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Upbeat and inspiring alternative rock music with strong motivational "Hey" sound in the style of "Of Monsters and Men". Perfect background audio for any success achievement video, positive and emotional podcast, catchy narration and commercial, etc.
1:46 , 2:16
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This is a dramatic, mysterious and deep cinematic music with suspenseful and dark atmosphere. Good background music for any deep and thoughtful videos, media slideshow, investigation documentary, detective story, and more.
2:03 , 0:30, 1:00, 2:07, 2:07U
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Energetic and dramatic alternative rock track with serious and focused mood. Great to use as background in the presentation of cutting-edge technology products, or new scientific research.
2:01 , 2:06
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This is a driving, intense, classic arena track with a big, aggressive groove.
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A hypnotic and powerful track features an electric fender guitar improvises on a groovy drum and bass. Great for use in dramatic sequences, videos needing dark undertones. In the style of " You Don't Fool Me" by Queen.
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This is an energetic and groovy action hard rock music, full of power and intensity.
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A dark, sad, and alluring hypnotic experimental and independent piece of music . Works great for dramatic moments, flashbacks to better times, reliving the past. Very intimate and emotional track. Experimental, Progressive Rock, Electronics, Avant Garde.
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Cool electronic dark modern music.
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Dramatic and proud instrumental track featuring classic guitar, electric guitar, piano, strings and electronic drums. It could sound perfect for dramatic movies, TV series, movie trailers and any kind of footage that needs a dramatic music background.
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Seamless looping east coast hip hop instrumental featuring electric guitar, acoustic piano, strings, synths, and bass.
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A dark and obsessive track, with the sense of determination, full of synths and deep percussions.
1:31 , 1:50
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Inspiring electric guitar licks combine with feel-good piano and positive background effects create a melody designed to inspire success and achievement, winning, and achieving goals.
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Disturbing intense dynamic cinematic background music.
1:30 , 1:36
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Save Me Now is a simple yet powerful and encouraging track with the feeling of renewal and hope.
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A nostalgic, powerful, and driving Indie rock track.
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A light hearted post rock track that builds from a soft and ambient beginning with guitar to an air of victory and triumph made with guitars lots of delay that combine with huge sounding drums.
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Positive post rock track with electric guitars, piano, drums, bass and synths.
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A cinematic, serious, driving guitar track with drums accompanying.
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Wake up and look on the world in a new fashion!
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