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    • Delicate easy listening track, smooth and catchy melody. Particularly suitable for commercial purposes, publicity and video projects. Hypnotic and dreamy, middle eastern ambient underscore with mystical mallets, desert flute, downtempo beat and woman vocals. Sentimental, reflective and hopeful. For contemplative romantic exotic drama, eastern journey and voyage documentary. Power, hypnotic charm, primitivism in this rich loop carefully orchestrated. Powerful background male vocals. An energetic electronic track with a intense synth theme that sounds like a lasergun. Hypnotic and "spatial" track, with digital synths and background female vocals. Psychedelic and abstract atmosphere for your multimedia projects. Emotional beats pulsations and brightness in this perfect loop, that combines pue energy, experimentalism and pleasure of listening. Spider Trap is a Dreamy and Power ballad song. Retro inspired cruisey 70's style pop funk. A cool mid tempo track with funky guitars, beats and retro synthesizer hooks. Gentle track easy listening, captures the atmosphere of a classic jingle. Great for any commercial project. An obscure ambient track with a tense background feel and piano line. Great for any project, that requires a dark feel to it. Nice melody. Guitar, Delayand Piano. A mysterious atmospheric music with cryptic choir and weird voices Catchy and funny theme with xylophone leads good for cartoons, children's or casual games, short video clips, etc Only a dry piano to create an atmosphere of silent film. Sophisticated and particular. Suitable for animations and home videos. Cute as background. Powerful and melancholy track, poignant and full of infinite nostalgia. A memory for a legendary band whose music will never die. Great dominant electric guitar, beats and good pulse. Loop progressive style, majestic and melancholic, with dominant synths and electric guitar. Cinematic, great ambience. Important: exact value of BPM is 122,5. A very straight and strong beat with a wide open synth choir string melody that seems to fly away. Catchy and funny theme with xylophone leads good for cartoons, children's or casual games, short video clips, etc Looped track in slow tempo, pulsating and rhythmic, lively but with a subtle trace of melancholy. Great electric guitar solo. Loop with gloomy and suspended atmosphere. Trumpet dominant against the backdrop of drums and synthesizers. Gentle, delicate relaxing track with sound of rain great for calm and peaceful atmospheres. Middle tempo cute tune with balalayka solo. You could hear violin as a cat and flute as a bird here. A bit lazy tune but very bizarre and merry in fact. Slow and majestic pop track. Electric guitar solo that rises above a background of strings, brass and powerful and reverberated percussions. Pure musical abstraction, neutral, hypnotic, full of peace. Perfect background, ideal for relaxation techniques and to restore inner balance. Overwhelming vitality, pulses and beats that support phrases of brass and sax over a carpet sounds of synts and guitars. Pure energy... as B 12 Vitamin! Unusual and experimental, this track is very impressive, with deep percussions and melodic hints mellow and charming. Great ambience. Short looped track, cold and imperturbable as a diamond. Suitable as audio logo and ident, or also in background for menu games. Female vocals on a background full of rhythmic pulsations create a charming and enthralling atmosphere. Track delicate and easy to listen to, with melody that stays in the memory. Instrumentation elegant, with whistling and singing over a background of acoustic guitar, strings and synth. Powerful and majestic track, progressive pop style, that intensifies gradually timbres and rhythms before returning to the hypnotic and calm beginning. For videos and as audio logo. Symphonic looped pop track, full of peace and majestic, that helps you find serenity and inner balance. For audio-logo, background, videos. Relentless pace from which emerges the instrumental counterpoint between electric guitar and saxophones. Vitality and pure energy for your listening pleasure. Syncopated bass trance groove with analogue and digital synthesizer pads, percussion and woodwinds. Suggested for mysterious scenes, illusions, hallucinations, public service announcements and underscoring of narration, voice-overs, TV and radio production music spots. Key of E minor Soft, pensive melody that has a nightly, melancholic vibe. Featuring music box and celesta. Hypnotic, ambient track with tension increasing gradually. Suitable for edgy footage, extreme sports or action. Tension and anxiety, atmosphere of great dramatic impact, with a close dialogue almost entirely atonal between piano and cello. Ideal to create a sophisticated suspence for dramatic scenes. It's very amazing and weird track. Good for projects where a cheerful and fun mood need. A slightly downbeat and melancholy chill out track with a beautiful and elegant electric piano and voice pad which gives the track a bit of a cinematic feel. Would suit dramatic,romantic,cinematic,documentary type projects. Looped track for solo piano, classically modern character. Rhythmic sharp and edgy. To be considered for particular videos and animations. Beautiful ethnic loop made in indian style. Good for relaxation, yoga projects. Would look great as an intro. Playful loop for piano solo, rag-time style, syncopated and lively. Great ambience for good projects. Psychedelic rock loop, powerful, obsessive and full of beats. For all projects requiring energy and good vibrations. Hawaiian slide guitar and Latin percussion create a realistic tropical vibe atmosphere boasting key elements of style and luxury. Calm and positive track . Featured instruments are piano and synths. It would be nice for romantic videos or Christmas media content. On a warm summer evening we walk listening to the sounds of music in the light of the moon. Small tribute to Pink Floyd ... hoping it's worth at least half of what Pink Floyd have made Folk track, sweet and just veiled in melancholy, with essential instrumentation of guitar and strings. For all good projects. Energetic and aggressive track with a bit of synth sounds. Featured instruments are electric guitars. It would be nice for sport or action videos, presentations or slideshows. An intresting folk/lounge track that you can listen over and over again . Perfect for different type of intriguing projects. A soft Toy Piano melody with brushed drums and a Synth Harp accompaniment. Dreamy and enigmatic song with both clean and flanged guitar melodies. Things are not right or they are not what they seem to be and everything comes to a big climax. Soft and innocent, playful children music. Tender toy piano melody and light woman humming. Hopeful, bright and light expressing gentle waves of delicate love, baby dreaming, bedtime atmosphere, early awakening and peaceful play. Beautiful and hopeful melody, new age style, dreamy and relaxing, with good feel. Ideal for documentary, tv and web. Bright, energetic and positive background music in overdrive mode. Great combination of rhythmic sound and human voices. Good for any club commercials or short slide show. Abstract exotic track. Used synthesizer, digital drums and different sound effects. Perfect for surreal projects. Energetic track made with electric guitar and synths. It would be nice especially for extreme sports videos or any kind of action videos. Abstract exotic track featuring sounds of marimba and xylophone. Perfect background music for web sites, computer games, presentations and for other projects. Energetic electronic track made with synths and guitar. It would be nice for space videos or documentary films. Powerful and melodic track good for entertainment. Electric guitars, robotic vocoder, digital pad synth, drums and bass. Funny and easy electronic tune. Good for arcade games.
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