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  • This is a section of a Christmas medley that I wrote which incorporates a complete orchestra. Have fun.

    Mid-tempo classical track consisting of two different parts - bright and calm. Great for movie and TV show.

    A wondrous vision of evening river, bringing a sense of peace and hope. This uplifting and spiritual track is played by strings, horns and piano.

    A bit witchy. Has a slight Hitchcock feel.

    Instrumental with piano, strings, drums, bass and effects that give this track a slight ominous feeling. Simple but tells a story of twisted minds/events or situations

    Wonderful bright string track with symphonic drums,electric organ and epic feelings that touch the listener.

    Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" is the most famous music associated with wedding ceremonies. It was written in 1842 for the Shakespeare's play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and become popular after the Royal wedding of England's Princess Victoria in 1858.

    Acoustic piano plays sweet melody while strings with percussion make soft atmosphere of relaxation.

    Elegant,massive,epic, grand orchestration with trumpet solo.

    Soft and flowing melody performed by small orchestra.

    Wake up, wake up quicker - life cant wait and you are ready for a big moves. Playful and positive melody.

    Epic start and finish with playing grange guitar and digital synth.

    Thanksgiving Hymn

    THE RALLY sounds like a master piece of some genuine electric guitar, drums and violin work. It has a contemporary touch yet sounds purely inspirational.

    Epic dramatic cinematic music performed with gothic choir and hybrid-orchestra strings. This powerful and tragic composition will suits well for patriotic film underscore or video game trailer, images of war, revolution, terror victims, act of bravery or posthumous fame.

    HOMELAND sounds like a slow and consoling euphony. It's music is completely commanded by classy piano work and the whole composition sticks to a perfect skeleton throughout.

    Dramatic cinematic music with strong patriotic feel. This music is ideal for scenes of war and prelude to the great victory.

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