• Royalty free Ironic music

    • Suddenly Ducks by Roman Cano

      A funny and quirky track, with pizzicato and plucked strings, a bouncy bassoon, a slide whistle, and kazoos. Featuring an optimistic tune with a fun, playful feel. Ideal for comedies, pranks, pets and kids videos, short films, ads, and cartoons.

      That 70s Cop Show by ihsandincer

      A funny, clumsy, and very bizarre track. It's an ironic, calm, and mellow song with a slight touch of comedy. You can use it for funny scenes, cartoons, funny pets, theatre, video clips, films, having fun,etc.

      Future Theory by Infraction

      Ironic positive music. The best choice for fun adventure scenes.

      Life Is A Chance by Ivan Markelov

      A retro, upbeat, and energetic funk track. Featuring drums, bass, brass, strings, Hammond, and live electric guitars. This track is ideal for gripping innovation videos, documentaries, and commercials that need a dynamic backdrop to highlight the creative process in an enthusiastic way.

      Soul Diner by ihsandincer

      Positive, energetic modern track in electro swing style with elements of tap dancing and songs of the 30's/40's. The perfect mixture of old and new. Suitable for comedy films, smoky dance halls, ironic moments, etc.Similar to Parov Stelar.

      Becoming New by DimmySad

      The ironic and slightly mysterious music in the style of noir. Spy guitar, strong brass, live bass accurately convey the mood of Hollywood movies.

      Upcoming Success by DPmusic

      This bright, cheerful, and positive track with a Latin sound will add a feel-good vibe to your video project. It's ideal for branding projects, commercials and presentations, and background music for advertisements and marketing campaigns.

      Upbeat Summer Party Pop by DimmySad

      This is a funny and amusing spy and detective music featuring pizzicato strings, full of humor, and smiles. Great for ironic comedy and cartoon videos, detective and spy scenes, quirky and sneaky characters, funny criminals and cartoon gangsters, secret agents in the comic book, and more.

      Travelling With Friends by ihsandincer

      Fun background music with an upbeat and joyful mood. Features whistling, glockenspiel, hand claps, ukulele, and pizzicato strings. Ideal for children's videos and travel. A good choice for motivational videos, YouTube, and advertising.

      Spanish Fun by ABCstudio

      This is an energetic track in a quirky and ironic mood. It's features vocal stabs, bouncy synths and can be used for funny videos or video games.

      La Vida Reggaeton by Diva Production Music

      Sinister horror genre music box chimes and ghostly voices in the distance. Threatening descending electric piano with ironic chimes.

      The Big City Life by ikoliks

      This is a contemporary Americana folk instrumental track featuring acoustic guitar, electric bass, and drums. Its simple, hopeful melody evokes spring in the mountains, new beginnings, and starting over. This instrumental background music fits perfectly as an underscore or bed for outdoor scenes, rural splendor, or renewal and hope.

      A Little Prank by Roman Cano

      A snappy, crunchy, instrumental acoustic pop ballad with happy-go-lucky mood. Ideal for ironic moments, funny comedy sitcom, serious humor, hilarious videos, simple pleasures in life or cynical and sarcastic character.

      Children Fun by MixSound

      March played by a brass band with ironic flavour. Circus atmosphere full of joy.

      Wedding Party In Budapest by ihsandincer

      A retro and vintage funk track in the style of a TV cop show from the 70's. Featuring, wah guitars, electric guitars, bass, drums, percussion and brass section.

      Candy Factory by Roman Cano

      Ironically this song describes the decay of everything without falling into despair. Featuring piano and electronic dubstep elements. Use this anywhere you need to grab listeners attention.

      Share The Smile by ikoliks

      A pop-reggae like soft tune with ironic and deep melodious motifs. Evolving and somewhat cheerful. Featuring jazzy organ, Fender Rhodes, Celesta and steady drum rhythm. Resembling to "The Addams Family" main theme.

      Spooky Pumpkins by Audiocalm

      A high-energy reggaeton track that is guaranteed to get any party started. With its infectious rhythm, driving bassline, and catchy guitar melodies, this track will bring a lively and upbeat vibe to any project. Whether you're looking for background music for a commercial, a movie, or just a fun night out, "Rumba Caliente" will keep the energy level high and the party going.

      Have A Drink by ABCstudio

      Ironic and melancholic composition. That slow classic piano piece evolves and twists in a rich texture of melodic flow. This track comes with a big bag of feelings

      Easy Move by APmuse

      This one an easy and bouncy pop-dance track with light and inspiring vibe. Main instruments are pads, synth, piano, guitar and drums. Perfect for advertising, corporate and business promos, real estate, educational content, inspiring videos, technologies presentation, gadget reviews, and many more.

      Childhood Moments by Infraction

      Cozy and light jazz style tune with piano, nice guitars, jazz organ and catchy drums. Great to use for cooking vlogs, kids content, travel videos, vlogs and more.

      Your Brightest Future by DPmusic

      Versatile stinger, funny and gentle, featuring pizzicato strings ensemble, flutes and clarinet to create a carefree and ironic mood. Pizzicato is a plucked stringed instrument, as opposed to a bowed one, like clarinet or flute. This sound can be used for many things: commercials about taste of food with an irony background, insect sounds in nature documentaries and others

      Born Fighter by DimmySad

      Fresh and funky, this track was made to be played loud. With a groove that's impossible to ignore, high-energy guitar and a driving beat, this melody is perfect for fashion, travel or event visuals, TV shows, commercials, or films.

      Children Indulge by Rolikmusic

      It's a positive cha-cha track featuring vintage small band. It would be nice for retro video game, circus and clowns, carnival show, funny madness, ironic scenes.

      Joe The Jazzy Man by Manuel Ochoa

      The upbeat, happy vibe of pop music inspires this track. It has an uplifting, positive mood that is perfect for commercials and kids' projects that need to bring a smile to your face. Played with human whistle, ukulele, hand clap, tambourine, music box, bell, and acoustic guitar.

      Comedy Of Mistakes by Eitan Epstein Music

      Catchy and ironic theme with marimba and guitar good for cartoons, children's or casual games, video clips, puppet theatre etc.

      Wake Up To School by GreenBird

      This bright and stylish pop dance background music with stylish synths will bring an energetic atmosphere to your project. Perfect for broadcast, commercials, or TV scenarios. Good for dance videos, movies, radio, and live performances.

      Heart On Fire by Berool

      Imagine yourself in an ancient library. The scents of old wood and dust fill the air, the musty old mustiness that comes from ancient tomes about to reveal secrets from the past. This fantasy-styled piece has a hint of a Harry Potter-style adventure, with slightly creepy descending tremolo strings and mystical backing voices.

      My Business by Sikosbest

      A strange mixture of tones and beats. For this reason, it has an ironic, strange vibe. Something that would be in a dream or vision.

      Dance This Night by TimTaj

      This funky and punchy energetic hip-hop track in Boom Bap style with lo-fi hip-hop guitar featuring bass, drum machine, leads, and percussion. Perfect for city street graffiti, urban lifestyle videos, extreme sports, videos about cars, sports highlights, fashion, travel and more.

      Welcome To The Party by ihsandincer

      March played by a brass band with ironic flavour. Circus atmosphere full of joy. Good for kids activities, old-fashioned outdoor events.

      Slow Ride by Mike Nowa

      This orchestral track is a delightful, childlike tune with a distinctive retro cinematic feel. It would match well with the vintage themes. Sparkling flutes and sweet strings merge with each other under the charming sway of a lively upright piano. It evokes a sweet nostalgia for childhood or reminiscing memories of simpler times.

      Vintage Streets by APmuse

      A soulful Motown-inspired royalty-free track with groovy bass guitar, electric guitar, vintage organ, piano, drums and upbeat brass. Best for ads, promos, fashion, travel or cooking contents, film scenes, podcasts and more!

      Funny Adventure by APmuse

      New Friends - motivational corporate pop-rock style. The track has an expressive, catchy, and emotive melody, influenced by the sound of vibrant, optimistic pop rock. Perfect for business presentations and videos, successful marketing videos, and presentations of products in various media. Its confidence and joy are ideally suited for corporate presentations, commercials, and advertising campaigns as background music for travel videos or other creative projects.

      Riddle Of The Old Library by Geoff Harvey

      Calm and quiet track in the ironic mood, featuring piano, harp and strings. Good for comedy movie, psychological scenes or even dramatic love stories.

      We Must Investigate by Roman Cano

      Upbeat and inspirational acoustic corporate music track with driving electric and acoustic guitars, and piano. An easy-going and energetic mood will evoke a feeling of happiness and inspiration. Works excellent with corporate videos and commercials call on hold, videos about traveling, fun and leisure, vacation and trips, etc.

      All Sweetness And Light by Geoff Harvey

      This track will perfectly fit inspirational and motivational videos, YouTube videos, films, TV, nature and photo slideshows, commercials, corporate videos, phone music on hold and more.

      Start Fresh by GreenBird

      A driving and bold, action sports rock track with alternative/grunge elements featuring upbeat electric guitar and fast hip-hop drums to create an exciting and energetic mood. Perfect for sports, fighting, and extreme videos, trailers, and gaming content. Let's Rock!

      Skeleton And Ghost by Roman Cano

      Fascinating and playful cinematic orchestral theme with percussion, horns, orchestra, and pizzicato strings. This background music has a playful and mischievous character. Perfect for funny videos, cartoon animations, cooking programs, solving joking mystery games, comedy movies, and cartoon animation videos.

      Fun Walk by Rolikmusic

      This Jazz track is soulful, romantic, and sweet. The tenor saxophone and trumpet are front and center. We also have a background electric piano and bass guitar that add to this sweet groove. This track would be perfect for a trendy jazz nightclub in LA or New York City. It would also work well for background music at a candlelit dinner in Paris or Rome.

      Sneaky Animals by Eitan Epstein Music

      Slightly ludicrous fast walking-bass lines are the main feature of this comic piece. Suggests rapid, though somewhat chaotic progress on a project, but it all resolves on an upbeat note. Classic, silly xylophone phrases accent to sense of fun. Alternate ascending and descending passages could be useful to depict an indecisive comedy character, constantly changing direction and tactics.

      New Friends by GreenBird

      Positive, uplifting, energetic track with the catchy ukulele and bells combine with lively drums and claps to build a strong finish.

      Silent Movie Ragtime by Elena Naumova

      This fun and positive track in Balkan/Klezmer style is featuring clarinet, accordion, violin, and drums. Uplifting and good for both broadcasted advertisements and background music. Perfect for world documentaries, history shows, and celebratory scenes with dancing, celebrations, and diverse cultures. The track also has an Eastern European vibe.

      Time For Love by E.L. Mahon

      Inspired by the joy of childhood, this happy and upbeat country folk tune was designed to brighten up your days. The acoustic guitar, accordion, piano, and ukulele blend perfectly in this song, creating an optimistic and bright vibe. Ideal for home videos, commercials, or any happy occasion!

      Fiesta Fun by DPmusic

      Upbeat, energetic, and dynamic high voltage electro music in 80s synth wave style. Featuring analog synths, leads, bass, and sharp guitars, as well as retro-sounding electro beats. Sounds like a journey through driving streets full of neon flashy lights of digital showcases. Great for indie games, ads, fashion vlogs, and podcasts.

      Puppets On The Run by Roman Cano

      A very uplifting and fun folk pop-rock tune with electric guitar, marimba, whistle, and percussion featuring. Brilliant music for advertising, commercials, children's games, educational videos, funny moments, happy family and friends videos, travel vlogs, product promos, and many more.

      Jazz In Cafe by SnowMusicStudio

      Start Fresh is a modern corporate theme with an inspirational melody and enthusiasm. You can use this track as background music to emphasize your product presentation, portfolio, or slideshow. The clean and smooth sound makes it perfect for any business project!

      Its Halloween by Christian Aen

      Chiptune style music sequence made entirely with 8-bit sound. Ideal to set video games where the main theme is the old and wild west.

      Fiddlesticks by Geoff Harvey

      A playful, traditional Italian styled folk track featuring mandolin, accordion, bass, violin and acoustic guitar. Good for travel and cooking visuals.

      Good Traveling by Azovmusic

      This sweet and joyful acoustic tune is perfect for happy occasions with friends. The light-paced beats, happy guitar melody, and jangling bells will get you smiling and dancing. Perfect for commercials, children's TV shows, upbeat holiday videos, family movies, or anything with a happy positive vibe.

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