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  • Massive guitar attack - the wall of sound with atmospheric sound flying above.

    Cutting edge aggressive sound of guitars with row pumping energy of beat section make this track perfect for sport and action show.

    A driving up tempo track with heavy punk-rock guitars will perfectly suited for film, web or anything background you may need it for.

    Catchy rock guitar licks and riffs that sear into your brain with their intensity and Southern American feel.

    Groovy rock track with a catchy descending and rising melody

    This track incorporates industrial and orchestral elements. A great build up to a climactic finish providing a heart pumping, spell binding trance like piece. Careful...This might make you hurt somebody.

    Mighty orchestral track great for war movie or documentary. Consist of strings, woodwinds, strong percussion and brass.

    Track with Hard Guitars Riff and amazing drums!

    Groovy arpeggiated synth track with a swirly feel!

    Agressive 70-s style Em hard rock, drums, electric bass, electric rock organ, hot overdriven electric guitar, no melody.

    Repent people! Dark clouds of human sins will surround the planet and the world will plunge into the darkness. The sunlight will not reach the surface and all the plants will die and people will left without food. Only the Power of Love will defeat the darkness!

    It is a pure spirit of the good old 80th.

    This is a classic hard rock thing with strong rhythm section and amped electric guitars.

    Sinister sounding drums and bass with a stong lead synth pad adding a touch of darkness to the music.

    Well paced upbeat groove great for adding a sense of action and movement.

    A strong lead guitar rhythm and melody, great for driving and action sequences.

    Heavy rock rhythm guitar with pounding drums, making great music to complement any aggressive sequence.

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