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Crystal Winter

Some of the most picturesque holiday scenes are of bright white snow as it glistens in the crisp winter sunshine. And even though you know it’s cold outside, the beauty of the image has a way of warming your heart…just like Crystal Winter does with heartfelt melodies such as Long Way Morning, Snow Cover, and Tears of Comet.
  • Landscapes from the air, dreams and creativity. Images from a clear mind open as space itself.

    An intriguing yet peaceful bell theme. Perfect for commercials, phone apps and more!

    Beatiful, wintry, glassy melody loop. Cold winter morning in Japanese village. The lake becomes frozen, the ringing ice shines under the morning stars. Measured rhythm of tread on the snow joins with clear metallic sounds of the axe cutting the ice hole.

    This heartfelt, sentimental track features a special Piano and Harp sequence, and is eventually joined by wondrous,tender atmosphere . A beautifully reflective, mellow piece perfect for productions looking to create a peaceful, heartwarming mood

    Severe nature, northern lights, endless expanses covered with sparkling snow ... Harsh and fabulous track at the same time.

    Very pleasant and soothing melody loop. The deep beats will remind your beautiful past. You would relish the amazingly classy piano touch is between the whole of the track.

    Beautiful chillout track with magic atmosphere of Christmas holidays approaching. Soft chiming of crystal bells accompanied by calm chords of the piano would be great as background music for many creative projects.

    Piano and antique sleigh bells combine for a simple, nostalgic A/B pattern. Suggested for use under narration, happy, feel-good moments or to underscore warm, touching, nostalgic winter holiday scenes.

    Sad and beautiful space/ambient track. Featuring synthesizer, digital drums, arpeggiator and the sound of bells. Perfect background music for relaxation and meditation.

    This icy cold winter background music featuring crystal bells brings alive magic atmosphere of Christmas holidays spirit.

    Sinister horror genre music box chimes and ghostly voices in the distance. Threatening descending electric piano with ironic chimes.

    Quiet underwater ambient track. Perfect background music for relaxation, visualisation, and other projects.

    Etherial ambient track featuring peaceful female vocal merged with different atmospheric effects. Perfect background music for relaxation, meditation and other projects.

    This atmospheric winter cold melody loop, featured chill bells and synth harp sounds, will give you sensation of magic winter holidays and the arrivel of Christmas.

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