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    • An incredibly positive song to lift your spirits. It exemplifies joy, success, and happiness. It is comprised of a solid acoustic drum beat, upbeat piano, and a nice organ background. A marimba comes in and plays the lead.

      An uptone and positive, guitar driven pop tune, great for expressing happiness and success.

      This is a motivational corporate music track. Smooth and light piano parts accompanied by live cello melodies and drumbeat. Uplifting music for your business projects, websites and videos.

      This track shines with bright and happy vibes. The ukulele plays out a simple and positive rhythm while the percussion section motivates. The happiness and simplicity of this track makes it a great choice for a wide variety of applications.

      A uplifting and motivational electronic track. Great for corporate videos, film, commercials and more.

      This music has a very happy and bright futuristic presence but is relaxing and meditative at the same time. The subtle pad is contrasted by a peaceful and soft mid range that brings a very cool and joyful vibe.

      This joyful track uses a positive ukulele rhythm with beautiful bells. The melody is a perfect blend of beauty meets brightness. The positive nature of this music makes ideal for a wide variety of applications.

      A laid back, uplifting electronic loop featuring gorgeous pads, synth textures, downtempo beats, a positive forte string backing and occasional delayed guitars. Perfect as a backing track for commercial or corporate projects.

      A groovy tune for chillin or driving

      Very powerful and positive track in the trendy style of hip-hop. The combination of live and electronic instruments makes it sound relevant and modern.

      An optimistic, upbeat and fun track featuring ukuleles, acoustic guitars, piano, hand claps and catchy glockenspiel lines, making it ideal for commercial or corporate use.

      Positive and energetic electronic track made with synths. Good for websites, high tech videos or as a background music for broadcasting.

      This is an uplifting track built around a piano melody that conveys optimism and a victorious struggle through tough times.

      A simple yet inspiring melody for big dreamers. This seamless loop consists of piano, percussion, strings, light synth and bass.

      Electric guitar and synth play upbeat melody accompanied by bass guitar, drums, piano, strings and percussion. Suggested for underscoring of positive, progressive, triumphant scenes and energetic, carefree lifestyle sequences, celebrations of accomplishment.

      A slow and steady jazzy track featuring piano, drums, bass and synth instruments.

      This music utilizes a cool high tech sound with echoing synths and a sound that says check me out. The music is a nice blend of business meets progressive and it is arranged so it will play great with a wide variety of applications.

      Hip Hop track with cool reggae vibe and mood of relaxation. Powerful drums, synth strings, stab bass sounds. Great for urban production.

      Energetic, funcky and fun track made up of nice funcky drums, cheecky guitars and cool guitar riffs. Funckyness at it's best!

      Positive and very warm universal music, soft and bouncy commercial sound.

      Hypnotic music track for any event in the fashion industry.

      Laidback vibes, upright bass, acoustic guitar and drums play bluesy loop pattern with simple melodic hooks reminiscent of traditional jazz. Suggested for underscoring bar scenes, comic relief, commercials and media spots. Also for friendly, helpful public service announcements.

      Digital synth sounds and hip hop bass accompanied by a mid-tempo hip hop beat. Perfect to set an urban scene.

      Positive and driving track. Featured instruments are plucked synths and guitars. Perfect for arcade casual games. It can be played in game menu or during gameplay.

      This music uses a dramatic mixture of inspiring pads and motivational melodies which really grabs your attention. The music screams this is cool pay attention, and is great for a wide variety of applications.

      Calm ambient track. Used a synthesizer, digital drums, arpeggiator, bass guitar sound,atmospheric effects. Perfect for background and relaxation.

      This is an energetic, uptempo, uplifting, and inspirational song subitle for TV and radio commercials.

      Pulsating dynamic track. Used digital drums, synthesizer, percussion and an arpeggiator. Perfect for gaming and other projects.

      Electric guitar and drums create a modern rock style theme tune, suggesting driving a car or truck on the road. Very suitable theme music for motor sports such as formula one or off-road racing. Track features many moods such as being competitive, challenging and motivated.

      Light and simple airy tune with a pensive vibe, written with the use of versatile assortment of electronic sounds.

      Progressive piano chords create inspiring feel created to imply happiness and beauty. Very inspirational track useful for commercial advertising or corporate use.

      A slightly downbeat and melancholy chill out track with a beautiful and elegant electric piano and voice pad which gives the track a bit of a cinematic feel. Would suit dramatic,romantic,cinematic,documentary type projects.

      Timely Glockenspiel with distant bass guitar licks create dynamic corporate theme which flows slowly offering a sense of comfort and professionalism. Synth washes are introduced midway creating a relaxing atmospheric background.

      Piano chords play a repetitive melody at the start whilst gradually being introduced with synths and electronic bass to create a modern track designed to inspire, motivate and provide a simplistic element of quality. Very useful track for corporate or business use.

      Instrumental pop-rock arrangement of bass, drums, electric guitars, piano and organ inspired by Laura Nyro songs of the 60s and 70s, in A/B arrangement. Suggested for upbeat retro scenes, comic relief, festive party settings, also to underscore public service announcements.

      Positive, energetic, uplifting and motivational vital music with the atmosphere of fortune and success. High rate, warm & meat sound.

      Relaxing and not annoying tune can be used as any kind of background music.

      Perfect background for business news, multimedia-events, installations and exhibitions.

      Positive and uplifting motivational tune. Featured instruments are strings. Good for corporate videos, advertising or websites.

      Old Style positive music bed. Takes us back to a happy and carefree sixties. Vintage sound. Strings come in the second part of the track.

      Positive and driving track. Featured instruments are plucked synths. Perfect for casual games. It can be played in game menu or during gameplay.

      Starting with an acoustic guitar this tune quickly evolves to a collection of strings and electric instruments overlaid on the continuing acoustic rhthym. A bright and upbeat piece.

      A bright and breezy composition featuring electric guitar and strings.

      This light rock track starts with some nice acoustic guitar and then evolves into a more electronic rock before disolving back to acoustic for the track turnaround.

      This subtle music is the perfect mix of cool pads, high tech flavor, and a tone that shouts business. The music gives a real cool atmosphere but is neutral enough to be used for a wide variety of applications.

      This is a positive and upbeat rock track with a lot of energy and movement. Uplifting acoustic guitar with piano and powerful drumming excellent for happy and joyful projects, videos and websites.

      Easing beat with synth melody

      Birthday is the best day of the year! Waiting for a miracle and waiting for gifts. Playful and celebratory mood. Express their feelings in music. Bright and positive melody accompanies happiness.

      Soft as silk music bed on which any material settles comfortably and easily!

      Lively trance song to fill all your trance needs. Flowing synths, quick bass, and arpeggios in the bridge.

      Hawaiian slide guitar and Latin percussion create a realistic tropical vibe atmosphere boasting key elements of style and luxury.

      This dramatic tune combines the high tech melodies and powerful bass lines. The music creates big picture as it promotes power, innovation, and success while the arrangement makes it great for a wide variety of applications.

      This music uses high tech melodies, powerful bass and percussion to get its point across. The inspiring business sound is complimented with a great arrangement that allows this to be used for a wide variety of applications.

      This music combines cool high tech melodies with positive bass and percussion. The forward thinking nature of the music makes it work well with a wide variety of applications.

      Nostalgic and tender music track recorded on electric guitar. Laid-back and smooth this sensitive music will be great for dramatic, loving and melancholic situations.

      This upbeat song uses hypnotic melodies and really creates a cool sound. The high tech low end is complimented by a whispering melody that really strikes a chord.

      This smooth electro hop tune utilizes a haunting melody with easy going bass and street inspired percussion. The music is arranged to play great with a wide variety of applications.

      Slow traditional blues guitar over an interesting acoustic backing with drums and bass.

      An easy listening uplifting track with lead-synth melody. This background music can be used in projects for kids of all ages.

      cool lounge music

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