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  • Futuristic, dark, aggressive and very intense loop in the style of dubstep. Perfectly suitable for background music, video projects, websites, games, podcasts, commercials, soundtracks, films and motion graphics. I hope you like it.

    Intense electronic track with synth arpeggios and a driving rhythm. Perfect for tech themes, corporate videos, slideshows and much more.

    Electronic track with lots of warm analog synth sounds. Suits perfect in endless applications.

    Positive calm song performed on synthesizers. Just a few drums. Suited to be used with ending credits, product or corporate presentations.

    Hypnotic synth track. Perfect for tech related themes and much more.

    Groovy track with a futuristic and organic sound simultaneously. Suits in a wide range of projects; especially in tech related imagevideos, slideshows, city scenes and much more.

    Danceable song which is useful for tech themes, image videos and much more.

    This plucky corporate music combines a clean and simple sound with a modern twist. The echoing synths play an ethereal melody while the vibe is perfect for a wide variety of projects including kinetic type, after effects templates, ads, presentations and more.

    Funky, energetic Dance track featuring catchy stuttering bass, freaky synth cuts and modern dance beats. It's the perfect energized track for a production needing some intensity.

    Relaxing melodies and a groovy rhythm. Light and flowing mood with organic synth sounds. Some vinyl crackling adds analog warmth. Versatile track for many background applications.

    Electronic track combined with a slap bass and synth arpeggios. Versatile piece for many applications.

    Some vinyl, some cool, some modern: something new. Rhythmic vinyl crackle sounds combined with synth themes and patterns make this song to an accommodating background track for corporate videos, slideshows and much more.

    Hip hop styled song with lots of effect sounds. The dry main beat is combined with funky synths and bass elements.

    Versatile track with synth sequences, electric guitar and electronic drum sounds. Perfect for tech videos, presentations, slideshows and much more.

    This is a musical style electro dance sequence of short duration. It has a soft touch that makes it fun. Contains a female voice playing over the base.

    Some music that is good for something electronic

    An electronic track made with synths. Good for news and broadcast or video game.

    Cinematic electronic song, blend of multiple sequences in an analog old school style. Suitable for technology presentations, games, sports shows, driving scenes. Key of Am

    Driving track with energetic sounds and stutter effects. Intense high tech feel. Perfect for car racing, tech themes, extreme sports and much more.

    A kind of beat inspired by all video games.

    Incidental piece of instrumental rock with a Cold Play style dynamic drums section, bass, piano and synthetizer. Uplifting, driving and positive, perfect as baskground music for corporate, motivational or promotional videos. Advertising, commercial. Forthcoming success. Winning people.

    Hypnotic track, played on the continuous alternation of major and minor key, generating an indefinite suspension between melancholy and hope.

    An intense dubstep style loop with suspenseful arrangement. A trip through exciting games, trailers, shows, promos etc.

    A mix of chill out and techno reggae genres with some tribal style, performed on digital synthesizers emulating marimbas.

    Calm and quiet ambient track in a relaxed mood with a subtle tense. Featured instruments vintage synth leads and atmospheric pads. Good for space video, documentary film or slide show.

    Do you want mystery and action in the same track? Here is a solution for your advertisement in around 30 secs! If you are a forward thinker, you have got a fantastic product to promote, nasty hackers, luxury cars, sportive watches, masculine eau de toilette, perfumes, this is the perfect background music for you.

    Powerful and animated track perfect for thriller and action scenes. Ideal for action and racing video games!

    A hybrid cinematic track, with oscillating, arpeggiating synths. Perfect for battle scene and high tension scenes.

    This dark and dramatic underscore is a bold and unique blend of grunge, industrial, and electro. The distorted electric guitar plays out a haunting melody while the intense bass and percussion provide the edge.

    Powerful and animated track perfect for thriller and action scenes. Ideal for action and racing video games!

    A lo-fi trip hop tune with crispy downtuned drums, gritty bass with a downtempo rhode melody.

    A slow and ambient sound track with Sci-Fi mood. It is stressful and scaring.

    A ambient technological looped track with a little touch of IDM. The mood / feel of this track is neutral, it is not too happy, and not too ambient.

    Bouncy bass melody and a deep string pad, backed by big beat drums.

    Rythm with strong bassline, usable for any situation.

    It is a musical sequence Techno dance style with vibrant catchy melodies.

    A short club influenced track in the electro EDM style.

    A modern big room electro house loop with hard hitting synths and a catchy melody.

    Elegant and charming people all around, sophisticated, stylish, trendy and chic set up. Luxury things, sumptuous, posh. Modern chillout music track ideal for TV commercials, TV serials or movies, Fashion video productions. Instrumental Music. Synths, Drums, Bass, Piano.

    Great powerful track ideal for scenes of adventures, action, thriller. Perfect for action and race video games as well.

    Intense dubstep track with 157 bpm. Typical dubstep wobble basslines, effects, tight drums and synths.

    Hip Hop track in a positive mood. Featured instruments are acoustic guitars and synths. Good for advertising or vacation video.

    A dubstep related loop with a heroic lead melody. Dark and distorted guitars for a rough shooter game feel.

    8 bit style retro loop for a video game. Excelent for little works.

    This music has a very cool business and commercial presence while being a fusion of advanced trance synths and melodies. The subtle pad is contrasted by a hypnotic and creative mid range that is enhanced with a mellow break beat drum pattern.

    Futuristic loop with static vocal theme and synth patterns. The vocals give this track its warmth although it's a very tech based song. Cool feel for high tech themes and corporate videos.

    Upbeat, energetic trance track ideal for film, tv, radio, corporate video presentations.

    Powerful electronic music track. Positive, uplifting with many synth layers and joyfull, energetic mood. Consists of kick, percussion, bass, various synths. You can use it as intro or outro muisc. Also good choice for ads and presentations.

    Are you ready for a trip in the future? We invite you aboard our spacecraft. Hot, aggressive and very energetic percussion for any kind of your projects. I hope you like it.

    It is a setting designed for the small scenes in video games retro style with large doses of inspiration from vintage games of the decade of the 80/90 sequence.

    Solid rock beat with guitar power chords, bass, syncopated sequenced synthesizers and organ solo in 2nd half. Has punchy, aggressive energy, suggested for dance club scenes, crime-in-progress, urban nightlife, rowdy party, bump'n'grind, exotic sequences. Key of C minor, 103 beats/min

    A bouncy and energetic background loop will work great as a background in video games, apps or short videos.

    A cool styled looped break beat, instrumental track with a lot of bite, energy and style.

    This deep house inspired music contains a throw back feel with a modern twist. The music combines a lush, smooth and cool bass line that is complimented with a plucky synth lead melody.

    This dramatic, aggressive, and hard hitting industrial fusion music combines power, energy and action all in one. The powerful rhythm is complimented by modern grungy synthesizers, and a cool sonic lead melody.

    Are you ready for a trip in the future? We invite you aboard our spacecraft. Cool futuristic and very energetic percussion for any kind of your projects. I hope you like it.

    This is an electronic style musical sequence with a smooth rhythm piano made with low speed but contains a melody full of energy and strength.It is ideal for almost all kinds of multimedia projects.

    Fast paced dance style track with vocal effect style uplifting melody

    A bright and beautiful melody to dazzle your ears.Contains a base with influences from the music of the 90s.

    Smooth and calm lounge track in a relaxed mood. Featured instruments are e-piano and atmospheric pads. Good for vacation videos, advertising or slideshow.

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