new meetings and events, leaving behind just yellow lights of the evening city. You look out the window. What's waiting for you tomorrow?

      Mid-tempo Hip-Hop instrumental track that gives you a happy and positive feelings. A massive beat, sweet acoustic guitar and huge synth riff.

      This track is a bit whimsical and at the same time somewhat seductive. It's built around a strong back beat that you can 'shake a leg' to.

      A laid back instrumental without sax lead. Features piano and percussion with cool drums.

      R&B, Hip-Hop track. Light and dynamic with positive mood. Piano with strings, analogue brass melody and basic groove.

      Upbeat and ambient R&B track with bouncy drums, strings and synths.

      This song gives you the spirit of how it feels to live in the thin air of Colorado. It's light and fun while at the same time easy to understand.

      Laid back track with groovy drums and synth patterns

      Anthemic rock guitar based track mixed in with Hip-Hop drums

      Funky track with bouncy bass lines, live instrumentation and cheery strings.

      Calm and relaxing mid-tempo track with an airy and uplifting feel.

      Upbeat chilled out electronic track with a melodic piano lead

      Dark moody anthemic track with heavy drums

      Dark moody track with big synths and hard hitting hip-hop drums

      Edgy, rough and determined hip hop track. Hard edged staccato strings. Good for car chase scene, mech warfare, modern war machines, fights.

      Funk groove with a jazz twist and brass section at the end.

      Bouncy hip hop track with very catchy riff. Big beat and low bass make this track skip along with you bopping with it. Digital synth melody with little piano in the second part of the track.

      A middle tempo hip-hop track based on a drum groove with dominate sub-kick and lot of synthesizers.

      A hip-hop track based on a minor groove played by the piano with a synthesizer lead and powerful drum beats.

      Introspective and emotional finger picked electric guitars with synth pad and energetic bass. Reflective and questioning.

      Gentle piano melody complemented by a light flute melody backed up by a deep sub bass

      Hip hop piece. Electronic drums, synthesizer bass, acoustic and electric piano, synthesizer pad, synthesizer vox, vinyl scratches.

      Up tempo, funk drive. Lively bass and drums. Lots of electric piano lines and electric guitar in background.

      Electronic drums, synthesizer bass, piano, synthesizer arpeggiated leads, synthesizer pad.

      Medium slow hip hop. Electronic drums, synth bass, electric piano, effected electric guitar, synthesizer leads.

      Written with downhill skiers in mind or maybe just Xtreme sports in general. Not really fast-paced but has elements of coolness and fun.

      A slow instrumental depicting good memories about people or places from past and present. Features Piano, Strings, Electric Guitar, Bass and Drums.

      Medium slow smooth jazz background piece. Drums, upright bass, electric piano, synthesizer pad.

      Grooving breakbeat with a beautiful flute with skips and jumps in the rhythm.

      A beautiful little laid back section of a full instrumental piece that I wrote a few years back and appears on my first cd. Puts you in the mind of just kicking back and enjoying the evening.

      Energetic music in a modern dance style. Create a mood of activity and liveliness.

      This dreamy electronica soundscape makes you drift away. Great atmospheric background for all kind of projects.

      Medium slow new age background piece. Electronic drums, upright bass, synthesizer pads, arpeggiated electric piano.

      This is a fun piece of traditional country music. It will make you smile and create a good mood.

      A small bit of Louisiana blues styling with guitar and organ. Old time foot stompin music.

      A funky little track with guitar, bass, drums and conga's. Just kinda moves right along with a definite ending.

      This instrumental is quick paced and has a cool beat and electronic overtones. The strings give it that sense of being familiar while the percussion keeps you listening and anticipating something great. This is a fantastic track.

      Warm and dynamic track. It's great suited for some commercials. Loop consists of electric drums, bass and deep sea of digital sounds.

      Just a fun little instrumental using only 1 instrument sequenced to complete the piece. Mid tempo with simple cool moving parts. Has a small hook

      chilled mellow beats, with sumptuous silky strings. Relaxed yet upbeat.

      Starts softly with chord pads, soon joined by a break-beat rhythm and digital pulses. A blend of the classic and the cutting-edge, great for corporate use.

      Calm and relax mid-tempo melody track. All-electronic sounds create cold atmosphere.

      Spring warm day. Walk on a bicycle. Passing cheerfully through sparkling streams and ponds, to back down the mountain.

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