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  • This track is the "rock-meets-electronica" combination that will fill up your project with raw power and energy. Great as a background for action scenes in video games, movies, presentations. Thanks for listening!

    Energetic and very catchy hip hop loop for any kind of your projects. I hope you like it.

    This is a Pop Rock style sequence. It contains a simple but effective melody.

    Powerful Rock / Hard Rock track featuring overdrive /distorted guitars, drums and bass. Strong and energetic instrumental song great for TV, movies, radio, commercials and more.

    Fast, powerful and exciting Rock track featuring overdrive /distorted guitars, drums and bass. Crazy energetic instrumental song great for TV, movies, radio, commercials and more.

    An energizing and aggressive hard-hitting electric guitar riff. This track has a great rock feel.

    Underground Hip Hop instrumental featuring bells, strings, harpsichord, piano, & custom FX. Possible uses can range from "rebellion/villainous" scenes, web videos, trailers, etc.

    Important: exact value of BPM is 122,5. A very straight and strong beat with a wide open synth choir string melody that seems to fly away.

    Melody strident sounds loaded with great force and extra energy to spread everywhere. Pure dance sound of the 90s.

    Cinematic action hybrid piece escalating and constantly evolving with the tension growing. Dramatic and Intense music track perfect for trailers, action films, documentaries and videos.

    Powerful and dramatic electronic track. Will serve as a perfect backdrop to the any situation of the modern city: traffic jams, heavy traffic, car racing, driving and other stressful situation.

    Underscore version that is an intense, dark, epic, and majestic war trailer music has been composed using massive drums, huge string sections, blasting horns, and an epic choir to produce a gigantic cinematic orchestral sound. This is the perfect track to enhance your your project with its huge and vast sound to totally enthral the audience.

    Dark, aggressive and very powerful loop in the style of dubstep. I hope you like it.

    Alternative metal track followed by bright guitars,bass, e-guitar solos and drums. Suitable for energizing production.

    Music for motors...Inspiring hard rock track. Suitable for all types of sport, action, energetic projects.

    My vision of a middle-tempo hard rock.

    High energy distorted guitar riff, along with a synth drum and solo arrangement. It reminds me of car chases and dark action movie

    Intense, powerful, dramatic music. Dynamics splashes, hysterical guitar licks. Good for action, chase, military Film/TV scenes.

    A splendid dynamic track suitable as a soundtrack for any speed games, Nascar and racing picture. Tempo and sound of an old-time rock-guitar remind you of a racing car, courage, speed, but still remains modern.

    Strong and Powerful Rock / Hard Rock track featuring distorted guitars, drums and bass. Great for TV, movies, radio, commercials and more.

    Distorted guitar and synths, dark rock/metal feeling, energetic and full of strength.

    Heavy guitar metal/rock tune with driving beat. High energy. Exemplifies tough, heavy action.

    Energetic and Powerful Metal music track with heavy guitar riffs, strong drums and solid bass parts. Hardcore music great for films and videos.

    Obsessive and dark loop which reminds me a sci-fi setting, but useful also for sports, adrenaline, extreme videos and so on.

    A short metal loop, useful for videogames, title screens, presentations, web, youtube , sport videos, trailers, teaser, etc. It will work in any situation where power and energy are needed.

    A short metal loop, useful for videogames, title screens, presentations, web, youtube , sport videos, trailers, teaser, etc. It will work in any situation where power and energy are needed.

    It is a showtime, babe! This is a track where overdrive guitar riffs on steroids mixed with a hard rock rhythm section.

    This is a techno-style song with air-90s. I mean, a robust percussive bass sounds very aggressive and a catchy melody.

    Dramatic composition begins as a classical soundtrack, later added modern and actually instruments: guitar, power drums, dubstep elements. In the final, terrible powerful tutti.

    Aggressive electronic track with a dark atmosphere. Featured instruments are synth lead and electric guitars. Good for criminal or dramatic films.

    Southern style hip hop instrumental featuring synths, brass, and organs. Possible uses can range from songs, web videos, trailers, etc.

    Very tense and dramatic electronic orchestral loop. Track contains digital sound effects and creepy strings. Perfect for epic heroic action films/ games.

    Powerful cinematic loop, epic atmosphere, evocative instrumentation of great impact with vocals, strings, brass, percussions. Ideal track for use as audio logo, for action scenes and video games.

    Urban Hip Hop track, cool and groovy. Features synths leads, drum beat, bass and pads.Good for dramatic movie scenes, tv, documentaries, websites, games.

    Huge and Epic modern orchestral track. Massive walls of particular distorted guitars lead to a huge drums sound and epic, ostinato's strings with horns and trumpets making the track even more epic! Be ready to feel powerful and fearless, ready to battle !!

    Looped track for piano solo, animated and rhythmic, vibrant and fast-paced, among contrapuntal echoes and Spanish patterns. Cinematic and energizing, ideal for background and web.

    Energetic and aggressive track with a bit of synth sounds. Featured instruments are electric guitars. It would be nice for sport or action videos, presentations or slideshows.

    Powerful, epic modern orchestral/ rock track. Big, deep and haunting choir lines combined with sharp strings patterns and heavy, very distorted, huge guitar walls. The ancient roman warriors are amongst us once again to spread blood and misery!

    Free Running through NY City! The runners only have 30 seconds left to arrive to destination "Z" ... their life it's at stake! Only one can win ... the energy level is high ... the stamina even higher ! Who will survive ... who won't!?! ... High Octane, powerful, energy-full and fast peace rock/metal track with huge drums, dirty bass sound and walls and walls of distorted guitars ... get ready for the ending as it is a majestic, huge driving explosion!!!!

    Epic, powerful majestic track with big orchestra sounds...massive sound timpani's and trombones section! The Gladiator is ready to fight!

    An old one but a good one

    Energetic, driven, fast peace modern orchestral score with tense strings, huge percussion patterns and majestic low/boomy sounds. It's climax is of epic proportions.

    Energetic, powerful electronic score with aggressive/distorted synths and punchy electronic drum beats. From start to end an endless climax!

    Energetic track made with guitar and synths. It would be nice especially for extreme sports videos or any kind of action videos. Also it can be used for presentations or slideshows.

    Strong heavy track with some trance atmosphere elements. Mighty guitars, flying synths, powerful drums.This track is great for sports,action, adverts.

    Aggressive, energetic and powerful metal tune with huge guitar walls and punchy powerful drums. Perfect for trailers, theme tunes and ''bad boys'' video sequences.

    Energetic, explosive, driven rock track with massive distorted guitar walls and a punchy drum sound. Great for shooter games.

    Retro Keyboard chords play in the background creating a 1950's electronic effect suggesting computer system, alien invasion or radar detecting UFO danger nearby. Dramatic strings occasionally feature throughout which add more tension, building a sense of near threat. Very useful for horror, tense or dramatic fear end uses.

    Early in the morning leave at ocean coast, inhale a cool, plunge into water - now to you again 18 years. Whether you will solve this secret?

    Day after day you create advantage to associates. You work at factory or in mine, your work creates those blessings which the mankind uses!

    Find an old heavy leather jacket, take a motorcycle. Today that day, when you can cast away the melancholy...

    Energetic track made with guitar and synths. It would be nice especially for extreme sports videos or any kind of action videos.

    Majestic electric piano melody with military marching war like sound effects. Perfect soundscape for military or historical projects, epic games and videos.

    You are devoted to your home. Your house is your fortress. You are very sensitive and emotional in love, and become ideal if you feel yourself favorite.

    Majestic orchestral track with powerful brass sounds. Perfect background music for news intro, films on political or historical themes or for corporate usage.

    A heavy guitar based track which drives along with a steady pounding rhythm.

    Dancing and powerful house track. Stimulating and groovy. High energy beat with euphoric synth in second part of the track.

    Determined and energetic dance house club track. Cool groove and catchy riffs. Suitable background music for projects that need need more energy and intensity.

    Huge cinematic space sound pads with a gentle drum and bass backing.

    Dark and powerful mid-tempo Hip-Hop track. Consist of drum beat digital synths and piano.

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