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    • Your fine drawing is almost ready. It is necessary to draw some details and it is possible to start creation of the most perfect perpetuum mobile! Positive track made with guitars and synths. It can be used for advertising or as a background music for broadcast. Positive and energetic electronic track made with synths. Good for high tech videos and documentary films. Aggressive and energetic track made with some asian instruments and synths. It can be used in action video or documentary film. A nostalgic, instrumental song, performed on synthesizers and electroacoustic guitar. Ambient track made with synths, asian flute and percussions. Good for relaxation videos or videos about nature. A mysterious song loop-ready, mechanical, instrumental, blend of synthezisers and a clean steel guitar and two basses. Groovy instrumental loop-ready song, blend of synthesizers and overdriven electric guitar riffs, dark, on a key of Am. Suitable for sports, pursuits, action movies. Energetic electronic track made with synths and guitar. It would be nice for space videos or documentary films. Calm and quiet track with sounds of asian instruments. It would be nice for videos about nature ot documentary films. Also it can be used as background music for broadcast. Piccolo and glockenspiel create a delicate musical effect to suggest a playful and fun feel. Ideal easy listening track suitable for chilldrens theme or mellow background. Calm and quiet chillout track made with synths and asian flute. It would be nice for videos about nature or documentary films. Beautiful chill out track with wooden sound of marimba, xylophone and atmospheric piano chords. Gentle background music for new inspiring projects. Calming, natural sounding, loop with slight hypnotic quality. Playful pizzicato segment in middle. Suitable for commercial presentations/advertising. Calm and shady track in rhythms of oriental dance. Featuring instruments are percussion, bongos and background sound effects. Perfect to create relaxing as well as meditative mood that you and your audience will enjoy. Strange nostalgic song performed on synthesizers, bell style sound arpeggios, a few drums with a middle-east style. Sinister mysterious very slow song performed on synthesizers, bell style sounds, strings, drums and bass. Energetic electronic track made with synths. It would be nice for action videos. Mysterious melody with magic sounds of hang drum, bells and deep atmospheric effects. This background music is suitable to use for games, documentary, films and web applications. Calm and quiet lounge track made with synths and guitars. Good for hotel videos or as a background music for broadcast. background music loop that sounds like clocks A calm relaxing track with nature sound of water and birds combined with bongos drums and rainstick. Ideal for relaxation, natural serenity and meditation. Sacred meditative track. Featuring synthesizer, percussion, arpeggiator. Perfect as a background music for relaxation. Short atmospheric loop featuring ethic vocals combined with acoustic guitar and safari style drum beat. Very useful for travel and documentary presentations. Cute, fluttery, interplay of melodies in cheerful children's tune. Instrumental parts skip about joyously before resolving into cascading flute/bell sequence. Suggests playful flying creatures in cartoon or children's game. Optimistic and cheerful electronic track with sounds of sitar. Good for corporate videos, podcasts or presentations. Also can be used as background music for broadcast . Calm and quiet background track made with synths. It would be nice for podcasts, corporate videos or as a background music for broadcast. Also it can be used for casual games. A jazzy tune with an electric piano solo. Good for advertising or hotel videos. Synth with strings and drum kit You are very successful - good luck is your companion. You are persevering and passionate in love and don't suffer indecision. Life, heat, light - these are things that characterize Leo. Your thoughts are always reasonable and clear. You are as patient as time. It is always possible to rely on you. Lounge track with smooth electric piano and flutes. Good for relaxation videos or hotel clips. Beautiful chillout track with magic atmosphere of Christmas holidays approaching. Soft chiming of crystal bells accompanied by calm chords of the piano would be great as background music for many creative projects. Spicy aroma of spices, filling the narrow streets of an evening Morocco carries you to a romantic walk in the rays of the setting sun. It is an eastern paradise! Bouncy bass line with a slightly spooky pipe and strings main lead melody. Stylish background music with the rhythm of hip-hop and R&B beats. Great for television, commercials, corporate ads. This song is easy and dreamy with soprano sax lead, strings and rhythm section. It will make you daydream A little "Celticese". This is the end section of a quick-paced instrumental "After the storm" that is light with sort of an Irish flair. Powerful, dramatic piece featuring strings and duduk melodies. Sets a very serious, reflective tone, and has an Eastern sound, perfect for documentary. Middle East Strings create picture of hot desert sands. Modern dance beats add more power to the beat. Upbeat piano synth groove track with an instantly catchy lead Grooving breakbeat with a beautiful flute with skips and jumps in the rhythm. Thought-stimulating background soothing track. Good for relaxation purposes and easy time. This track is the end of an orchestral piece with oboe as the primary instrument. Has a slight American Indian feel. Medium slow sensual cuban bolero salsa. Latin percussion, upright bass, synth pad, acoustic piano, vibraphone, trumpets and trombones making contrast middle part. Steady, medium slow new age piece. Electronic drums, tabla drums, percussion, synth bass, synth pads and effects, electric piano. Calm and relax mid-tempo melody track. All-electronic sounds create cold atmosphere. This endless loop is an ideal soundscape for providing a hypnotic effect to your presentation, video or other media projects. Light ambient mood of this track is good for presentations. Massive percussion with bass lays beyond and pad, flute, santur flies above. Deep atmosphere of evening forest, good for relaxation. Flute, santur and ethnic percussion make a magic in this track. The national melody intertwines with mysterious natural landscapes You have your reasons and your purpose to follow these fading lines that take you into the darkness of the night. your only companions are the headlights of your car a dimming cigarette and a voice in the radio. Its just you against the road. Spanish acoustic guitar theme. Deep and atmospheric sounds of ancient people Wide digital synth with percussion makes positive and relaxed state of mind. A flute and electric guitar play a nice melody. Trumpet with harp play cosmic dub melody, synth pads with drum beat make a background. Music to complement a stroll though beautiful woodland forest. Airy track that has flying around acoustic piano with variety of synth sounds. Good for fantasy games, Role Playing games, fantasy worlds etc. Light atmospheric track. Oriental melody played on flute. Some percussion in the background.
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