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    • "Night of the Sultan" is a short Indian/Ethic uplifting and positive ident /Logo Cue. A bustling activity goes on in this track. Like the chinese people manufacturing lot of things...This is a mix of asian elements and a pop song. A diverting piece for many asian related themes. Different influences come together in this calm and easy world loop with flute, voices, unique leadsounds and a bassline that is slightly moving in the back. A versatile piece for many applications. Delicious trackwith a first part built on five-tone scale and develop more harmonically complex. Beautiful fragrance of grace Eastern. Banjo galore! Fast, furious and energetic Banjo track. This track will transport you straight to the south America of the 1930's! Mississippi here I come! Marimba loop in tropical flavor and dreamy sweet feeling. Rich sound and nice melody. Pacific Ocean, Hawaiian, island related music. Maracas and African wind instrumentation combine to create a peaceful flowing African melody full of atmospheric charm and vibrancy. Ideal background music for film, TV or advertising documentary. Dreamy and atmospheric electronica loop. With its slightly pensive and flowing feel it works well as background music for scientific, space, travel projects and more. Light melodic rhythmic bell sounds and minimal orchestral elements with a relaxed earthy beat. Suits commercials and backgrounds and also good for an outro in loop to fade. A kind of african tribal beat with improvisation elements. It's a melody using a pentatonic scale so it feels and sounds like a Asian folk tune with a little hip hop flavor. Lounge chill out track in an ambient electronic style.Bells and acoustic piano with contemporary electronic sounds. Well suited for the weather report, video background, news. Epic and atmospheric South American track featuring panpipes, acoustic guitars, bongo, timpani. Perfect score for an epic adventure. Good for documentary films, games, short video clips, etc 'RastaMan Groove' is just a short,fun and happy reggae groove, perfect for any vacation or a hot summer moments. Enjoy Rastaman Vabration ! Pure musical abstraction, neutral, hypnotic, full of peace. Perfect background, ideal for relaxation techniques and to restore inner balance. This track was played entirely using a Baglama Saz I bought in Ankara (Turkey) percussion included. I thought about a Tuareg, walking in the desert, while he was thinking about his life go ahead towards the city or turn round and come back to the desert, to find his true life? Emotional Asian traditional music Medieval style background music performed with bagpipes, strings and celtic percussions. Perfect for documentaries about Scotland, Celtic warriors in kilts etc. A track with a celtic ancient feel. Smooth strings work with flutes, bassoon, violins, strings and harp. Happy jumping on the road trip. Female vocals on a background full of rhythmic pulsations create a charming and enthralling atmosphere. Calm ambient track.Used a synthesizer, digital drums and percussion, the arpeggiator and atmospheric effects. Perfect for space frames, for relaxation, for games and other projects. Two acoustic guitars for a classic and lively atmosphere, full of pulsating rhythm. Excellent in the background, for example in telephone answering machines. Upbeat with heat. Fire in the hole. The Sahara Sun is beating down on the racers who are fast approaching their oasis filled with ice cold beer and swaying palm trees. Also good for circus theme videos. A great colorful oriental melody to uplift your mood. Main instruments are flute,arabic oud and background synthesizer. Very positive and driving track. Featured instruments are plucked synths. Perfect for casual games. It can be played in game menu or during gameplay. The track is based on samples made with 3 Fruit Guitars! A comforting track with acoustic and bass guitars which create a sense of relaxation and luxury. Occasional bird like sound effects suggest wildlife surroundings hinting at discovery or paradise. Very useful track for short documentary scenes for nature, ethnic or African culture. Cinematic orchestral composition. The perfect song for Action, thriller, horror or suspense. Glamorous and fresh sounding track. A feel good composition with sexy female vocals. Uneasy but cool, solemn yet progressive, cinematic and business. This musical underscore has it all. The soft strings and orchestral rhythm is contrasted by a beautiful and overcoming melody. While the arrangement of this music makes it a great choice for a wide variety of applications. A bright cinematic orchestral composition. Great for corporate videos, commercials and more. Downtempo Hip Hop storytelling instrumental featuring brass, acoustic piano, electric guitars, bells, & strings. Possible uses can range from full songs, "reflection" type scenes/scenarios web videos, trailers, etc. Merger of classical piano melody with east woodwind instrument duduk. Romantic song with orchestra, drums, conductive piano. Positive and driving track. Featured instruments are flute and plucked synths. Perfect for arcade casual games. It can be played in game menu or during gameplay. Positive and driving track. Featured instruments are plucked synths and guitars. Perfect for arcade casual games. It can be played in game menu or during gameplay. It's very amazing and weird track. Good for projects where a cheerful and fun mood need. Inspired by the rhythms of traditional Greek dances. With pulsating rhythm, guitars and mandolin chase each in a continuous crescendo, then return to slow beginning. Track for classical guitar solo, full of Mediterranean flavor enhanced by the contrapuntal technique. Energy and elegance for your listening pleasure. Middle Eastern female voices and violins with strings. Deep, sensitive and sad music is a perfect background for a sad scenes and videos. A track featuring tribal African rythm. Mughal Gardens is a traditional like piece of music played on Sitar with Tablas on the background along with a Synth sound Traditional instruments such as Marimba and mixed gender African vocals provide a happy, upbeat track designed to imply a sense of freedom and feel good atmosphere, which is very suitable for advertising purposes. The melody suggests a sense of well being and happiness, whilst creating a sense of freedom in a modern way. Also very useful for travel and documentary themes. Beautiful ethnic loop made in indian style. Good for relaxation, yoga projects. Would look great as an intro. Deep taiko sound ritm with voices. Accordion and three string Balalaika instruments are used throughout this eastern European theme providing a joyful, acoustic, waltz dance style theme useful for documentary, playful or happy themes. Groovy latin dance music, salsa & merengue style Japanese traditional Epic Taiko and shakuhachi with Japanese male voice Here is a cute melody for children. A brief reggae loop! A short arabic loop with typical arabian atmosphere Celtic funny folk melody played on krumhorn with saxophone and acoustic guitar. Delicate acoustic loop, with a gentle melody of the flute and a simple acoustic guitar accompaniment. Great for videos and background in answering machines. Stylish Lounge Background Music Loop, Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion. New age track featuring synthesizer, digital drums,bells and voice effects. Perfect background music for the travel films, travel documentaries about world history and for other projects. A clean and solid hollow-body guitar arpeggio paint a warm, relaxing atmosphere with kick drum, hi-hat acoustic guitar and violins. The main melody was made by me whistling at the microphone. Perfect for summertime, vacation, beach, or positive and relaxed atmosphere. A dynamic house track. It would be nice for fashion video, presentation or slideshow. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast. Soft singing flute on the background of African balafon ,sending the listener into the African jungle. The river's part, mountains are capable to disappear, the rain and slush are replaced by sun beams. That was black - now is white. The door opens and new life begins...
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