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    • A spacey and easy loop with a catchy melody and cautious accompaniment. It could be used for telephone waiting loops, time lapse sequences, television waiting breaks etc. This track has a great uplifting and joyful mood with very optimistic vibe. Upbeat electronic track at 107 BPM, expose a lot of positivity and happy feeling generally. Suitable for many uses in your project, dance floor, seminars or beach parties. Summer is here, i hope you enjoy your 'Summer Holidays'! Fun, upbeat retro funk track. Features drums, bass, electric piano, strings,choir. Great for retro scenes and commercials. Fast and joyful funky style track.Clean guitar riff with brass accents. Acoustic drums with electric bass and electric piano.Good soundtrack for comedy or ads running on TV. A powerful and catchy high energy motivational party track with a distinct modern contemporary synthesizer lead melody over a groovy four on the floor backbeat. This piece inspires confidents and the drive to succeed.Its a high energy motivational and optimistic mood ideal for all your corporate pieces or inspirational videos expressing great achievements and success. This track starts with a optimistic guitar riff of positive vibes. Its full of drive and confidence and ideal for motivation and inspiration. The energy and emotion of togetherness and team spirit fills this track leaving you feeling ready and able to take on the world, Its a new day, It's a new Dawn...... An upbeat, yet steadily moving, music loop depicting a busy day at work. This track consists of drums, organ, piano, bass guitar and light strings. Corporate, dreamy background music includes bells, acoustic guitar. Best for corporate videos, commercials, cinema, advertisement, movie trailer or as web page music. Motivational, inspirational and uplifting music track featuring piano and acoustic guitar perfect for commercials, films, corporate promos and presentations, TV and radio. This track blends futuristic sounding synth pads with warm acoustic piano and guitar, drives at a medium pace, and evokes pensiveness but also confidence. A piano keyboard passage accompanied by bass and drums. A laid back yet positive and uplifting piece. This track groves along nicely with subtle synth lines and pianos providing a perfect bed. It's a perfect addition to corporate presentations and videos. Provides warm, positive, uplifting and motivational feelings. This positive corporate track opens with an uplifting piano theme and complemented by subtle strings and soft rock guitars. It's a perfect addition to corporate presentations and videos. Provides warm, positive, uplifting and motivational feelings. This song is a very happy and upbeat piece using the ukulele. Also features finger clapping, bells, and piano, to give a cheerful and positive vibe. Suitable for the needs of corporate and TV commercial world! Enjoy! A motivational track, start gently with a piano melody, mixing with guitars and orchestral elements, to give this feeling of hope ,confidence and positivity. High quality sound ready for use in your project. This is an instrumental song with a very positive feeling and an upbeat, bouncy piano track that will immediately catch your attention. It is arranged with a 12 strings acoustic guitar, bells and a driving and enegertic drum, claps and bass lines. Cheerful catchy upbeat ukulele track with a fun ukulele / glockenspiel hookline and a bouncing light hearted rhythm section of guitars, ukelele, concertina and lively percussion. Ideal for commercial or corporate use. Positive and dynamic track in a good mood. Featured instruments are piano, electric guitars and strings. Perfect for corporate video, advertising or presentation. This is a composition with a dreamy and ethereal feel and vibe. Smooth and Mellow E-piano and acoustic piano parts accompanied by live cello. Great for TV themes and commercials. This is an uplifting, upbeat and positive inspirational track that is perfect for corporate / business projects, YouTube videos, podcasts, radio programmes or even promotional videos on challenges, growth, teamwork, courage and motivation. This soundtrack has a modern feel with a soothing background rhythm that will motivate, inspire and work perfectly under a voice over. This mid-tempo song has a positive feel with some atmospheric qualities. Strings and sweeping synths complement the piano, which is the main instrument. A classical arrangement consisting of a happy chorus of piano and cello that exudes bright and positive emotions. Chill-Out 140 BPM. Guitar, Soft Drums and Pads A well equilibrated, reserved but groovy track delivers an athmosphere of loneliness, city by night and romantic melancholy. Very positive and uplifting music, creates an atmosphere of happiness. Suitable for various projects. A catchy melodic piano anthem over a dance-style drum groove. The tune has a uplifting and motivational character. It reflects an active modern lifestyle and can be used for presentations as well as fashion related matters. This is a sweet soft rock ballad. Layered Guitar parts accompanied by piano and gentle drum beat brings positive emotions to the listener. Second part of the track features Distorted Moaning Lead Guitar parts filled with passion and thrust. This is a peaceful and warming ballad. Emotional grand piano performance accompanied by orchestral string parts bring positive emotions to the listener. Uplifting melodies for your successful projects. The active, energetic dance piece, based on a simple, repetitive guitar riff. Some romantic touch on the piano part. Great for Corporate, Presentations, Commercials, Informercials, Live Events, TV Themes, etc. Very positive and uplifting track! Good mood, atmosphere of unity and fun. Reiterative phrase on the piano and a steady beat driving the piece forward. Sweeping effects, pulsating guitars, in the middle of the track the dynamic changes, then returns to the initial theme. Music, full of light and joy. Positive cheerful track that will be with you in the best moments of your life. A hip and energetic track perfect for a playful and offbeat project. A mellow and thoughtful track. A slightly sombre piano motif is complimented by soothing bass and warm pads. Provides a great subtle backing track and great for corporate and documentary use. Warm, mellow and thought provoking. A fast-paced, energetic corporate track layered with a steady piano-driven beat, chorus of strings, bass, percussion and synth horn. A slow, tender instrumental track with sweet harmonies, and nice instrumentation. Features piano, electric guitar, bass, digital pad and drums. Romantic, and touching. Featuring a simple repeating piano melody accompanied by upbeat drums, finger picked acoustic guitar, strummed ukulele, a flute, bass and triangle, this song has bright chords and a medium paced joyful sounding feel. Uplifting, energetic and happy New Folk tune with Xylophone, acoustic guitars, cow bells and whistling. A great crescendo and build up towards a rich and full middle part. Perfect for positive videos, video/photo montages, corporate presentations and advertisement. Whistling, hand-clapping and chanting .. a very positive and uplifting New Folk track indeed! It builds momentum and it's joyful and positive. Perfect for advertisement, video/photo montage and happy/uplifting segments. 60 second loop featuring fingerpicked acoustic guitar, piano and bass. Has an ethereal, floating feel, very sentimental, thoughtful, pretty, light and subtle. Perfect for background music for any number of applications - corporate presentations, radio, film, television, or personal projects. Very positive and driving track. Featured instruments are plucked synths. Perfect for casual games. It can be played in game menu or during gameplay. A Corporate Motivational track with a positive feel. Great Soundtrack for commercial projects and business websites, also will fit well for commercials and TV themes. Daylight with sun shining and everything is driving you towards success. This seamless music loop represents an intelligent and endless stream of digitized thought. It consists of piano, organ, bass guitar, rockin' drums and staccato strings. Very cheerful and positive music. Gentle and soulful sound of the ukulele. Simple and catchy melody. Energyc loop with catchy melody and some melodic female voices. Positive cheerful music. Acoustic guitar, percussion and rhythm guitar create a happy mood. A chill, and happy sound. Not over-the-top exuberant, or too fast paced, but a joyful in-between. An original composition that's suited for your corporate media, advertising, commercials, and presentations! This track features a groovy ukulele and mandolin strum, hip piano, bass, a lead whistling melody, and swinging percussion and drums. An awesome pick-me-up song for your next project! Positive, energetic, uplifting and motivational vital music with the atmosphere of fortune and success. The perfect background for advertising, DJs morning show & any positive event. An incredibly positive song to lift your spirits. It exemplifies joy, success, and happiness. It is comprised of a solid acoustic drum beat, upbeat piano, and a nice organ background. A marimba comes in and plays the lead. Like driving a luxury car, fast down a winding road. A classy tune with good energy and positive synth, drums, and bass This is a motivational corporate music track. Smooth and light piano parts accompanied by live cello melodies and drumbeat. Uplifting music for your business projects, websites and videos. Positive, energetic, emotive and victorious track with powerful drums, big lush strings and energetic rhythm guitars. 60 second loop featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, drums, and bass. Has a mellow but happy feel. Mid-tempo track is a very romantic and tender,acoustic guitars, soft electric piano theme with a big and mellow orchestra sound. It's ideal for any drama and romance. A peaceful and tender acoustic background instrumental with whisteling sounds, fingerpicking style acoustic guitars, piano, mandolin and ukulele, supported by vivid dynamic percussion and bright cymbals. An optimistic and fun loop featuring ukuleles, acoustic guitars, catchy piano lines, hand claps and a bouncy marimba backing, making it ideal for commercial and corporate use or productions aimed at children. Very powerful and positive track in the trendy style of hip-hop. The combination of live and electronic instruments makes it sound relevant and modern. An optimistic, upbeat and fun track featuring ukuleles, acoustic guitars, piano, hand claps and catchy glockenspiel lines, making it ideal for commercial or corporate use.
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