1:56 , 2:39
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This is breathtaking and very inspiring pop-rock music with great energy and bright motivational atmosphere.
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Lush, rich, romantic strings and cello solo in the performance of the symphony orchestra, with just the right touch of Tchaikovsky. This regal and majestic soundtrack will be great for romantic movies, passion moments, eternal love, dramatic scenes, ballet music etc.
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An adventurous, magical orchestral piece in the spirit of Disney / Pixar.
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Bright, emotional and very beautiful classical orchestral piece. This stirring background music with vivid strings and dramatic piano keys will perfectly suited for romantic movie soundtrack, TV Music or breathtaking moments.
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This is an atmospheric and emotional composition with contemporary groovy dubstep beat and delayed piano fills.
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Imagine attending a royal waltz in a far away land full of wonder and just a sprinkle of magic.
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Fun, upbeat track starts out with ukulele, bell and piano.
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An inspiring and motivational track with an uplifting feel.
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This beautiful composition is based on an inspiring piano tune, accompanied by warm strings, woodwinds and orchestral percussion.
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Orchestral cue great for promotion and advertising.
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Orchestral corporate motivational track, featuring piano, strings, brass, harp and percussion.
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This is a simple innovative track starting out with piano and building to include pizzicato strings and counter melodies.
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This is a loop with a combination of latin elements and technical sounds.
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A simple yet fast moving piano theme that loops seamlessly.
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Cinematic ethereal theme performed on violins and cellos.
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The vibrant and enjoying you in a maelstrom of feelings - Rumba - on the shore of the Caribbean Sea of Free Cuba - a dream of every loving pair!
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Cinematic background music with catchy emotive soundline .
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Sort of a funk/rock/jazz instrumental version of this old Christmas standard.
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Acoustic piano plays sweet melody while strings with percussion make soft atmosphere of relaxation.
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Elegant,massive,epic, grand orchestration with trumpet solo.
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