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    • Distinctive mid-tempo jazz/fusion track with catchy measured rhytm section and simple melody played by double bass and bells. Great for art projects. Positive jazzy track made with groovy guitars, smooth electric piano and electric organ. Good for hotel videos or websites. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast. Short atmospheric loop featuring ethic vocals combined with acoustic guitar and safari style drum beat. Very useful for travel and documentary presentations. This is a bouncy rock meets techno affair that would maybe make you drive a little faster (but keeping to the speed limit :-) ....maybe ) This was a song about blind love and how you really have no control over it at all, hence the title falling at Velocity. Its a little melancholy. Haunting background music for various projects that need more action and intensity. Warm - heartedness is possible in every moment with you: at breakfast, in a sudden kiss ... In your gaze. In thy senses. Warm - heartedness can be you! Afro funk track. Drums, afro percussion, electric bass, wah electric guitar, electric organ, brass, flute. The jingle of piano bells plalying a catchy melody with a groovy bass and drum backing. Electronic groovy track with synths and bouncy drums Gentle mellow flute melody played against an ambient strings and drums section Written with downhill skiers in mind or maybe just Xtreme sports in general. Not really fast-paced but has elements of coolness and fun. Medium slow new age background piece. Electronic drums, upright bass, synthesizer pads, arpeggiated electric piano. A slight sneaky feel, with rhythm, brass & piano. A bit "Pink Pantherish". Really cool. A feel good track with cool marimba, vocalese, muted trumpet and percussion. Smooth & sexy An orchestral track with addition of modern digital percussion and electric guitar. Suitable for movie and TV show. Calm and relax track consist of acoustic percussion , drums and electric bass. Electric piano plays distant and dreamy notes. Upbeat ambient synth groove track with a catchy lead Ambient Background Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc Ambient Background Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc Light teeny melody - electric piano and synth. Deep and atmospheric sounds of ancient people An upbeat track with a catchy space themed melody Deeply romantic and sensual piece written for saxophone with electric piano. A beautiful melody to add ambience to any project. This loop makes dark and intimate mood. Acoustic piano and synth used for harmony, clean electric guitar create light melody. Electric drums with acoustic bass are strong background. Quickie sounds like an afro style melody loop. Its thumping sound of Kongo and delicate piano sound with some dance elements make it an awesome composition. Mid-tempo african shaman pray. Acid electronic sounds of the sliding melody prevail over etnic wooden drumbeats on the background. Whimsical fantasia on the moon road theme. Firstly wavy and murky this melody loop fills up with bright and streamy notes.
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