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    • An ambient background loop.

      An orchestral heavy track with a classic film score sound. Melodic and inspiring.

      Slow, spacious, ethereal, textured track with exotic melody played by oud. Middle East strings and percussion in the background.

      Strong beat based on kick with analogue synth

      Uplifting and fresh techno house track. Positive groove, melodic synth lines, cool bass. Great for clubbing, advertising, tv and sports.

      High energy dance loop featuring electro synth bass with clubby drum track and repetitive melodic bass and synth lines.

      An upbeat track with a catchy space themed melody

      Airy track that has flying around acoustic piano with variety of synth sounds. Good for fantasy games, Role Playing games, fantasy worlds etc.

      Deeply romantic and sensual piece written for saxophone with electric piano. A beautiful melody to add ambience to any project.

      There is nothing from the old days. Everywhere are strange things in strange hands.

      Morphine flows through optical veins of DigiCity.

      TELL IT LIKE IT IS has a mind blowing thumping effect with a delicate touch by piano work. The sounds suits to a situation when truth is exposed to whole world.

      BEAT IT is exclusively composed to hit the dance floor. Music is full of live and includes some techno ingredients. The composition starts slowly and picks up fantastically.

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