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  • This music is an exciting blend of wild synths and with an action packed break beat style percussion. The melodies scream cool, intense, wild, and are a complimented with subtle pads and rhythms.

    A funny loop about the friendly alien folks that lives around the corner. With lots of SFX that belongs to a cool alien song.

    This intense track has a hypnotic feel. With some soft dubstep elements it moves between different styles of music. Available in 4 versions.

    This quirky electronic game music combines a fun blend of wild synths, gritty bass, pounding drums and a catchy overall sound. This fusion of fun ideas in a seamless loop makes a great choice for a wide variety of applications.

    This one is a powerful modern track in the style of dubstep with your typical wobbles and sawtooth.

    Positive and optimistic electronic track with soft dubstep glitching elements. It communicates happy feelings and conveys funny images to audience. Perfect for advertising use and positive, uplifting corporate videos. I

    A fun melodic and uplifting electro house kind of track made with the dance floor in mind.

    Medium slow abstrac electonic track with some noise and industrial elements

    This music uses a cool mixture of plucky synths and melodies which really grabs your attention. The music is a fusion of a hi-tech style while being very positive and creative at the same time

    Quiet and relaxing track with a touch of abstract melancholy, full of ambience, very slow time, to find peace and inner balance. Intimate electric piano on a pulsating carpet of synthesizers, percussions and soft sounds. Perfect for those who want a hypnotic underscore for their projects.

    Slightly spooky sounding track with huge strings and a pounding bass line

    Really dynamic electronic track with arpeggiators synths and electronic drums. Perfect for action scene or traveling scene.

    This electro pop track combines a cool tech rhythm with sophisticated pads and technological melodies. The music is light and bouncy but is neutral enough to play great with a large variety of applications.

    A dance styled loop with steady drum and bass. Music on hold or the weather channel, booth are possible applications.

    This progressive electropop track is a spirited mix of a cool rhythm, sophisticated pads and technological melodies. The music is light and bouncy but is neutral enough to play great with a large variety of applications.

    Dynamic and energetic track in a tense mood. Featured instruments are synth leads and electric guitars. Perfect for action video, game or slide show

    Although I had the technical or electronic focus in mind, this loop suits good in different applications. A catchy piano theme, static rhythm, pulsating synth elements and the song stays suspenseful.

    This is a dark yet cool down tempo music which uses progressive synths, modern lead melodies, and a cinematic style arrangement to create a vision of modern, dark, and dangerous.

    A background loop for many projects. Maybe scientific themes, travel, space, architecture, laboratory, stats, presentations and more.

    Dreamy, airy electronica with big, chunky breakbeats and a relaxed, laid-back swagger. Warm, atmospheric and fluid.

    A dub and hip hop instrumental track with chill and funky elements, conceived as incidental music. It suits well to underscore scenes with elegant people, both in ADS, corporate and movies

    This dubstep music is a compelling mix of dramatic action contrasted with haunting piano melodies. The fusion of styles creates a dynamic sure to grab anyone's attention.

    A piano and bass passage with a Gospel feel.

    Spider Trap is a Dreamy and Power ballad song.

    Friendly and successful corporate technology music loop. A light and motivational business instrumental that brings a vision of innovation, success, growth, communication and productivity.

    Technology News flash loop. Driving and energetic corporate news music. A perfect underscore for current affairs and updates in the digital world. Related to communication, internet, social media, marketing, presentations, product launch, new market, online magazine and general opening themes.

    Funny electronic track that features digital synthesizer with rhythmic drums and electronic sounds environment. Perfect for projects related to video games, education or web technologies.

    This powerful dark electro track uses a dramatic build up and strong rhythm for maximum impact. The rhythmic percussion is enhanced with a rhythmic bass line which creates amazing movement, and energy.

    This intense loop has a hypnotic feel. With some soft dubstep elements it moves between different styles of music.

    Upbeat track with a funky bassline and melodic synths. Great for complimenting nature and earth style video.

    Upbeat electronic track with driving beats and hypnotic synthesizer effects. Great for the high tech feel in corporate and presentation videos.

    Medium-fast tempo techno dance song, performed on digital synthesizers, in a mysterious mood, suitable for newsflashes, sports, crime documentaries.

    Groovy stylish Retro Disco track in the style of Daft Punk with a vocoder voice line, funky guitars and a straight dancible disco bass and drum groove. Perfect instrumental background for fashion shows and stylish presentations or commercials.

    This hard hitting and powerful industrial track uses a dramatic build up and strong rhythm for maximum impact. The rhythmic percussion is enhanced with a dark bass line which really creates a since of action, movement, and energy all that the same time.

    This music combines futuristic melodies and modern synths to create a vision of advanced technologies and forward thinking business.The innovative feel to this music makes it a perfect addition to a number of applications.

    This modern action underscore combines a smooth melody with a hi-tech and dramatic style. The tone of the music really is contemporary action thriller but also has some psychological characteristics.

    This music uses a unique style and pulsing beat to create a vivid picture. The acid synths are complimented by a solid bass line while the arrangement is subtle enough to work great for a wide variety of applications.

    A hypnotic dancesong with straight synth elements and sequencer patterns. Impulsive and energetic feel. Sweat!

    A warm and intense loop with an evolving arrangement. Soft choir and synthstring sounds. With additional rhythm and synth elements. Perfect for high tech, science or futuristic themes.

    Slow, sci-fi space technology based track very useful for corporate presentations suggesting cool atmospheres, space exploration and forward movement. Suggested background uses: slow space movement, dead space implying emptiness and darkness, futuristic space movement or motion. All of which become useful for flash projects or company logos or widgets.

    This music is a mixture of high energy movement with cool and vibrant melodies. The electric guitar brings the music to life as the strong bass and percussion creates a very moving beat. This music is modern, cool, and fresh and it syncs along great with that type of application.

    Cool corporate technology music. Modern flowing and relaxed electronic track with strong hi - tech corporate feel. For new media, presentations, banking, modern industry, communication and telecommunication and other business related productions.

    Futuristic and cool are the words best to describe this modern business music. The arrangement is simple but has a sound that is ultra progressive and is perfect for a wide variety of applications.

    An uplifting and powerful pop track. The rhythmic electric guitar, digital synth elements and the drum groove all create an agressive and inspirational vibe. Great for corporate videos, commercials and more.

    It is a multi-part musical piece.We have from the typical commercial playful bass until the part where voices filtered through a vocoder pronounce their phrases.

    Dance beats are punching through the sound of the 80s with a touch of melancholy and suspense.

    Great powerful track ideal for scenes of adventures, action, thriller with a powerful groove and electronic sounds surround.

    Dark pulsating dynamic track. Used a synthesizer, digital drums and percussion, the arpeggiator. Perfect to use as background music for documentaries, sports montage, news, presentations, video games and other projects.

    A dramatic synth and drum combination with string swells and percussion hits.

    In dependence on dubstep style this loop has a full arrangement of synth strings and choir. A distinctive arpeggio line and some typical dubstep sounds make this song sound very dynamic and exciting.

    Slow ambient track. Featured instruments are synthesizer, digital drums, percussion, arpeggiator, atmospheric effects. Perfect for documentary films, space frames, relaxation and other projects.

    A modern take on classic nu wave pop with dreamy strings, sci-fi synths and banging breakbeats. In the vein of New Order.

    Uptempo repetitive techno track.

    Uptempo electronic breakbeat track with airy chords and driving bass.

    A futuristic track with arpeggio elements, rhythm guitar and synthlines. Very atmospheric and hypnotic feel. Perfect choice for futuristic or high tech jobs.

    West Indian style Dancehall instrumental featuring various synths. Possible uses can range from "party" scenes, web videos, trailers, etc. This track loops seamlessly.

    Straight and tight rhythm with a distorted rhythm guitar and synth arpeggio lines. The feel is very intense, hypnotic and technical. A kind of streamlined and cut down groove.

    A static synth track with factory noise here and there and synthlines, pads. It sounds some sterile, but more technical. Could be used for technical coverage or reports, sci-fi, factory shots, motor sports, robot themes, big city scenes and so on.

    A relaxed rhythm with a short piano theme, soft and flying stringsynth. It's useful as a theme for travel movies or intro / outro for example.

    A hypnotic and straight synth rhythm groove. An ideal background for your special multimedia projects.

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