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    • Summer Beat by ArtIss

      A positive summer mood hip hop beat with old school vinyl samples and groovy drums. Great for fashion films, glamorous videos, catchy intro/outro, signature background music, luxury and alluring commercials, stylish design, etc.

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      God Bless America by TreiaMusic

      Enjoy the jazzy sound of an old-fashioned New Orleans jazz band. Featuring warm horn sections, vibraphone, upright bass, and drums, this track has an upbeat feel that makes it great for documentaries or film noir-style projects. Although it has plenty of swings, this music can also be used in various nostalgic videos as background music.

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      The Cat In The Hat by Elena Naumova

      Here is an playful, joyfull and slightly humorous melody performed by orchestra with light percussion. A lovely melody for your kids. Great for children's project, videos, commercials, advertising, websites, puppet theatre, cartoons and more.

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      Top Business by MediaM

      This motivational and inspiring track will make your projects sound awesome! Great for corporate uses, successful projects, presentations, technology videos, interview, bright startups, fantastic time and as music for podcasts.

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      For A Successful Day by ihsandincer

      Ever wanted to send your viewers on a journey into a dream? This minimal and emotive corporate track with an ethereal and dreamy atmosphere does just that. It is the perfect choice for your videos, commercials, media projects, youtube videos, and advertorials. This track features synth sounds, piano, bass, strings, and soft beats.

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      I Stomp You Clap by Soundroll

      Stylish, energetic and upbeat percussion music track, featuring human stomps, claps, and drums only. This percussive clip is useful in a nowadays advertising, commercial, promotional video, as well as animation movie, sports events music, or Youtube opener and intro visual.

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      Do You Believe by Audioflame

      Bright and fresh future pop composition with unique modern synths. Motivational melody, inspirational vocal chops, modern future bass chords, and soft percussion created trending sound. Music is suitable for presentations, YouTube video projects, online commercials, etc.

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      Heroes Among Us by AudioPanda

      Cinematic, symphonic, epic composition with an adventurous, inspirational, exciting mood. This music touches the soul, creates big dreams, and pulls them into reality with the fire into your heart. Incredible live strings give you goosebumps as piano melodies steal your heart away, and there's so much more energy than you can imagine. This track will be good as background music for an epic action film or heroic cinematic project.

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      Corporate Technology by Christian Aen

      Bright, positive, confident, motivating, inspiring and uplifting minimal tech corporate music. Good for inspirational videos, media projects, corporate, life and travel, motivational startup video production, websites.

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      Sincere Gratitude by DPmusic

      A beautiful and touching royalty-free piano music with an emotional atmosphere and warm sound. Nice background for weddings, love stories, charity projects, inspiring speeches, prayerful videos, contemplative nature, family album slide show, and many more. 2 versions are available: Full track / Piano Solo

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      Your Light by raspberrysounds

      An inspiring, romantic cinematic track with a beautiful warm piano, drums, cool bass, modern synth, smooth sensual violins. This cinematic best for wedding content, nature landscapes, travel vlogs, timelapse, movie, film, presentations, slideshow, advertising.

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      Swing It Sunny by Christian Aen

      Nice and happy commercial swing with beautiful melodies recorded with gypsy swing acoustic guitars, drums and bass. Perfect for your video presentations, advertising, films, video game music.

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      Along The Seashore by Elijah Aaron

      A romantic rock ballad in the style of Goo Goo Dolls. A track that captures movement towards something better. The piece was recorded with cellos and acoustic guitar, giving it a more heartfelt sound that provides depth to the hopeful songs. Works well with video montages.

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      Fresh Fashion Week by Infraction

      Atmospheric house track with an alert mood but with a chill, mellow edge. Great for fashion-related media, videos, mobile app, commercials or catwalk show. Keep in mind America's Top Model, Project Runway.

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      Adrenaline Pulse by Yoav Alyagon

      Stomping percussion is a sure way to energize a video project and with the right atmosphere and setting, it can be a show stealer too. Along with heavy snare beats, this track offers an array of various powerful drum sounds as well as some epic orchestrations, perfect for a film trailer or animation.

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      Our Way Home by AG Music

      This heartfelt, inspirational, and romantic instrumental has all the elements of a classic Hollywood movie score with its simplicity, tenderness, and beauty. Delicate and admirable, this track is the perfect background for those special moments. Ideal to be used in the scene where the main character remembers something beautiful from his childhood, like walking under falling snow or seeing the sunrise in the mountains.

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      Way To The Sun by SPMusicGroup

      This one is a beautiful R&B track for various purposes. Cool as a track for commercial, videos and parties, etc. Enjoy!

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      Hip Hop Chill by Azovmusic

      A laid-back and groovy track with a smooth and chill vibe. Features funky electric guitar, bass, and lounge percussion. It's easygoing, chillhop, and perfect for videos, podcasts, and commercials.

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      Snowy Christmas by RMSound

      It's that time of the year again! The hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year's Eve are in full swing. For every child, it's a lot more than just shopping malls, decorations, and toy catalogs. They are waiting for the unforgettable encounter with Santa Clauss. And what better way to get them in the holiday spirit than listening to some magical orchestral Christmas music!

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      Enjoy With Me by Audioflame

      Good mood track for children commercials, kids branding, cartoons and family YouTube videos. This folk track gives you carefree feeling and inspired to sunny and high-spirited emotions. It’s perfect background music with uplifting, inspirational and motivational spirit.

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      Technicolor by Infraction

      Super energetic retro synthwave royalty-free track with disco drums, old school lead melody, synth chords, and electric guitar. Ideal for youtube videos, videohive projects, sport, fitness, racing, fight, workout videos, beauty blogs, festivals, openers, presentations.

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      Ambient And Relaxing by Nazar Rybak

      Inspiring, beautiful and emotionally fulfilling piece perfect for CORPORATE projects, travel videos, narrations, inspirational presentations, slideshows, motivational soundscape and more. Positive and uplifting piano motives, elegant and light strings, emotional swells and tender, sentimental moments combine for a rich, inspirational experience.

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      Warm Heart by ColourTunes

      Atmospheric and dreamy royalty free music soundtrack specially designed for your wedding and romantic videos, sentimental and inspirational trailers, love story, and other media projects where the tender atmosphere of emotions and optimism is required. Good luck with your projects! Thanks for listening and purchasing :)

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      Urban And Chilled by Mark Woollard

      A smooth, chillhop urban track that has a laid-back vibe that suggests success and achievement. It features an electric piano melody and string oriented background accompanied by an electric drum beat. Great for TV commercials, voiceovers, and various media projects.

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      Our Inspiration by MediaM

      Positive, beautiful and uplifting corporate pop music, would perfectly match your business presentation, commercial projects, promotional videos, inspiring visualization, real estate slideshow and more. Featuring repetitive melody electric guitars, soft piano pads, and arpeggio.

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      Delight Planet by AleXZavesa

      Motivational and inspiring electronic track with a strong beat conceived as background music. Featuring a drum pattern, distorted bass, synths, glitch sound design, and an emotive strings melody. This track will give that good feeling, will promote concentration and the creative process. Perfect for corporate videos, presentations, or any project needing an energetic and uplifting mood.

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      Literal Goals by Emilio Merone

      Sensual and elegant background music is perfect for those days when you want to relax. With its smooth groove, this mid-tempo chill-out track will draw the listener into a peaceful state of mind. Elegant, dreamy, sensual, pleasant as chilled wine – this track is perfect for luxury products, affluent lifestyles, and romantic urban living.

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      A Christmas Snow by SnowMusicStudio

      Orchestral and cinematic Christmas composition with a joyful rhythm, great heartwarming melody, and celestial choir. Perfect for TV Xmas advertising, uplifting holidays YouTube video, fairy winter commercial, the atmospheric festive specials, snowy scenes, and Happy New Year cheer. Enjoy!

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      Epic Technology by Yevhen Lokhmatov

      Do you need music to make your customers be impressed? With this music, you will tell about the advantages of your product or service. It is dark, but with a huge epic mood. This track can be used in any kind of promo, video presentation, intro, business, and media advertisement. Perfect for YouTube videos, viral promotion campaigns, and high-tech news.

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      The Motivation by Yoav Alyagon

      An inspiring, positive and motivating track featuring electric and acoustic guitars, piano, different kinds of percussion and drums. This encouraging track expresses success, optimism and confidence - excellent music to promote corporate projects, any kind of motivational videos, presentations and much more!

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      Professional Approach by ihsandincer

      A corporate track specially designed for infomercials, web advertorials, commercials, documentaries, travel shows, finance videos, news and many other media and video projects.

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      Purposeful Life by TimTaj

      Positive, upbeat corporate track with a motivational and inspired mood. Used instruments: acoustic guitar, delay and muted guitar, percussions, pianoforte. The music will give hope and optimism for presentation eco-friendly startup, motivational videos, high-level social media strategy, SMM agency promo, online HR interview, web advertisements. Enjoy!

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      Strive For The Highest by TimTaj

      It is a confident and motivational royalty-free background music that evokes feelings of aspiration, motivation, and stimulates action, achievement and success. Perfect for any motivational videos, advertisements, films, commercial projects, promotional videos, corporate projects, business videos, presentations and more.

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      Leaving Planet Earth by Ionics Music

      Modern and stylish synthwave composition with SFX sounds, modulation pads, straight beats, and melancholic, spacious, and floating melody. It will perfectly fit any kind of high-tech product media, but also commercial projects which are aimed at the younger audience. As well as design and technology-related projects.

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      Celebrate This by DPmusic

      This is Uplifting, Joyful and Celebratory track with Upbeat, Inspiring and Happy atmosphere. Perfect background audio for any festive and celebratory events, advertisements, commercials, travel videos, positive and optimistic videos.

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      New Expectations by Yevhen Lokhmatov

      This is light music track with synths, guitars, piano and bells. Mood is uplifting, positive and inspiring. This music will be good for business presentations, stories of success, motivational, sport , lifestyle and travel videos, technology, educational films, creative design and beautiful architectural projects. Arrangement in this track is well suited with voiceover.

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      Light Inside by Serhii Volynchuk

      Tender and fairy classic-piano composition with a great inspiring, emotional mood. It will be a perfect choice for various media projects like a love story, romantic wedding video, sentimental commercials, final credits, uplifting promotional video, christian project and more.

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      Wanna See You by AG Music

      A cool and trendy mix of old school hip-hop, chillhop, and even ragtime. Creates a really high spirit and will work nicely as a background for different kinds of projects. Fits perfectly for YouTube vlog, street fashion, travel video, urban and street lifestyle, food festivals, youth advertising music, photo slideshow, cute video, etc.

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      Start New Life Today by DPmusic

      A beautiful royalty-free pop track with an optimistic vibe and catchy sound. Perfect atmosphere for corporate videos, presentations, uplifting videos, inspiring speeches, real estate, promotional projects, travel blogs, product advertising, TV commercials, and many more.

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      Mean To Me by SPMusicGroup

      Energetic and fashionable royalty-free House track with bass guitar and beautiful effect vocal cuts. Perfect for perfume advertising, beauty vlog, trendy Youtuber's content, luxury jewelry, and other products where it is necessary to emphasize the style.

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      Fun Kids by Ryan Ancona

      This is a very minimal and simple upbeat happy instrumental perfect for kids music, children and teenage videos and Youtube movies. Features happy piano, cute bells and marimba. Features claps and clapping, perfect video game music and app music. This positive instrumental is cheerful and gives a sweet cute mood.

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      My Dreamland by raspberrysounds

      An atmospheric, relaxing LoFi Chillhop has a modern soundscape with scratchy vinyl, cold synths, nice drums, rich bass, refined and sensual vocal samples. The music is great for travel destinations, summer videos, or any other project that needs something fresh and sophisticated.

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      Pure Calmness by MediaM

      It is calm, positive, soft, hopeful, and inspiring corporate background music. Perfect for any medical, science, and technology projects, video reviews, infographics, innovative and technological projects, promotional videos, slide shows, corporate projects, marketing, product launch, podcasts, screensavers, television, media, commercial projects, presentations, video explainer, youtube, video tutorials, business, science projects, medical projects, education and more!

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      Her Dreams by MintWhale

      Dreamy ambient music, with deep Rhodes chords, spacey vocals, airy pads, spatial plucks, and a slow minimal beat. A great background for urban street scenes and nature documentaries, romantic videos, and many other projects!

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      New Ideas by Roman Cano

      This is a motivational corporate track featuring bells, piano and orchestra. Perfect for advertising, corporate videos, trailers, inspirational projects, documentaries and more.

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      We Are Like A Family by ihsandincer

      A smooth, minimal and positive pop/rock track featuring electric guitar arpeggios, synths, strings, acoustic guitars, bass and percussion. A great choice for projects, commercials and videos that need a minimal, simple and a positive sound.

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      Children Dreams by RMSound

      This is a soft and dreamy acoustic track. It has a ukulele, bells, claps, acoustic drums, pads and deep bass. This track has a very soft start and a beautiful ending. The perfect choice if you're looking for background music for kids' videos, advertising, or any media projects.

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      Dynamic Moves by ihsandincer

      A dynamic and powerful electro-rock track with sexy male vocals. Perfect for cool entrance in a scene, adrenaline extreme show, sports games, extreme video, hot car commercial, and catchy fashion content.

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      Space Anomalies by AleXZavesa

      Take a journey through the chill side of life with this new music track. Great drums and glitch percussions, piano, and atmospheric synths make way for Chillstep beats which combine perfectly with smooth dubstep sounds. Perfectly for time lapse videos, science videos, technology and space movie, nature and travel projects.

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      Beats And Salsa by Elijah Aaron

      This energetic Salsa-Pop fusion track is perfect for your advertising or promo with that Caribbean vibe! It features a catchy piano montuno, timbales, and lots of great Latin percussion. If you're looking for something completely different than what you usually hear in commercial music, this is it.

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