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    • A cheerful catchy melodic guitar theme over a solid groovy four on the floor backbeat.

      A well equilibrated, reserved but groovy track delivers an athmosphere of loneliness, city by night and romantic melancholy.

      Positive and Happy Pop-Rock track with inspiring and optimistic feel and vibe. Featuring acoustic and electric guitars, piano, upbeat drums and bass guitar. Uplifting music great for commercials, product promos, web, TV, radio and more.

      Active, energetic dance piece, based on a simple, repetitive guitar riff. Some romantic touch in a piano part. Great for Corporate, Presentations, Commercials, Informercials, Live Events, TV Themes etc.

      Sweet and energetic song that will set you free! Big drums with a sweet distorted bass and lovely clean guitar melodies...oh and the xylophone too ... Very positive and uplifting! Perfect for sweet video montage and positive usage.

      Very positive and uplifting track! Good mood, atmosphere of unity and fun. Reiterative phrase on the piano and a steady beat driving the piece forward. Sweeping effects, pulsating guitars, in the middle of the track the dynamic changes, then returns to the initial theme.

      Positive and energetic theme, good mood, bright guitars. Explosion of positive emotions in a refrain. Great for corporate, business, presentation. Uplifting optimistic, warm atmospheric, light bright energy.

      Happy new life is a bright, positive, encouraging track, suitable for TV commercial, business and corporate projects

      A motivating, inspiring, upbeat and feel-good and positive pop / rock track that has a pleasant and calming chorus. Strings accompany a warm synth pad, guitar harmonics, delicate bright piano and kicking drums.

      Energetic, bouncy and inspiring alternative/teen rock track that will take you to the American College Movie campus on the very first day of lessons! The video camera is on a wide shot and all the students are running towards the entrance to attend the first lesson of the year ... American Pie movie sounds alike! Perfect for energetic segments, video presentations and teen TV programs.

      Joyful, Happy and Optimistic Pop/Rock track with cheerful guitars, upbeat drums, bells, organ and solid bass guitar. Bouncy and Groovy track that evokes the feelings of joy and happiness, Great for commercials, corporate presentations, youtube videos, children videos, TV Series and more.

      Motivational and Inspirational music full of hope and positive feelings. Uplifting composition featuring piano, acoustic and electric guitars, upbeat drums and strings. Successful track perfect for commercials, corporate presentations, promos and online videos.

      Success, achievement and positiveness ... This song evokes a feeling of great power and build up. Perfect for sport video clips, corporate background music and positive and emotive segments

      An energetic and playful melodic theme, played by piano and glockenspiel over a funky-style guitar and a bouncing, clappy, upbeat shuffle groove. This is the rhythm of many succesful pop hits and it will inject your project with an unstoppable positive energy.

      An uptone and positive, guitar driven pop tune, great for expressing happiness and success.

      Positive, energetic, emotive and victorious track with powerful drums, big lush strings and energetic rhythm guitars.

      Positive and uplifting piano,clean and overdriven guitars combine in this piece perfect for presentations, corporate events, commercials and uplifting moments of positivity.

      Motivational, uplifting track with great mix of guitars and powerful groove. Modern and wide sound, full of positive emotions. Sounds like U2, Snow Patrol. Great for corporate video, advertising and commercials, sports, cars.

      Angry, powerful and energetic alternative metal track with huge drums, huge guitars and great rhythm! The clean guitars reminds of a big blockbuster...Mission Impossible!!

      A powerful wave of optimism! This track will give everyone confidence in the success and strength! Sounds like the great group U2 or even a bit better :)

      A fast, refreshing piano-driven corporate music loop for use as background or intro music for various multimedia applications.

      Totally crunk reality! Lively and cheerful music, the best track for the youth party:)

      Very positive and friendly composition. A bright sunny day, fresh wind and high waves.

      Soft as silk music bed on which any material settles comfortably and easily!

      Sweeping orchestral piece - perfect for big, emotive moments. Sad but majestic.

      Cheerful music. The mood of summer. Splashing waves, the sea, sun and hot sand.

      Uplifting, positive and energetic track with nice precise rhythm guitars, gentle piano melodies and big, lush string pads. A cello's solo comes in at the end making the track very emotive and beautiful.

      There is nothing more beautifully than the sky. When you woke up, the sky already prepared a unique set of paints for you. Every minute the sky brings unexpected paints and shades, as the great master of painting. If you are able to be surprised to it, you are waited by bright unique life!

      Feelgood, uplifting and evocative easy listening/pop-rock song with gentle rhythm guitars and clean delayed guitar melodies. This track evokes achievement and positiveness.

      An upbeat electric guitar melody with a retro folk rock groove, backed with bass and drums.

      Optimistic, energetic and driving track! Full of wag-guitar, fast drums, synthesizer sounds, unexpected pauses and breaks. Great background music for project of your choice.

      Easy listening light track featuring acoustic guitar, accordion and electric guitar solo. This background music will be perfect as a soundtrack for videos about anniversary, friend gathering or family party.

      Positive cheerful song. Meeting friends, fans, celebrating the joyous event. Walk into a warm sunny day. Acoustic guitar and straight beat.

      Powerful and melodic track good for entertainment. Electric guitars, robotic vocoder, digital pad synth, drums and bass.

      Groovy instrumental song, blend of synthesizers and overdriven electric guitar riffs, happy and buoyant on A. Suitable for sports, pursuits, action movies.

      Perfect track for some celebration. Celeste plays basic melody during the whole track. Synth pad makes atmosphere, electric guitar plays additional melody. Drums with bass make the groove.

      No matter how long the road is, but if it is the road to home, you know it is no matter.

      Two electric guitars gathered for rich and powerful sound. Digital synth pad makes deep blue sky in that track. Drums and bass pumps lot of energy.

      Sweet melody great for presentation, advertising clips etc. Live perfomance of drums, bass, acoustic piano with synths.

      Drink no more, smoke no more, drug no more! And still forever rock! :)

      Fast and energetic track. Many clean guitars with and without wah effect. Electric organ with slap bass in the background along with overdrive electric guitar plays a melody.

      Light entertainment track with smooth melody performed on electric guitar with overdrive sound. Warm pad with crunch guitars on background. Funky-style groove on drums.

      Straight in your face loop with strong rock drums and well distorted electric guitar melody. Crunch electric guitars with clear pad on the background.

      Slow flowing melody of slightly distorted electric guitar. It makes relaxy state of mind.

      That melody loop will surely give you an inspirational feel. There are few techno elements included and the sound of the piano is exceptionally stirring. The title comprehensively supports the sound.

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