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    • Slow, majestic rock ballad featuring drums, fretless bass, electric guitar and drawbar organ. Good for old school movie, about hippie wanderlust, last summer vacation, sitting near the fire with good friends, wild nature, and backpack travel.

      Motivating, catchy, modern trendy upbeat track with a slight retro vintage vibe. Perfect for funny commercials, youtube videos, radio promos. Features rhythmic bass, funky synth and rhodes melodies along with crunchy electric guitar and energetic drums.

      Powerful groovy stylish Indie Rock track with a funky guitar theme over a heavy energetic Roots style drumbeat. Ideal instrumental background music for fashion shows/catwalk music, commercials, party announcements, Tarantino like films etc.

      Pulsating synth bass, acoustic piano, strings and hardware synthesizers combining with percussion for a forward-moving arrangement suggested to underscore motivational scenes, sequences depicting travel, automation and progress. Key of G minor, 85 bpm

      Electric guitars, electric piano, synth, bass and drums play energetic groove suggested to underscore sports highlight reels, traveling shots and sequences depicting triumph, celebration and victory.

      Piano, synthesizers and percussion combine for a dark, moody arrangement suggested underscoring scenes of turmoil, espionage, danger and escape. Key of A minor, 105 bpm

      Funky pop music background track with slap bass, mute guitars, funk drums, brass and funk sax. Perfect for many projects and videos.

      Dreamy and romantic blues rock that brings positive nostalgic feelings of inspiration, success, freedom. The track features acoustic guitar, electric guitars, drums, natural bass, vibraphone, organ, clavinet and synths. Attractive breaks can emphasize a scene change in your video.

      Happy and relaxed mid tempo background track. Great for use with voiceover and narration. Dynamic and cool.

      A smooth electro rock track. Great for retro action films, car racing, chasing scenes, and technology uses.

      Positive old school pop rock track. Suitable for your next travel video, camping with friends, summertime road trip in a van, and other.

      Feel good funk rock track with old school sound of the electric guitar and e-organ. Great for transmitting a message of coolness to your audience.

      Digital and analog synths combine with beatbox percussion in a minimal, syncopated, trance-influenced loop suggested to underscore images of precision, robotic motion and automation. Key of G minor, 72 bpm

      This progressive electronic music combines synth melodies are complemented by the guitar. This music works great for a wide variety of projects including corporate presentation, fashion, advertising, urban life film and more.

      Upbeat and fun indie pop track. Consisting of electric and acoustic guitars, organ, xylophone, bass, and drums. Good for corporate videos/performances, kids shows, hippie generation, rustic life, comedy movie scenes, or any background music.

      Bright and clean pop track, that provides a mass of positive emotions. It relaxes and distracts from earthly concerns. Can be used in the movie, children’s programs, and thematic presentations, computer games, family vacation videos, etc.

      The energetic pop looped track, with a punchy drum beat and an inspiring, soaring chorus, with just the right amount of a vintage flavor. It sounds positive, optimistic, hopeful. The full-length version also available!

      This sad music was composed having in mind a post-war scenario, in which sad people walk down the streets of destroyed buildings and ruins. The music is quite sad, with a midsection in which a Hammond organ and a drum appear. Obviously, it can be also used for other purposes!

      A mellow acoustic track with acoustic guitar, piano, and glockenspiel - very suitable as background for advertising, commercials, or an animation or corporate presentation for the web or internal use. Great background music for wanderlust, road trip in a good company, free time with family and friends.

      Led by a funky drum groove,this is sultry and slick track features an electric piano melody.This is reinforced by wah wah guitar and angelic choir pads.

      Lively loop with a funky beat and a bit of bounce to the rhythm. Inspired by the fashionable person walking up a town. Ideal for you uses as background in an ad, voice-over. Or could be used for video game music.

      Deliberate, punchy arrangement of electric guitars, piano, organ, bass, drums, and percussion suggested for crime-in-progress scenes and dive bar segments reminiscent of retro TV detective series scores. Also for confrontation, showdown and battle preparation sequences. Key of G, 133 bpm

      A laidback track, featuring a mellow organ lead and a funky electric guitar. A bit of a funky retro flavour sound.

      This hard rock music combines interlacement heavy sound of the electric guitar with slap bass and drums. This track perfect for extreme sports videos about surfing, freeriding, snowboarding, free spirit, 60's hippie movement and more much.

      This positive melody has a great uplifting and joyful mood. It is perfect for corporate and business presentations, advertisements, commercials, news broadcasts, podcasts, TV and radio shows.

      Melodic, laidback arrangement of pianos, synthesizers and percussion suggested for underscoring of heartfelt moments, peaceful scenes and segments depicting relaxation, leisure and rejuvenation.

      Joyful and relaxed at the same time, this melody loop is perfect to illustrate feelings of happiness, empowerment, summer vacations, traveling, friendship, optimism, being together, innovation. Full track plus other looped versions also available.

      Up tempo Pop Rock, radio ready instrumental, reminiscent of The Beatles, The Ventures and The Beach Boys. Fun-filled, good feeling, and danceable.

      A cool, groovy track, with a bluesy inspired improvised lead guitar. This relaxed and hippie-chic background music is ideal for insight moments, LSD trips, transcendental meditation and same kind of projects.

      An upbeat, positive, somewhat atmospheric indie rock track. Featuring sitar, electric guitar, and percussion. Suitable as background music for video or podcast. About travel, relaxation, yoga, and dynamic meditation.

      Pop, smooth jazz instrumental with an acoustic guitar playing the upbeat,and relaxing melody. Ideal for background music in Corporate Videos, Film, TV, Radio and Cable productions.

      Pop Acoustic Instrumental with a laid-back, easy going flow backed with orchestrated strings section.

      Funky music for your stylish projects. This track features an electric piano, wah-wah guitar, drums and grooving bass guitar.

      Golden rock blues music in the style of Beatles and other rock bands. Can be used for a game, where you lose for example. :) Using best plugins for mixing and mastering, including EMI mixer sound.

      Ambient music in slow mid tempo driven by electric piano, string pad. This tune is suitable as a background music for the after workout exercises, meditation or romantic scenes, feel good time.

      Beautiful sensitive piano melody with acoustic guitars companion, latin drums and bass to get balance between melody and rhythm. Song is a little a little latin, ballad, power ballad, romantic and peaceful music.

      A bouncy hammond groove, very simple yet effective if used as a background for game, product placements, advertisements, video shows... it has plenty of rooms for voice overs and effect and it will not annoy the listeners.

      A vey simple funky organ perfect for games or presentation videos that need some bouncy feel.

      Spice up your project with some organ funk! An hammond organ arranged with digital drums and some latin percussions.

      Retro groovy funk with funky beats, electric guitar licks, flute lines, organ and synth leads.

      A simple yet effective organ loop with positive vibe and happy mood. It will work perfectly in any happy project, advetisement, sport, travel video or casual, platform, child, puzzle game. it has minimal melodic elements so it will not annoy the player and will leave plenty of room for sound effects and voiceovers.

      An intense and touching instrumental jazz track featuring piano, acoustic bass, drums, strings and guitar. This track is ideal for many kinds of video productions, including movies, comedies, TV broadcasts in general.

      Laid back positive lounge, consisting of acoustic piano, many synths, ethnic instruments, percussion, soft bass and drums. It's ideal for corporate videos, presenting data, new product launches, technology and other business.

      A light bouncy piece built up of short notes and overlapping sounds to create a busy chaotic scene, controlled by a steady beat and baseline. A softer second part played by a sweet strings sound. Interesting background to compliment your project.

      Sweet inspirational loop. Easy listening full of gentleness and intimacy. Flute and electric guitar protagonist instruments over a delicate texture.

      Retro style disco track with electric guitar, e-piano and typical strings. Available with and without synthesizer solo.

      Pop, Reggae, Rock Instrumental with a touch of Blues, Funk and R&B mixed over a danceable beat.

      Hopeful and retro styled pop / rock song. Suits perfect in many background applications.

      A cool lounge style track with a groovie percussion, strong bass, light guitar melody, electric piano and synth background sounds. Good for romantic movie scenes or background music.

      A very synthetic theme which is useful for science themes, charts, graphics, large city pictures, hi tech, laboratory, and many more.

      Relaxing track, highly evocative, suitable as background, for video and documentaries. Sax and lead voice are in foreground on a soft, bright and impressive carpet of sounds.

      Clavinet, electric guitars, piano, bass and drums combine in 102 second loop for playful retro groove reminiscent of the seventies, suggested to underscore nostalgic party scenes, comedic sequences and live performance applications. Key of E, 93 bpm

      A groovy dance track with catchy melodies. Positive and uplifting feel. Suitable for a wide range of applications like fashion themes, travel, slideshows, promovideo or adverts.

      Electric guitar, accompanied by rhythm guitars, synths, percussion, organ and bass, stands with his melancholic and powerful melody, reminiscent of the great progressive style. Audio of this loop is not "pumped", to preserve every nuance of sound and enable the listeners to play with the volume, according to their needs.

      Energetic electronic track with a static synth bass theme, synth staccatos and a cello melody in the background. Perfect for extreme sports, documentaries, slideshows or commercials are some examples.

      Up tempo loop inspired by speed boat heading towards sunset. Ideal for a backing track on your sports video footage.

      Emotional pop song with glockenspiel, violin, string orchestra and powerful drums. Has a feel of hope like trying to save a love.

      Background track with a funky rhythm guitar and dance feeling. Perfect for fashion shows, videos and much more.

      Top Class nu jazz tune featuring slap bass, jazz drums, piano, strings and synthesizers. It can fit perfectly with many subjects, such as catwalk videos, metropolitan images, trendy and fashion people, night clubs, models and many other beautiful settings with VIPs and amazing people around.

      Magical mystery melody in the style of Blues for saxophone, electric piano, Grand piano, guitar, bass and drums.

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