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    • Positive and uplifting motivational tune. Featured instruments are strings. Good for corporate videos, advertising or websites.

      Old Style positive music bed. Takes us back to a happy and carefree sixties. Vintage sound. Strings come in the second part of the track.

      Positive and driving track. Featured instruments are plucked synths. Perfect for casual games. It can be played in game menu or during gameplay.

      Starting with an acoustic guitar this tune quickly evolves to a collection of strings and electric instruments overlaid on the continuing acoustic rhthym. A bright and upbeat piece.

      A bright and breezy composition featuring electric guitar and strings.

      This subtle music is the perfect mix of cool pads, high tech flavor, and a tone that shouts business. The music gives a real cool atmosphere but is neutral enough to be used for a wide variety of applications.

      This is a positive and upbeat rock track with a lot of energy and movement. Uplifting acoustic guitar with piano and powerful drumming excellent for happy and joyful projects, videos and websites.

      Easing beat with synth melody

      Soft as silk music bed on which any material settles comfortably and easily!

      Lively trance song to fill all your trance needs. Flowing synths, quick bass, and arpeggios in the bridge.

      This dramatic tune combines the high tech melodies and powerful bass lines. The music creates big picture as it promotes power, innovation, and success while the arrangement makes it great for a wide variety of applications.

      This music uses high tech melodies, powerful bass and percussion to get its point across. The inspiring business sound is complimented with a great arrangement that allows this to be used for a wide variety of applications.

      This music combines cool high tech melodies with positive bass and percussion. The forward thinking nature of the music makes it work well with a wide variety of applications.

      Nostalgic and tender music track recorded on electric guitar. Laid-back and smooth this sensitive music will be great for dramatic, loving and melancholic situations.

      This upbeat song uses hypnotic melodies and really creates a cool sound. The high tech low end is complimented by a whispering melody that really strikes a chord.

      This smooth electro hop tune utilizes a haunting melody with easy going bass and street inspired percussion. The music is arranged to play great with a wide variety of applications.

      Slow traditional blues guitar over an interesting acoustic backing with drums and bass.

      An easy listening uplifting track with lead-synth melody. This background music can be used in projects for kids of all ages.

      cool lounge music

      Positive, easy-going, laid back track with mellow modulated guitars and powerful drum hits. This track is laid-back but at the same time energetic with it's powerful climax.

      Acoustic guitar with clean electric overlaid with a strings and synths in the background produce this stunning peice.

      A dreamy nordic electropop tune

      This is an upbeat, a heartwarming track with positive emotions, hope and positive feel.

      This track is a modern rock pop instrumental that is perfect for background music for corporate videos, commercials or anything that needs a positive and uplifting vibe. This track has a organic live band feel, using acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, piano, and drums.

      Dance track with catchy electric guitar and hook lines.Strong beat and bass. Very good for film action scenes and visual media.

      A bright piano passage with drums and bass.

      This blend of smooth sounds utilizes a progressive bass section with bright synth sounds. It creates an overall feel of happy emotions as the synth melody takes over. It is arranged in three parts which allows it to play well with a large variety of applications.

      Clean and warm guitar start this easy-listening, positive track. It evokes motivation, strength and a sense of uplift.

      Calm and quiet track made with electric piano, electric guitars and synths. Perfect for website or videos about nature. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast.

      Melody to raise the imagination. The main instruments are trumpet, trombone guitar sounds on the background of flying keyboards.

      Uplifting, positive and energetic track with nice precise rhythm guitars, gentle piano melodies and big, lush string pads. A cello's solo comes in at the end making the track very emotive and beautiful.

      A happy, clappy song everyone can clap along to.

      Aggressive electronic track with dark mood. Featured instruments are atmospheric synths and electric guitars. Perfect for different kind of videos or slideshows.

      submarine beats...

      Aggressive electronic track with dark mood. Featured instruments are atmospheric synths and electric guitars. Perfect for different kind of videos or slideshows.

      An upbeat, energetic tune with a melodic house type beat.

      Relaxing chill out music with wide pads, electric piano jazz chords and smooth acoustic drums. Good for background music or film soundtrack.

      Feel good, relaxing, bouncy ambient track with bouncy drum beat, open electric piano chords and cool voice fx. Relaxing and open.

      Dynamic background track made with synths and guitars. It would be nice for podcasts, corporate videos or as a background music for broadcast. Also it can be used for casual games.

      Strong heavy track with some trance atmosphere elements. Mighty guitars, flying synths, powerful drums.This track is great for sports,action, adverts.

      A majestic orchestral passage, ideal for theme music.

      This music combines a high tech feel with a soft melody. The smooth bass combines with the happy percussion so the music can play behind a large variety of applications.

      A smooth and jazzy, upbeat loop with piano, bass, drums and synth.

      Gentle, soft, easy listening atmospheric ambient tune with soft and gentle electric piano melody.

      Grooving nu-jazz track with energetic rhythm and elegant mood. The track is suitable for fashion promos, videos about vacation, luxury lifestyle or pleasure.

      Progressive ambient / electronic track with oscure, robotic, digital sounds and rhythms. Can be used at any project or short film.

      One more difficult day has ended. But instead of coming back home, you decided to follow the inner voice. Having left the vanity of city life, your electric train rushes towards a new dream...

      Medium slow background smooth jazz track featuring drums, electric bass, electric piano and synthesizers.

      A piano passage over a rich bed of strings, bass and drums, that can be used with the Flying Forward loop. Emotes a feeling of energy, forward movement and lifting senses.

      Calm and quiet atmospheric track made with synths. Perfect for website or videos about nature. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast.

      An atmospheric track made with synths. It can be used for sci-fi or high-tech videos and documentary films.

      A Fun positive melody with a feel good vibe featuring warm and bright acoustic guitar along with playful bells and vibrant keyboards elements. The drum beat combining with all the featured instruments suggests a happy hand clapping beat, which is very catchy and very useful for childrens animation, educational and projects and themes.

      Positive track with happy mood. Featured instruments are guitars and synths. Good for corporate videos or advertising.

      Upbeat building introduction for something new.

      Positive cheerful song. Meeting friends, fans, celebrating the joyous event. Walk into a warm sunny day. Acoustic guitar and straight beat.

      Romance or love story. Loving, heartening, emotional and longing. Tender and touching like fading memories. Suitable for young drama, young love, valentine, daydreaming, love and romance. Featured by electric piano, soft beat, bass and synths.

      Positive and energetic electronic track made with synths. Good for high tech videos and documentary films.

      A mysterious midtempo electronic song.

      Light electronic track. Used synthesizer, arpeggiator, digital drums. Perfect for web sites, computer games and other projects.

      Uplifting R&B pop track with orchestral style hook, drum loop, analogue synths. Works well for background music in club, bar and urban street scenes.

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