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    • Bright and positive melody in the style of reggae. For instrumental ensemble with solo marimba and piano.

      Relaxing melodies and a groovy rhythm. Light and flowing mood with organic synth sounds. Some vinyl crackling adds analog warmth. Versatile track for many background applications.

      This indie-folk, guitar tune is both soothing and joyful. Clean electric guitar sweetly weaves together mandolin, organ, and bass. Perfect for corporate projects, films, and videos of all kinds.

      Positive, dynamic and uplifting pop track inspired of modern electro pop.Consisting of flute melody, electric guitar,bass guitar, dance drums and many synths. This track is great for youtube video, movies, games, advertising and others.

      Bright and light colorful pulsating melody with lots of keyboards pads drums and bass. Suitable for different multimedia projects such as advertising, documentary, presentations,TV them and more.

      Fast and powerful groovy funk track with all good funk ingredients: distinct staccato brass section, funky wah guitars, rhodes electric piano, clavinet, lots of percussion and a four on the floor retro disco style drum beat.

      Punchy loop of electric bass guitar, drums, electric guitars and organ repeating driving, progressive A/B parts. Suggested for urban club scene, energetic montage or sequences depicting traveling, transition, parties, informal rowdy celebrations. Key of G minor, 150 beats/min

      A dynamic house track. Featured instruments are synth leads and electric piano. It would be nice for fashion video, presentation or slide show. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast.

      This is funky, hard rock melody with 2 electric guitar with guitar effect "wau-wau", and drums sections. This music can be used for video games, record film,mobile phone ringtones and much more.

      Acoustic,electric guitars, electric piano, Hammond organ, ukulele, drums and bass are the instrumentation for this track, creating a warm positive mood of healing, well being, and the good life. Good for corporate, television / radio commercials, television programming and any media needing a cheerful feelgood vibe.

      Motivational, energetic, and driving corporate background track.

      A funky loop with clean guitar and rhodes to provide a a swingy groove feeling.

      A cool retro styled rock loop. Acoustic and distorted guitars with straight drums, tambourine and hammond organ. Ideal as background track.

      Slow pulsating electronic loop, Moog and Prophet synths trade hypnotic brassy, plucked motifs over echoing synthesized organ rhythm. Bridge has shimmering synthesizers modulating back to original key. Suggested for urban, psychedelic scenes, sequences with conflict. Key of E minor, 104 beats/min

      Solid rock beat with guitar power chords, bass, syncopated sequenced synthesizers and organ solo in 2nd half. Has punchy, aggressive energy, suggested for dance club scenes, crime-in-progress, urban nightlife, rowdy party, bump'n'grind, exotic sequences. Key of C minor, 103 beats/min

      Happy upbeat fun filled instrumental track with an uplifting acoustic guitar played melody which makes you smile and tap both feet while listening to this track.

      Positive and uplifting funk track in a good mood. Featured instruments are trumpets, electric guitars and electric piano. Good for advertising, slideshow or a positive video.

      A mid-tempo, dynamic, pop melody suitable for presentations, adverts, voice over background etc. Includes drums, bass, electric guitars, strings, many synths.

      A quirky combination of instruments including Piano, xylophone, drums, clarinet, flute and jazz guitar create the perfect background track for a funny animated comedy scene or cartoon character. The melody has a cheeky rhythm with elements of class and style, which fits perfectly for funny scenes which may include animal mischief or joyful comedy moments.

      This is a positive and happy music track in the style of Rock and Roll. Overdrive guitar, supbeat drums and moving bass lines great for commercials, TV, radio, films and much more.

      Spice up your upcoming Christmas projects with this snazzy rendition of We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Its Jazzy laid back feel and original take on the traditional song will give your work that extra special touch!

      Mid tempo funk piece. Arrangement features Rhodes electric piano,clavinet, synthesizer, bass & drums.

      A funny track with funky groove feeling. Move your .ss but don't touch my .ss ;-)

      This emotional loop is accompanied by a rhythm that reflects a clock tickin and the time melting away. During compositing I removed the rhythm sound sometimes but without this sound something was missing for meso I let it there.

      Synth bass, drums, digital synthesizers and syncopated percussion combine for 78 second loop of frantic, driving energy. Suggested for crime-in-progress scenes, getaways, automated or repetitive action scenes, club or rave settings and vigorous dance routines. Key of G minor, 142 beats/min

      Digital keyboards, samples and beat-box accompany retro analog synthesizer for experimental piece with quirky melodic hooks. Suggested for retro club scenes, media spots and underscoring of scary animation. Key of G minor, 153 bpm

      This funky loop contains some groovy male vocals, synth bass, muted guitar, crunchy funk piano and drumloop . A warm, rhythm based piece as waiting loop or background music for film and video.

      Synthesizers, electric guitars, bass, clavinet, piano, percussion and drums play energetic 55 second loop reminiscent of pop/rock eras. Suggested for retro and dance club scenes, crime-in-progress sequences, depictions of fast lifestyle, transitions and montages. Key of C Minor, 130 beats/min

      Old Style positive music bed. Takes us back to a happy and carefree sixties. Vintage sound. Strings come in the second part of the track.

      Positive, driving, uptempo, old disco track that pulsates with energy. Electric guitar with electric piano play riff. Analog synth play lead melody in second part of a track .Wide strings in the background. Great for media production, commercials, TV, film score, and background music.

      Fun and lively childrens track, featuring silly trumpets, banjos and crazy synthetic instruments to create a playful, silly, circus style feel. Very useful for comedy, animation, animal comedy and childrens projects.

      An electric piano and a electric bass with the add of a pad over a complex percussion.

      This is funk/blues piece featuring a solo Hammond organ improvising over a blues scale. The rhythm instruments include guitar, clavichord, bass, and drums.

      Mid Tempo funky track with live band elements including bass, drums and guitar.

      Powerful nu jazz intro. Good for Tv show opener or bright final.

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