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    • This music is a mellow mix of cool business attitude which screams this is modern, technological, and this is something to pay attention to. The melody plays out a futuristic style melody while the haunting pads create an intelligent and forward thinking mood.

      A punchy 1-mintue stylish breakbeat track with high energy with stylish drums and boomy bass.

      Powerful electronic music track. Positive, uplifting with many synth layers and joyfull, energetic mood. Consists of kick, percussion, bass, various synths. You can use it as intro or outro muisc. Also good choice for ads and presentations.

      Are you ready for a trip in the future? We invite you aboard our spacecraft. Hot, aggressive and very energetic percussion for any kind of your projects. I hope you like it.

      This music has a very positive business presence while being cool and progressive at the same time. The subtle pad is contrasted by a hypnotic and creative mid range that screams this is modern.

      A bouncy and energetic background loop will work great as a background in video games, apps or short videos.

      Funky upbeat breakbeat, funk groove cool and sexy with hard to ignore bass rhodes over driving breakbeats.

      A cool styled looped break beat, instrumental track with a lot of bite, energy and style.

      This deep house inspired music contains a throw back feel with a modern twist. The music combines a lush, smooth and cool bass line that is complimented with a plucky synth lead melody.

      This music uses soothing synths and inspiring melody to bring a calm and relaxed vibe. The music is peaceful, and sophisticated while still leaving a minimal and positive experience. These qualities makes this music great for a wide variety of applications.

      Fast paced dance style track with vocal effect style uplifting melody

      This hi-tech and modern electronic downtempo music uses a mellow but advanced style. Echoing synths, plucky melodies, and a great sophisticated style makes this a most have for a wide variety of applications.

      Smooth and calm lounge track in a relaxed mood. Featured instruments are e-piano and atmospheric pads. Good for vacation videos, advertising or slideshow.

      This music is an exciting blend of wild synths and with an action packed break beat style percussion. The melodies scream cool, intense, wild, and are a complimented with subtle pads and rhythms.

      This intense track has a hypnotic feel. With some soft dubstep elements it moves between different styles of music. Available in 4 versions.

      This quirky electronic game music combines a fun blend of wild synths, gritty bass, pounding drums and a catchy overall sound. This fusion of fun ideas in a seamless loop makes a great choice for a wide variety of applications.

      This one is a powerful modern track in the style of dubstep with your typical wobbles and sawtooth.

      Elegant track ideal for hotel lounge, chillout bar, happy hour corners, travel TV shows, urban documentaries, journalistic reportage, advertising, corporate image, youthfully TV and radio commercials. Thoughtless and light-hearted mood, lively, fresh.

      Dark and mysterious ambient textures, constantly evolving and transforming into something new.Featured electric piano, drum loop, bass, many synth lines.This track will be good for commercials, infomercials, podcasts, tv and web adverts.

      Positive and optimistic electronic track with soft dubstep glitching elements. It communicates happy feelings and conveys funny images to audience. Perfect for advertising use and positive, uplifting corporate videos. I

      A fun melodic and uplifting electro house kind of track made with the dance floor in mind.

      Big breakbeat instrumental track with a lot of bite and energy.

      Stylish modern disco music track with light synthesizer melody, clean guitars, wide strings,lead chords, powerful drum machine groove and bass.Energetic and exciting modern track perfect for TV, Advertising, Web etc.

      A mid-tempo, dynamic, pop melody suitable for presentations, adverts, voice over background etc. Includes drums, bass, electric guitars, strings, many synths.

      A dance styled loop with steady drum and bass. Music on hold or the weather channel, booth are possible applications.

      A dub and hip hop instrumental track with chill and funky elements, conceived as incidental music. It suits well to underscore scenes with elegant people, both in ADS, corporate and movies

      Perfect track for industrial, corporate or factory shots. Tight drums and bass with synth elements. A versatile high tech groove for your impressive promo video.

      This powerful dark electro track uses a dramatic build up and strong rhythm for maximum impact. The rhythmic percussion is enhanced with a rhythmic bass line which creates amazing movement, and energy.

      This intense loop has a hypnotic feel. With some soft dubstep elements it moves between different styles of music.

      An uplifting and track that is perfect for many uses such as high tech, yoga, lifestyle, innovation, corporate and business videos. Features spaced out synthesizers, dreamy piano keys, funky beats and soaring strings.

      Futuristic electronic funk with a vintage influence. Features cool Rhodes chords, swirling synth pads, congas, & drum machine. 8-bit

      It is a beautiful style dance sequence but contains a fresh sound yet vigorous. Very suitable for use in multimedia projects during this period warmer.

      This hard hitting and powerful industrial track uses a dramatic build up and action packed rhythm to get its point across. The minimal percussion is enhanced with a dark bass line which really creates a since of action and doom all that the same time.

      Take your project to the next level by incorporating this energetic track for that extra bite. This original composition is ideal for your advertising, commercials, corporate media, and presentations! This danceable track features a variety of pumping synthesizer elements that combine into an epic groove!

      Great tune for a spy film or sneaky situation. Cool lead synth plays a ominous line while dance drums and bass back up the song.

      Heavy Electro sound according to modern dance scene, more specific to GLBT community. Similar to Fukk Off, Jeffree Star, Die Antwoord etc.

      Fresh synth driven electronic piece featuring mellow Rhodes chords and funky drum machine rhythms. Modern feel with a vintage sensibility. Laid-back tempo at 100 bpm.

      It's cross style track consisting elements of pop, ambient and orchestral music. Drum and bass groove is in hip-hop style. Piano, harp, woodwinds performed in classical style, and ambient pad. Something you might hear on Disney, Nickelodeon, Bravo, MTV and car commercials. Intelligent, inspiring, energetic and futuristic.

      This music uses a dramatic and powerful industrial music which creates a vivid picture. The hard bass lines, and the in your face percussion set the stage as the robotic and mechanical melodies take over.

      A poppy, happy, motivational tune

      Emotive and gentle easy listening song with electric piano main riff and nice, inspiring string pads that elevate the track towards the end. A nostalgic but positive feeling throughout.

      Bouncy, animated breakbeat track with a sense of urgency and exit. Melody is similar to Propellerheads.

      A rich and lush hip-hop instrumental track. Slow tempo urban / hip-hop style drums, melodic synths with a sense of melancholy, storytelling. Good for urban drama, commercials, appeals and much more.

      Positive and energetic electronic track. Good for high tech videos or presentations.

      The powerful dance track, great for adverts, TV and radio shows. Consist of the mighty groundbreaking beat, tons of synths.

      Reflective atmospheric track featuring electric piano, guitar and electronic drums. A mix of female vocal and electronics. Great for games, films, trailers, presentations and more.

      Stylish Background Music with rhythm of Electro & Tech, Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion.

      Dark break-beat song performed on synthesizers.

      Dark ambient loop with throbbing synth beats and a pulsating bassline. Perfect background music for action scenes, crime films or computer games.

      Simple and subtle techno song suitable for background on documentaries, on hold music and ending credits.

      Aggressive electronic track made with synths and electric guitars. Good for videos about extreme sports or high tech. 8-bit Track.

      Fast energetic electronic track with drum 'n' bass rhythm. Very modern urban soundrack for creative projects.

      A dark and ominous fast moving track. Suitable for using as soundtrack to action films or video games, also as a news theme

      Calm and quiet background track made with synths. It would be nice for podcasts, corporate videos or as a background music for broadcast. Also it can be used for casual games.

      Pulsating, ambient, instrumental gives us a feeling of a light, distance, sci-fi surroundings. There is lot of synth sounds.

      Hypnotic ambient track with smooth digital lines and sophisticated piano keys guide the listener to the dimension of true digital relaxation. Perfect for corporate videos and any types of virtual projects.

      Medium slow hip hop. Electronic drums, synth bass, electric piano, effected electric guitar, synthesizer leads.

      Catchy electronica track with quite a dark, mysterious ambience reminding the underwater dance of octopus.

      Crazy arpeggiated synth track with a cheeky feel!

      Funky Disco Loop, excellent background music for websites and youtube videos.

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