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    • Positive acoustic music track recorded with piano, bass and percussion. This music is rhythmic with a latin feeling. Optimistic and happy music ambient and background situations

      Happy, motivational and upbeat music bed. The perfect background for advertising, DJs morning show and any positive event. Bright and plucked electric guitar riffs in optimistic key D major.

      Moody piano plays simple octave melody, in lightly syncopated loop with upright bass, drums and subtle automated synth. Suggested for media scenes of intrigue, melancholy and emotional darkness, also to underscore sequences depicting espionage. Key of G minor, 127 bpm

      Tight and fast funk song with straight drum groove. Typical 70s instruments like clav, moog synth, e-piano, electric guitar and brass. Reminds a bit of a Robert Palmer song "Looking for Clues" from 1980.

      Technological advancement in the asian industry. This is a mix of asian elements and a pop song. A diverting piece for many asian related themes.

      Powerful nu-rock groove track. Fatty fuzz-guitars, dirty and deep bass, cool chords and riffs. The best track for any action scene.

      Calm and quiet track in a positive mood. Featured instruments are acoustic guitars. Good for slideshow or a romantic video.

      Real cool and fire! Rock guitars, powerful drums, aggressive sound. A sense of power and superiority. The best track for any sport, racing, and other action scenes.

      An upbeat, happy and fun track featuring ukulele, catchy piano, hand claps and glockenspiels. Ideal for YouTube videos, YouTubers, vlogs and vloggers, beauty gurus, makeup tutorials, cooking videos, cat videos, commercial, business and corporate use or productions aimed at children.

      Instrumental acoustic track featuring classic guitar, electric bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic drums, piano. It's simple and it can fit very well with corporate videos, to underscore promotional messages, voice over and any other project that needs an easy listening background track. Perfect also for many types of broadcast such as travel TV shows, documentaries and much more.

      A dark, strange piece recalling ancient times. It has a sound similar to Porcupine Tree, Anathema, Pink Floyd and Gazpacho.

      This is a happy and upbeat song featuring ukulele, glockenspiel, piano and drums. Perfect for corporate presentations, commercials, youtube videos and more.

      Very easygoing loop with acoustic guitar, charango, ukulele and acoustic piano. Brings that innocent and natural feeling in every project.

      A new age piano led track, featuring a funky drum loop and sub fx. Suitable for many productions.

      Top Class nu jazz tune featuring slap bass, jazz drums, piano, strings and synthesizers. It can fit perfectly with many subjects, such as catwalk videos, metropolitan images, trendy and fashion people, night clubs, models and many other beautiful settings with VIPs and amazing people around.

      Positive and optimistic uplifting track in a good mood. Featured instruments are acoustic guitars. It would be nice for slide show, advertising or positive video.

      Acoustic guitars accompanied by drums, bass, percussion and marimba play punchy backbeat-driven loop suggested for scenes depicting chase, movement and transportation. Also for desert settings, southwestern roadhouse ambiance and crime-in-progress sequences.

      This is a happy and upbeat song featuring ukulele, glockenspiel, piano and drums. Perfect for corporate presentations, commercials, youtube videos and more.

      Simple easy-listening song performed on synth bells, piano, strings and drums. Suited to be used as wet sweeper, product presentation, bed or bumper.

      Happy and cheerful bed track with whistling, hand clapping and ukulele!

      Magical mystery melody in the style of Blues for saxophone, electric piano, Grand piano, guitar, bass and drums.

      Good feeling, powerful rock and roll music. ZZ Top meet AC/DC :). Straight line of drums and bass, groovy guitar riffs. Great for movies, soundtracks, action, sports, cars, racing, commercials, presentations.

      Motivational track for use in advertising. Featured lots of electric guitars, electric organ, bass and drums. Perfect for TV production for use as intro - title music.

      Theme from the early twentieth century. Old-style piano is good for underscoring narration of historic events accompanying vintage video or photo slide-shows of yesteryear. Think about Charlie Chaplin and silent movies. Classic 1930s music track.

      Laid back and relaxed track with Trombone and Electric Guitar. Also features strings, bass, percussion and drums. Great for advertising.

      Jazz fusion tune with electric piano and trumpet melody. Lounge feel with bass, groove drums and percussion beat. Perfect for sports, commercials, parties

      Soft, warm, peaceful melody in the lounge style for instrumental quartet: electric piano, electric guitar, bass and drums.

      Solo piano plays simple patterns in 109 second loop suggested to underscore intimate scenes involving romance, reassurance, reflection and optimism. Also for voiceovers, public service announcements, multimedia use and heartfelt slideshows. Key of D, 115 bpm

      Calm and pleasant jazz fusion track with a modern, cinematic twist. Features electric piano,clean electric guitars, strings, bass, drums and percussion. Great background music for movies and documentaries.

      Bright and positive melody in the style of reggae. For instrumental ensemble with solo marimba and piano.

      Sexy and positive track in a hip hop style. Featured instruments are synths. Good for a vacation video or an advertising.

      Uplifting and positive pop track. Emotive flute melody, dynamic, animated synths. Perfect for presentations, advertising or video.

      Piano, organ, glockenspiel, vibes, synths and percussion play moody, tango-inspired patterns in 113 second loop suggested to underscore dark sequences portraying espionage, intrigue and romantic courtship. Also to accompany scenes of automation, robotics and precision.

      Positive and optimistic uplifting track in a good mood. Featured instruments are piano and electric guitars. It would be nice for slide show, advertising or positive video.

      This indie-folk, guitar tune is both soothing and joyful. Clean electric guitar sweetly weaves together mandolin, organ, and bass. Perfect for corporate projects, films, and videos of all kinds.

      Positive, dynamic and uplifting pop track inspired of modern electro pop.Consisting of flute melody, electric guitar,bass guitar, dance drums and many synths. This track is great for youtube video, movies, games, advertising and others.

      A cool, groovy and relaxed lounge track with electric piano, strong bass line, clean guitars and beautiful flute melody.Will work well as video background for any positive moments in your life, advertisement, commercial TV and TV show, entertainment.

      This melody in the style of ragtime uplifting and fills us with joy and light. Think about Charlie Chaplin and silent movies.

      Retro 70s type reggae with small brass section.

      A funny mix of acoustic blues and house music elements. Guitars, bass, house beats in the style of current hits like "stolen dance". Loopable. Great for many footages.

      A soft, relaxing, yet playful indie folk track. Perfect for commercials, indie films, apps, and more!

      Some vinyl, some cool, some modern: something new. Rhythmic vinyl crackle sounds combined with synth themes and patterns make this song to an accommodating background track for corporate videos, slideshows and much more.

      This is a funny tune for moments of hope or for the situation when you need to take a deep breath and keep trying. Step by step. Suitable for ads, travelogues and scenes of perseverance and accomplishment.

      A sexy lounge loop featuring smooth guitar, downtempo vinyl drums and a head banging house groove.

      A groovy, and slightly trippy track with an Indian vibe. Perfect for apps, games, cinema and more.

      Solo voices and mixed choirs in this ambiental and melodic loop, intimate and melancholic. Nuances and musical colors for your media projects.

      Track featuring finger picked nylon (classical) guitar, piano, strummed steel string guitar, and electric piano. This is a mellow, but driving song has a lazy, swinging feel. Feels like walking down the street in a positive mood on a Saturday in the city.

      A really relaxed song for those lazy days near the beach. A cool slide guitar and glockenspiel melodies for a familiar feeling. Perfect for your impressive video or slideshow.

      Piano Funk loop featuring piano, bass, guitars, drums and female vocal samples. It's great as background loop for any footage about fashion topics, trendy brands, cool subjects with young and beautiful people.

      Its a sunny day so you walk out with a coffee enjoying the nice weather.

      Dynamic and funny house music tune featuring real whistle, sax, bass, rhodes, accordion, real drums and drum machine. Very catchy and positive, particularly ideal for fashion and trendy videos, funny sportive broadcasts and many other dynamic and positive subjects.

      60 second loop featuring lightly picked and strummed acoustic guitar and a piano playing a simple melody. Has a nostalgic and sentimental feeling, evoking images of the memory of a midsummer night with a loved one. The composition is very low key but drives nicely.

      A fun downtempo loop with sound flavors of dub reggae music and upbeat breaks.

      A positive very clean and inspirational and motivational track loop with clean piano and guitar. A good choice for many applications such as business presentations, commercials, corporate videos, infomercials, podcasts, and more.

      60 second loop featuring acoustic guitar, electric piano, piano, drums and bass. Mellow feel, like the sound of rain outside.

      A chilled out looped lounge tune with relaxed keys, nice crisp drums and a clean bass.

      A great little sad music returns the listener in times cowboys and westerns. Unobtrusive melody guitar solos with the rhythm guitar and gradually increasing the bass guitar and drums.

      'Sunny Feeling" (Corporation) This positive track has a great uplifting and joyful mood. It is perfect for corporate and business presentations, advertisements, commercials, news broadcasts, podcasts and TV and radio shows.

      A warm, feel-good track with hints of nostalgia. Acoustic guitar, Simple drums beat and soft vocals in the background, This happy track is positive and addictive! Well suited for both happy and heartfelt content. Relaxed, peaceful and emotional.

      Steady and powerful beat, lead by strings and accompanied with a guitar. Orchestral strings come in part way through and create a wide ambience. Effective pitch bend is also used to create dead end feeling. Inspired by old abandoned rusty trucks from the 50s, left in the desert.

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