1:58 , 3:07
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This is epic cinematic trailer music with orchestra instruments and epic drums.
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A thrilling, swashbuckling orchestral pirate theme in classic action and adventure style. Whether taking a trip to Treasure Island with Blackbeard, or having a sword fight on the deck of a pirate ship, this track adds fun, energy and a dash of Hollywood magic.
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Bright and clean orchestral music with inspiring and positive mood.
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This is great energetic and inspiring pop rock indie music with uplifting feeling and bright optimistic atmosphere.
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A dynamic and uplifting Eurodance pop music with emotive sweet melody and euphoric mood.
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This is beautiful and inspiring music with piano and strings leading.
0:55 , 1:01
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Inspirational, optimistic music track with uplifting and inspiring sound.
1:14 , 2:13
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Positive and uplifting EDM trance instrumental.
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This is inspiring and motivational music with corporate and business atmosphere.
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This is a corporate / business / motivational track that brings to mind images of success, growth, productivity, sales, and innovative business solutions.
1:10 , 1:36
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Bright, positive and awesome track with the ukulele and orchestra.
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This is very inspiring, uplifting and inspirational music with positive and optimistic mood.
1:19 , 0:15, 0:30, 1:27U
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A festive Christmas track featuring piano, orchestral strings, sleigh bells, bells, electric guitar, brass, and drums.
1:54 , 3:32
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Slowly building up, wide and epic inspirational post-rock driven by reversed piano, electric overdrive guitars, solid tom hits and acoustic drum kit beat.
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Energetic and uplifting modern dance-pop music, with tropical house vibes.
1:55 , 2:11
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Light, bright and floating chillstep, featuring future plucking synth leads, verby piano pads, electronic trappy drum beat.
1:58 , 3:02
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This is powerful cinematic and orchestral music with a huge inspiration and motivational impact.
1:51 , 1:37, 3:16
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This is a beautiful, dreamy and romantic track with soft piano, bells, pads, and strings.
1:45 , 2:28
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This is brilliant and magnificent acoustic pop rock music with so optimistic feelings and positive emotional charge.
1:51 , 2:15
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This is brilliant uplifting theme with fanfares and winners award ceremony atmosphere.
1:44 , 0:30, 1:52
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Dreamy, inspiring and motivating track in chillstep genre.
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Great inspirational and motivational corporate track for your presentations, adverts, commercials or promo videos.
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A hybrid cinematic track with huge percussions and string orchestra.
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Inspirational, uplifting and energetic music track, featuring electric guitars, piano, strings, bass and drums.
1:54 , 2:35U
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Asian Summer seamlessly combines the natural with the electronic, blended together in a melting point of lush found sounds.
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A very determined neo-classical hip hop tune with a strong lyrical string melody.
2:00 , 2:05
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This is fun upbeat and energetic dance track.
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Powerful track with a heavy but smooth dubstep sound.
1:00 , 2:00
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Powerful Epic Dramatic Cinematic Scene Trailer music with exciting sound.
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A happy and cheerful pop track featuring an uplifting groove, fun hand claps, and an upbeat vibe.
1:00 , 2:40U
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Inspirational and Uplifting Pop/Rock track in Coldplay's style with guitars, bass, drums, piano and orchestral strings.
0:52 , 0:57, 0:57U
Download Preview
Grand orchestral cinematic track.
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A festive, bombastic, uplifting and lively cinematic orchestral score.
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Sweet melody great for presentation, advertising clips etc.
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