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  • A sad, dark, strange, experimental classical music piece. It creates an indescribable and unique mood.

    A bombastic, energetic and weird war inspired symphonic track.

    A sad, nostalgic cinematic soundscape. Created by bowing a Tibetan Singing Bowl.

    A slow and atmospheric pop rock track with a western twist. Featuring bass, ethereal female voice and a strange whistle flute sound. This is underpinned by a chugging, light drumloop.

    Energy and pulses, relentless pace and progressive suggestions. This loop, with an electric guitar in constant motion is an ideal underscore for your multimedia projects.

    A unique blend of bell and marimba creates a repetitive melody with a transcendental mood. Can be used as the transition music for travel and adventure documentaries. Also great for visuals such as environmental issues and ecology, experimental eco organic projects made with fantasy.

    Slow and hypnotic development in this track, suitable for background music in rooms dedicated to body care and beauty.

    Hopeful and loving new year holiday music. Sweet, gentle and innocent music for friends and family warm and soft atmosphere.

    A nostalgic, powerful, and driving Indie rock track. Influenced by Sigur Ros and Explosions In The Sky.

    A funny, bizarre, dubstep/house inspired track. Featuring a wacky, glitchy and unique instrumentation.

    An entrancing, deep and nostalgic soft indie melody with an inexpressible atmosphere of sensuality. This music evokes love beyond words, with a tender, melancholy mood.

    A dark, strange medieval inspired dance piece. Good for documentaries about Middle Ages, life in castles, the Medieval Period of history, festival of war history reconstruction.

    A dark, unnerving piano trance piece with spooky and misty mood. Great for all projects needing scary themes.Think about the sense of danger, somebody's watching you, graveyard under a full moon at night, haunted house, vampires, zombie walk etc.

    An authentically improvised, avante garde jazz piece. Nothing was preconceived or composed beforehand. Just a free flow of jazz goodness.

    A sweet melodic-environmental track, full of mystery, dream and great ethereal atmosphere, with a mixed instrumentation of classical elements and synthesizers, piano, female choir.

    Environmental melody, with a psychedelic touch. From a sound carpet of synths and percussion emerges the dialogue of two acoustic guitars.

    A desolate, strange ambient string piece. Perfect for creating a sense of space and the feeling of being lost.

    Environmental melodic loop, with a careful instrumentation, in which stand out classical guitar, female vocals, strings. Very suitable for every use in background, or in documentaries and home videos

    A cool, groovy trip hop electronic tune with no melody featuring lots of synths, noise and fxs

    An upbeat, quirky mix of orchestra, percussion and bass guitar provides fun, yet slightly tense. Works well for quirky comedy, dramedy, spy, children's cartoon.

    Melancholic sweetness , intimacy and lyricism. Delicate atmosphere for video and multimedia projects. Piano arpeggios and electric guitar in foreground on a beautiful background of synths, percussions and female choir.

    Sweet inspirational loop. Easy listening full of gentleness and intimacy. Flute and electric guitar protagonist instruments over a delicate texture.

    Beats and pulsations, along with an obsessive bass and various synths, are the sound carpet on which stands the electric guitar, with his powerful and melancholic solo.

    This is a very dark and creepy horror soundscape. The low oscillating distorted guitar part sounds like it's straight out of "The Shining." The result is a very unnerving and unsettling instrumental track.

    Relaxing track, highly evocative, suitable as background, for video and documentaries. Sax and lead voice are in foreground on a soft, bright and impressive carpet of sounds.

    Hypnotic suggestions in this melody full of peace and tranquility. Delicate and varied instrumentation, with a wonderful female vocalist. Suitable as background or for videos and documentaries.

    A strange, yet intriguing experimental jazz piece. Perfect for youtube videos, other video projects and much more!

    A soothing, ethereal track, using jungle ambiances and jungle percussion. Perfect for games, apps, and more!

    A dark jazz track, with dark tones and strange harmonic progression. Some progressive rock elements as well.

    Starts with ambient and sensitive guitars and growth throughout and a powerful ending. Inspiring and motivational. Perfect for visuals that require motivational theme and overcoming adversity.

    Inspired by the musical procedure of the baroque era known as the passacaglia, chaconne or ground base. The same bass note is played through the track, while upper parts are varied and change throughout. With this track however, medieval instruments are utilized.

    Track with a captivating melodic and dreamy stream in the central part, enclosed between two most melancholic moments, to form a perfect and balanced looped structure.

    Gloomy and dramatic atmosphere , supported by a relentless rhythmic base. The harmonic structure classically baroque is expressed in a modern blend of acoustic, electric and electronic instruments. Ideal for video and multimedia projects that require a tense and dark ambience.

    Upbeat, positive and bouncy melody. Dynamic and fun track is perfect for children's parties, cartoon, playful scenes.

    Relaxing melodies and a groovy rhythm. Light and flowing mood with organic synth sounds. Some vinyl crackling adds analog warmth. Versatile track for many background applications.

    Loneliness and mystical experience, discovering the spirals of cosmic space and cyclic time. Go to the center of the Universe and into your own mind!

    Playful and colorful track, cinematic and childlike character. Quite suitable for Halloween and generally for all occasions and projects requiring humor and irony.

    Epic and melancholic track at the same time, as the title indicates. Whistle in western italian style and great electric guitar. Solemn, sustained and relentless rhythm. Intense, poignant and majestic underscore for your projects.Enjoy!

    Uplifting and colorful dance music with 70's boys choir style vocal harmony. Energetic and stimulating, happy and progressive. For young city life happiness, urban joy, modern corporate and commercial production and clubbing or party scenes.

    Experimental track, with metal and jazz influences. Great vivacity and pulsations for all projects that require energy, positivity and inspiration.

    Gothic melody combined with modern rhythms, transport the listener into the era of knight's battles and viking raids. Main instruments : choir , irish flute and synthesizer.

    Cheerful, catchy, joyous looped track, with uplifting strings, piano, bells, hand claps, synths. Perfectly suitable for childrens, festive occasions, comedy movies.

    Elegant loop, featuring acoustic and electric piano, synthesizers, rhythm guitar, strings and a pulsating electronic rhythm . Perfect as a background to any media that requires a gentle pop orchestral underscore.

    Track in the unusual time of five fourths, with a burst of energy of electric guitar between two meditative and dreamy parties. Great ambience. This audio is not "pumped". Turn up the volume to appreciate all nuances of the sound.

    Smooth and calm lounge track in a relaxed mood. Featured instruments are e-piano and atmospheric pads. Good for vacation videos, advertising or slideshow.

    A funny loop about the friendly alien folks that lives around the corner. With lots of SFX that belongs to a cool alien song.

    Loop with psychedelic atmosphere. Digital synths, electric guitar, female vocals. Magic of the cosmos for your projects.

    Delicate easy listening track, smooth and catchy melody. Particularly suitable for commercial purposes, publicity and video projects.

    Hypnotic and dreamy, middle eastern ambient underscore with mystical mallets, desert flute, downtempo beat and woman vocals. Sentimental, reflective and hopeful. For contemplative romantic exotic drama, eastern journey and voyage documentary.

    Power, hypnotic charm, primitivism in this rich loop carefully orchestrated. Powerful background male vocals.

    An energetic electronic track with a intense synth theme that sounds like a lasergun.

    Hypnotic and "spatial" track, with digital synths and background female vocals. Psychedelic and abstract atmosphere for your multimedia projects.

    Emotional beats pulsations and brightness in this perfect loop, that combines pue energy, experimentalism and pleasure of listening.

    Spider Trap is a Dreamy and Power ballad song.

    Retro inspired cruisey 70's style pop funk. A cool mid tempo track with funky guitars, beats and retro synthesizer hooks.

    A snappy loop with drumbeats, acoustic rhythm guitar sound and synths. Bright bell melodies combined with evolving layer pads for a light feeling. Versatile background track.

    Gentle track easy listening, captures the atmosphere of a classic jingle. Great for any commercial project.

    An obscure ambient track with a tense background feel and piano line. Great for any project, that requires a dark feel to it.

    Nice melody. Guitar, Delayand Piano.

    A mysterious atmospheric music with cryptic choir and weird voices

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