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    • Positive and inspiring track with uplifting energy of success and triumph. Perfect background for motivational videos, corporate presentations, building moments, advertisement and TV commercial.

      Motivational, inspirational and uplifting composition featuring guitars and a solid rhythm section. Great for transmitting achievements and need goals.

      Motivational, uplifting, fun and inspiring background music. Suitable for any and all media projects, corporate productions, commercials and advertisements, radio, youtube and more!

      An energetic and groovy track. Fast overdriven guitars with bass and punchy drums. The track is great for commercials, short movies, sports action video, video games, animations and corporate video.

      This is upbeat, inspiring and uplifting musical composition with wonderful joyful and positive atmosphere and truly inspiring energy. Perfect background audio for any award video, corporate achievements, new business goals, bright success and other projects.

      Inspiring and motivating background music for your next corporate promo, business and company presentation. The music has a clean and positive vibe, yet it is full of optimism and energy thanks to big solid drum beat. Feel free to put this airy and catchy music to get that happiness and bring closer your audience's attention.

      Starts out with delayed electric guitars and gradually grows and evolves into a big and powerful uplifting anthem around 1:04. Inspire, motivate and uplift your audience with this music which is suitable for corporate videos, advertisements, and more.

      Motivational corporate track with an uplifting mood. Perfect background music for your next business presentation, success story, travel video, YouTube vlogue, educational slideshow and more.

      Inspire, motivate and uplift your audience with this modern indie/rock track with driven electric guitars, bass and drums. Suitable for corporate videos, advertisements, and more.

      Optimistic and inspiring video (interview, voice over) background music for presentation. This inspirational and positive pop music will work nice as a background for different kind of business, corporate, social, interview and promotional videos.

      Corporate motivational background music, featuring electric guitar, piano, drums, and strings. Great for TV commercials, inspirational videos, business slideshows, or various video projects. Enjoy this track.

      Positive Summer Drive is an upbeat, positive, and energetic music track. This lively piece is great for teenage fashion videos, fast-paced slideshow, road trips with friends, happy end of the story, and more.

      Inspiring, modern, fresh and uplifting - this track is ideal for any production needing motivational background. Whether it's corporate videos, intros/outros, youtube etc. Features electric guitars, bass, drums and ambient effects.

      This optimistic, upbeat and uplifting corporate background music will definitely create an atmosphere of success for your project. Such as business presentation, YouTube video, new product promo commercials, and others.

      Positive pop-rock track in the 90's era style. Great soundtrack to transmit a motivational and optimistic message to your audience.

      Corporate upbeat track with confident business mood and uplifting summer vibe atmosphere. Perfect for multimedia projects needing some tropical house background music.

      Light and inspirational corporate track. Suitable for business videos, product demos, and motivational presentations.

      Positive corporate track with exciting sound and motivational mood. This track can be used as a musical background for websites, games and movies, business presentations, road trip videos, podcasts, slideshows, news, telecasts, innovations and more.

      This is truly inspiring and uplifting corporate music in modern pop-rock style. Perfect choice to share a positive and optimistic mood with your audience.

      Very elegant and nice melody, accompanied by electric guitar and piano. Good background for travel video, business presentation, corporate project, website, advertising, and other media projects.

      This motivational and inspiring track will make your projects sound awesome. Great for corporate uses, successful projects, bright startups, fantastic time and more. In the style of Imagine Dragons, or OneRepublic.

      Motivational and optimistic track with positive and catchy atmosphere, that will make your projects sound awesome. Perfect background audio for any video, media, digital production, YouTube vlogs and other multimedia projects.

      An optimistic corporate dance track, which absolutely will make your projects sound awesome. Perfect background audio for new business goals, company's strategy presentation, infomercials and commercials video, teamwork vision, and others.

      Positive and inspiring background music with a motivating corporate feel. Featuring: electric guitars, piano, warm synth pads and drums. The overall motivational mood makes this track a great choice for a wide range of typical business media projects, including promotional and training videos, presentations, product demos, explainer animation, YouTube ads, as well as any company related multimedia material where you’re looking to maintain the positive and confident tone.

      A motivating and inspiring, mellow and somewhat minimal corporate background track with delayed guitars and atmospheric synths. Uses include corporate videos, advertisements, commercials, presentations and more.

      Warm and positive corporate background. Made with love for people.

      This is inspiring, beautiful, bright and strong musical composition. Perfect background for Youtube videos, multimedia projects, brave comercials, TV programs or other uses.

      This motivating light rock music is a contemporary blend of successful energy. The plucky guitar melodies are complimented by an acoustic guitar, piano, bass, and punchy drums.

      Positive and uplifting track with bright and joyful feel. This fast-tempo arrangement features acoustic guitars, playful whistles, claps, piano and powerful drums. This cheerful instrumental will surely bring the joy and happy feeling to a wide range of promotional media, including energetic and exciting marketing videos, corporate motivational videos and other marketing material related to fun, having a good time, achieving progress and celebrating.

      Hi-energy and very positive corporate background. Made with love for people. In the style of Coldplay.

      An inspiring, energizing and upbeat background track with motivational mood. Fit for corporate presentations, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, or any corporate project. Powerful, positive, proud and energetic instrumental with cool U2-like echo guitars.

      Inspiring electric guitar licks combine with feel-good piano and positive background effects create a melody designed to inspire success and achievement, winning, and achieving goals. A great melody if used for corporate team building, development of training or sports themes.

      Very melodic track that will bring the inspiring atmosphere in your media project! Good track for presentations, youtube videos, video game, travel video and workout.

      This is corporate upbeat track with dynamic and uplifting mood. Perfect background audio for any Video, Media, TV, Radio, YouTube, Promo, Presentations, Slide-Shows and other different Multimedia Projects.

      Light and energetic summer pop track can lifting your mood. Melodic guitars, dancing rhythm and sounds of each instruments created only for your any summer project.

      Calm and clean corporate instrumental music track. Good for business, presentations, calm videos, advertising, slideshows, video reviews, product promotion and motivational videos.

      Motivating, Inspiring and uplifting indie pop/rock track. Perfect for corporate productions, Youtube videos, and more.

      A positive and motivational folk & funk track ideal for corporate advertising, commercials and internet videos and childrens. Featuring electric guitar, acoustic guitars, piano, bass, claps, and percussion.

      A light, upbeat, corporate track. Perfect for your media projects, education, corporate presentation, business goals, commercial videos, successful teamwork, etc.

      Happy pop track with ukulele, claps, glockenspiel, tambourine, guitars and piano. Great for children projects, educational programs, product presentation, radio commercial, pre-school activities, funny games, pets video, and more.

      Inspirational background pop track with motivational and corporate mood. This track was inspired by U2, Keane, Coldplay songs. Sound great for business presentations, sports videos, slideshows, Youtube vlogs, websites and other. Featured instruments are piano, celeste, staccato, strings, bass, drums, atmospheric synth, guitar.

      This is a bright, shiny, triumphant and absolutely uplifting and positive track performed in modern pop-rock style. The track can be used in any motivational video, commercial, slide show, presentation, advertising project and more.

      Corporate motivational tune with acoustic piano, orchestra strings, and electric guitars. Great for sports motivational videos and business projects.

      Games electronic music with 8-bits like sound effect, energetic beats, clappings and driving mood. Nice for sports, funny moments, arcade games, youth theme, Television Animation, education, and more.

      This fresh and modern track has an uplifting and inspirational vibe. Includes guitars, piano, drums, ambient synths and more. Perfect for any inspiring advertisement, commercial, corporate presentation, kickstarter etc.

      An inspiring and motivational track with an uplifting feel. Multiple guitar parts, piano, synths, orchestral strings, drums and bass combine to create an optimistic and enveloping sound. Perfect for motivational and corporate projects, business successful style, advertisement projects, commercials, presentations, film and TV.

      Positive and uplifting pop-rock anthem with beautiful guitars, pads, airy arpeggios. Great for use in video, animations, presentations that lead to success and growth.

      Very positive and motivational pop tune with bright piano melody and electric guitars. Suitable for great achievements, business goals, commercial videos, success story, etc. Similar to Coldplay.

      Inspirational corporate summer track with acoustic, and electric guitars, strings parts and live drum session. Great for motivational projects, successful business company, inspiring presentation and more.

      Pop-rock looped track, rhythmic and energetic, with an interesting blend of acoustic and electric sounds. Very versatile: it conveys determination, motivation, optimism, confidence.

      Inspiring corporate royalty free background music. Featuring electric guitar, and beautiful piano. Works well for romantic projects, new relationships, real love, big hopes, car travel, dreams come true, optimistic future.

      Beautiful background inspiring corporate track. Great for: tutorials, presentation, business progect, motivational and successful videos.

      Confident, inspiring and motivational production track. Perfect background music for your successful business projects, catchy videos or multimedia products.

      Inspiring, motivating, uplifting and hopeful corporate track. Great for new startup, business presentation, photo slideshows, underwater videos, and other projects needing focused, yet relaxed feeling.

      Beautiful, inspiring music with motivational, uplifting atmosphere joyful sound. This optimistic track will be perfect background audio for your YouTube video, commercials, advertising, presentation, TV or other Projects.

      Inspiring, atmospheric country-rock loop, melodic and powerful at the same time. Very flexible and versatile. Full version also available, with many more variations.

      Includes acoustic and electric guitars, drums, piano and strings and gradually evolves into an uplifting anthem. Perfect for corporate videos, advertisements, team success, celebration, and more.

      Inspiring, motivating, uplifting and hopeful corporate track for various productions including business advertisements, corporate motivational videos, commercials, youtube videos, television programs, and more.

      Excellent motivational tune, featuring piano, electric guitar, and strings. Ideal for corporate presentations, bright intro, successful stories, catchy commercial, inspirational videos.

      Uplifting and optimistic pop-rock track with happy sweeping mood. Featuring upbeat driving guitars, dance drums, and live bass. Great for summer road trips, happy time spent with family and friends, crazy adventures, teenage commercials, holiday activities, leisure, free time, and the best things in life.

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