• Very Scary Halloween

      A very spooky Halloween track with an eerie allure of the supernatural and the unknown will immerse you in a world of eerie mystery and haunting darkness. It features analog synth, chilling sound effects, eerie church bells, and a haunting female soprano. Perfect as suspenseful background music for movie intros, teasers, short trailers, cinematic openers, games, advertising, and any project in need of a spine-tingling atmosphere.

      Bollywood Night

      Light and captivating chill-out music. Featuring acoustic guitar, piano, bells, and a female voice sample, this track creates a relaxing atmosphere. This versatile piece could be used as background music for final titles, long fantasy storytelling, or for a short demo speech. This track creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere that will transport you to a world of tranquility and harmony.

      World Of Wonders

      Energetic tropical house music loop with a great summer vibe featuring a female voice and modern dance rhythm best for party videos, fun zone attraction, aqua and swimming activity. Promote your events with this hot melody.

      Altai Warrior

      "World of Wonders is beautiful instrumental new-age background music. This Enya-style instrumental evokes a sense of serenity, wonder, and timeless beauty. Featuring piano, strings, and an array of voices – including the mysterious whispers of elves. Perfect for media content that aims to inspire awe and wonder, be it breathtaking nature documentaries, fantasy film soundtracks, or meditation guides.

      Relaxing Before Dawn

      Beautiful and dreamy ambient background music with gentle piano and emotional female vocals. Creates magic peaceful atmosphere with a slight touch of sadness. Intimate soundscape for making special mood. Includes strings and airy pads, reverbed electronic drums and deep bass. Suitable for sentimental films, emotional cinematic, travel vlogs, meditation, advertising, commercial projects, any type of presentation that needs light female voice with soft accompaniment.

      Dreamy Dreamland

      Middle Eastern female voices and violins with strings. Deep, sensitive and sad music is a perfect background for a sad scenes and videos.

      Dream Awake

      Trendy electronic future-bass music with a modern beat, edgy synth riffs, and ethereal and enigmatic voices has an upbeat stylish vibe. Perfect as background music for video games, futuristic city design, cyber realms, tech advertisements, YouTube & Social Media Content, and more.

      Make It Loud

      This production contains dubstep bass, hip-hop beat, trap leads, and female voice. This track will be right for background music for sports videos and show opener, TV show intro, fitness studio, gym trainers, Crossfit workouts, etc.

      The Sunday Morning

      Sensual and alluring, sexy lounge track where every beat resonates with sophistication and an extra layer of enigma. The hypnotic synths meld seamlessly with catchy female voice samples, painting a vivid picture. Ideal as backdrop music for beauty tutorials, luxury travel vlogs, posh nightclubs, VIP parties, pole dance performances, intimate moments, or sultry evening settings.

      Total Mindfulness

      Fun and Modern electro-pop music with a fresh sound! It features electric piano and a female voice. It is perfect for advertising, video game, presentation, technology, sports videos, automobiles, and other media projects.

      Listen To Me

      Groovy new age theme with native Indian elements. Tabla, sitar, Indian flute, female voice, drums and modern synths makes interesting outstanding fusion. This item is perfect for travel media projects, Indian commercial and cinema.

      Street Thug Symphony

      Cool and stylish Chillhop music with an easygoing vibe is perfect for urban, street, and commercial videos. Ideal for videos exploring urban culture, street style, or city nightlife. Great for social media campaigns, lifestyle vlogs, or any project requiring a cool, laid-back soundscape.


      Mysticism and spirituality in this majestic track, with rich classical instrumentation, male choirs and soloist female voice.

      Future Ambient

      This track is a rich, immersive musical journey, blending the captivating melodies and rhythms of Turkic/Mongolian traditions. Inspired by the majestic Altai Mountains, it transports listeners to vast landscapes and timeless cultural beauty. This track could be used as part of a film score for historic movies or travel documentaries, showcasing the traditions, arts, or history of similar ethnic groups. Also, it is great as background music for museum audio tours; promotional videos for travel agencies; nature videos with awe-inspiring visuals, and more.

      Moons Shadow

      A powerful and energetic track with strong percussion, catchy drums, a gentle female voice and a stylish electronic guitar. Will sure to add freshness and an unforgettable audio experience to your video. Also great for travel vlogs, adventure, and background themes for modern vlogs.

      Tropical Party

      Energetic future pop track, with catchy chords, modern melody and glitched female voice. Perfect choice for sports advertisements, YouTube video, fashion media, videography content, slideshows or any other stylish projects.

      Crazy Cats

      Lose yourself in the slow, sensual rhythm of trap hip-hop music that is the perfect backdrop to your experiences. This sexy music, brimming with deep bass beats and smooth female vocal flows, adds a provocative allure to any moment, making even the mundane feel like a stylish slow-motion film scene. Relish in the mysterious charm that this music backdrop provides, transforming the ambiance around you.

      Whisper Of Spirits

      Old school dance style sequence with female voice samples. This tune will create a cool summer mood for your media projects. Suitable for fashion commercials, workout training, YouTube vlog, and anything that needs an energetic music background.

      Catch The Inspiration

      Deep meditative tribal theme created with Shamanic sounds immersing the listener to the state of trance. Loud breath set the rhythm of the composition, angelic female voice, with a heavy reverb for maximum atmosphere, envelops the consciousness. Suitable for world ethnic documentaries, epic adaptations of Viking stories, ancient civilizations, history film soundtrack, scenes of initiation, the awakening of spirit and strength, etc.

      Limitless Mind

      This energetic and tense phonk background music creates an insane adrenaline-fueled atmosphere. This composition features a powerful drum beat, dark deep bass, rhythmic percussion, strong cowbell accents, and epic vocal samples. The track will infuse your media content with power and intensity with its hard-hitting and fast-paced beats. It's the perfect choice for action-packed visuals, fighting videos, parkour training, gaming content, racing scenes, chase sequences, or drift videos.

      Arctic Rain

      Beautiful and stylish background music with the futuristic sound of modern synths, sampled female voice, strong bass, and strict beats. This modern track is ideal for commercials, fashion, ad campaigns, sports or corporate video.

      Out There

      A dynamic progressive-house music track that combines a range of elements to create an emotional and energetic experience. This composition features captivating atmospheric synths, driving drums and percussion, groovy basslines, and carefully selected vocal samples. Perfect for dance videos, where it can amplify the choreography and bring out the inherent energy of the performance.

      Symphony Of Legends

      Epic cinematic track for powerful video projects, movies, and advertising. Used strings, horns, female voice and epic drums. This is will be perfect for action, battle scenes, heroic and adventure films, for showreels and promotional products.

      My Summer Movements

      "Symphony of Legends" is an awe-inspiring orchestral masterpiece that captures the essence of epic grandeur and mythical tales. With its majestic melodies and powerful arrangements, this track takes listeners on a captivating musical journey filled with adventure and triumph.

      The Major Trend

      Old School House track blended with a female voice, saxaphone and trendy beats. Great for energetic projects, such as workout video, dance night, etc.

      Sport Makes You Stronger

      A powerful and catchy royalty-free hip hop loop with cool electric guitar, female voice, and harp melody. Best for intros, urban themes or crime news, ads, and other projects where a cool modern vibe is needed.

      Morning Reverie

      "Morning Reverie" is a captivating acoustic folk composition that transports you to a serene summer morning. With its gentle picking guitars, heartfelt melodies, and warm harmonies, this track evokes a sense of introspection and tranquility. Perfect for creating a nostalgic, yet uplifting ambiance in film, commercials, documentaries, and nature-inspired content.

      Upbeat Summer Pop

      Romantic and beautiful new-age track featuring strings, female voice and synth sounds. Nostalgic and elegant, this background music is great for fantasy movies, mysterious scenes, hidden secrets.

      Loving You Is Like Breathing

      A swaying, positive reggae style tropical pop music. Featuring steel drums, acoustic guitar and female voice. Ideal for travel vlogs, vacation memories, faraway places, and sunny days.

      Thunderous Damage

      Dreamy and dramatic indie rock tune with mellow distorted female vocals, electric guitar solo, harp, and orchestral strings. With its enchanting melodies and evocative atmosphere, this track is the perfect choice for romantic fantasy films that transport viewers to magical realms of love and adventure. It also complements stories of valiant heroes and epic love stories, heightening the emotional depth and longing in your narrative.

      The Timeless Sea

      Feel the vibrant energy and positive summer vibes of Afro-house EDM music. Featuring a balafon melody, marimba, percussions, groove sub-bass, vocal samples, and energy brass melody. This track captures the carefree and vibrant spirit of summer. Ideal for videos that showcase the energetic atmosphere of nightclubs, or youth-oriented content that exudes enthusiasm and fun.

      Summer Upbeat Pop

      An atmospheric, contemporary cinematic hybrid orchestral cue that conveys wonder and drama. Lush strings are accompanied by horns, pulsating synths, light beats and a beautiful female voice. Great for trailers, time-lapse, dramatic scenes and projects that need an emotional yet uplifting soundtrack.


      Get ready to hit the dancefloor with our playful and groovy disco funky royalty-free music track. This infectious composition is filled with cool basslines, synths, vocal bits, and energetic drums, creating a lively atmosphere. This track sets the perfect tone for vibrant travel destinations, fashion content that exudes style and flair, or party visuals, dance videos that capture the excitement of the dancefloor, commercials or vlogs.

      Fading Memories

      Uplifting, hopeful, motivating piece with a lovely female voice that begins with piano and builds into a cinematic, positive and inspirational feeling. Ideal for advertisement background music, commercial jingle, romantic journey, videos about wonder, passion, love and happiness.

      Night Light

      This soothing soundscape is perfect for stress relief, indulging in daydreams, accompanying your space travels, enhancing meditation, complementing massage and spa sessions, serving as a peaceful background, aiding sleep, and enriching space videos. It's ideal for slow-motion and time-lapse visuals, calming video content, and documentary projects. The track creates a relaxing, beautiful, calm, chilled-out, and contemplative mood that's easy to sink into.

      Night Dancer

      Tecno style music sequence from early 90's, with energetic dance rhythms and synthetic female voice simple. Good for dance parties, action film scenes, and urban night life.

      For The Win

      Beautiful and romantic background with a catchy female voice, deep house beat, pleasant arpeggiator and electric guitar. Great for night city timelapse, summer love story, stylish travel visuals, modern lounge bar or resort restaurant music, etc.

      Tears Of Machine

      This dynamic progressive house emotional music track will transport you to an electrifying realm where rhythm and melody intertwine. This composition blends captivating atmospheric synths, pulsating drums and percussions, a grooving bassline, and evocative female vocal samples. Perfect for high-energy projects and dance videos.

      Gotta Get That

      Positive and uplifting EDM trance instrumental. Featured of many digital synths, massive pads, processed female voice, pulsing bass, and powerful drums. This track is great for videos, presentations, advertising, and Youtube vlogs.

      Spooky Halloween Night

      Hypnotic and groovy ethno-tribal royalty-free track. Featuring world instruments such as haunting duduk, deep resonating double bass, mystical didgeridoo, tense strings, ethnic drums, percussion, ambient pads, mesmerizing hums, and captivating tribal vocals. Perfect for documentaries, travel vlogs, cultural presentations, adventure films, suspenseful scenes, and atmospheric visuals. Its extraordinary musical atmosphere adds depth and authenticity to your storytelling, creating an immersive experience for your audience.

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    Female vocals add a beautiful and unique sound to any musical compilation. The female voice can cover so many ranges, depending on the person, that almost anyone can find a good song to fit their preference. Female vocals have the advantage of sounding rough and gritty, smooth and romantic, or even haunting. There are many different ways to portray music with the female voice.

    Do not give up on all female vocal music just because you hear a couple you do not like. There are so many different types to choose from, it is well worth your time to listen to some different styles and see what you can find to add to your mp3 collection. While you are looking through musical styles you can listen to some samples and enjoy some new and unique tunes. You can find upbeat female vocal selections, as well as some mysterious and relaxing female vocal renditions. You can find music that sounds like a night on the Spanish moors or a downtown pub. There is sure to be something to fit everyone’s interests.

    Men can hit some large ranges of notes in many instances, however women definitely have an advantage in the vocal variety. While each vocalist is different, it is easy to find the sound you like to listen to when it comes to female vocals. Often the sound of a certain female vocalist will make a sound you remember your whole life. When touched by a sound like this, today’s convenient download options can make the song yours in a matter of moments. Search through some titles of our royalty free selections to find something that catches your interest.

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