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    • This electro pop track combines a cool tech rhythm with sophisticated pads and technological melodies. The music is light and bouncy but is neutral enough to play great with a large variety of applications.

      That's exactly the music that you can listen in your mind when you're in your lucky day! Happy guitar, strong bass and drum and a sweet glockenspiel.

      Dance/House track. Fresh and groovy synths blended with funky electro piano.Trumpet plays melody.Great for multimedia use, business, corporate, adverts.

      A team can be unbeatable when all members work together. This loop stays for teamwork, optimism, visions, fairplay. The right choice for impressive multimedia projects.

      This progressive electropop track is a spirited mix of a cool rhythm, sophisticated pads and technological melodies. The music is light and bouncy but is neutral enough to play great with a large variety of applications.

      Inspiringmotivational and uplifting music track featuring acoustic and electric guitarskeyboardsupbeat drums and bassGreat for motivating videosproduct promosTVradio commercials and internet videosSuccessful and inspirational music for your project.

      Dreamy, quiet, positive track featuring lots of delay sounds, smooth synth sounds, tremolo and chorused clean electric guitars, the rhythm of bass and drums.

      Strong corporate loop for a wide range of applications. Perfect for image videos, factory shots and much more.

      Dreamy, airy electronica with big, chunky breakbeats and a relaxed, laid-back swagger. Warm, atmospheric and fluid.

      A rambling acoustic guitar riff with acoustic upright bass.

      A relaxed background loop with a straight drumline, guitar pattern, piano figure and a smooth sax at the end. Quite versatile.

      A light and free house groove. Wholesome but fun positivity and motivation.

      This music is a progressive blend of energy, electronics, and pop. The pulsating rhythm is complimented with advanced melodies and creates a sound that is new, fun, and interesting.

      Drifting airy electronic synths backed with a quick drum beat and spacious zonal electronic elements create an ideal background track for travel or demonstration purposes. Modern two step style drum beats are gradually re-introduced creating a modern element conveying the sense of movement or motion. Ideal for sport demonstrations or visual scenery projects. Also suggests flying or flight in aeroplane or sky diving.

      A dynamic electronic track in a positive mood. Featured instruments are oldschool and 8 bit synths. It would be nice for arcade game, hi tech or game videos.

      This dubstep music is a compelling mix of dramatic action contrasted with haunting piano melodies. The fusion of styles creates a dynamic sure to grab anyone's attention.

      Mid tempo funk piece. Arrangement features Rhodes electric piano,clavinet, synthesizer, bass & drums.

      Bouncy, funk inspired electronic piece featuring synth textures and drum machine.

      Laid-back chill-out song and loop performed on digital synthesizers emulating synth strings pads, crystal keys sequence, drum machine and bass. The song features quite a complex harmony.

      A chilled out looped lounge tune with relaxed keysnice crisp drums and a clean bass.

      A calm and successful corporate loop. Positive and optimistic with light digital synth and beat. Best for business models and modern background music related to computers commercial, internet, banking, communication, smartphones and Tablet applications.

      This powerful dark electro track uses a dramatic build up and strong rhythm for maximum impact. The rhythmic percussion is enhanced with a rhythmic bass line which creates amazing movement, and energy.

      Romantic and beautiful song. Features piano and spacey percussion. You can use this track as a background for you projects.

      An upbeat, motivational theme consisting of piano, bass and drums. This track is suitable for corporate, business or commercial use.

      It is a dance style musical sequence melodic. Ideal for your multimedia projects.

      A tune to accompany beginnings. Simple but melodic guitar lines over a medium paced groove. Relaxed but positive. Inspirational and optimistic.

      Sweet rhodes chords, jazz piano and acoustic drums. Elegant chillout track with acid jazz elements. Great for your lounge club playlist, for your luxury goods, shop, travel channels and TV broadcasts.

      A Lounge intro for your media projects.

      Modern electronic piece with a funk vibe. Features synthesizer, percussion, and drum machine.

      Rhythm guitar guided blaxploitation/vintage cinematic funk style piece. Arrangement also features bass, clavinet, vibraphone, flute, percussion and drums. Tempo at 100 bpm.

      Upbeat track with a funky bassline and melodic synths. Great for complimenting nature and earth style video.

      This music combines a cool and innovative sound with echoing synths and modern percussion. It uses a modern electro hop style which is perfect for a wide variety of applications.

      Calm atmospheric background music.

      Groove based jazz-funk piece influenced by seventies blaxploitation films and funk. Arrangement featuring piano, bass, clavinet, flute, vibes, percussion & drums.

      A simple short loop with positive and optimistic feel for background. This track includes a bass guitar, synthesized organ and acoustic drums.

      A hypnotic dancesong with straight synth elements and sequencer patterns. Impulsive and energetic feel. Sweat!

      Simple but elegant track that creates good mood. Consist of acoustic and electric pianos, strings, pizzicato, drums and bass. Great for adverts, video and radio.

      It is a musical sequence with a touch gloomy and mysterious.

      Positive, uplifting and energetic pop-rock track. Guitar riff accompanied by moving groove of drums and bass. Typical pop-rock sound of the 90s - 2000s. Exciting emotional lift in the choruses and solo part. Works well for modern corporate video, branding, ad campaigns, sports etc.

      Energetic dance groove, similar to David Letterman's Late Night band, has 2 sections. Punchy rhythm section with bass guitar, synth, organ, electric guitar and drums. Suggested for upbeat TV and radio production spots, narration underscoring, PSAs. Key of C, 120 beats/min

      Featuring brightly strummed and picked acoustic guitar, piano, electric piano, bass and drums, this song is very upbeat, bouncy, and feel good. Evokes images of achieving a successful milestone or project.

      A motivational track full of inspiration and confidence, it drives forward with a positive and uplifting guitar riff, and has the energetic feel of great success and achievement..It will bring a great sense of innovation and expansive feel to your projects. Enjoy!

      Futuristic and cool are the words best to describe this modern business music. The arrangement is simple but has a sound that is ultra progressive and is perfect for a wide variety of applications.

      This music has a very cool commercial vibe while being progress and forward thinking at the same time. The subtle pad is contrasted by a hypnotic and creative lead melodies that screams pay attention to this.

      Positive, happy, fast, carefree pop track, featuring a loop of real drums, acoustic and electric guitar, both clean and distorted, bass and synth sounds.

      A positive and strong track for your successful projects. Suits perfect in any corporate video. Powerful strings and piano brings to imagination images of business success, productivity, sales and growth. This inspirational loop is great for any business related production looking for an uplifting corporate track.

      A typical garage rock song. Suitable for film, video, trailer, podcast or broadcast. Great for movies with cars, sports and so on.

      Upbeat synthesizer motifs are accompanied by arrangement of synth bass, subtle pads and percussion in 54 second loop. Suggested for media spots, public service announcements, sound design for corporate applications depicting efficiency and productivity. Key of C, 120 beats/min

      It\'s a motivational corporate track that features textured clean electric guitars and many keyboards melodies. Perfect for any situation that needs inspiring and uplifting music.

      Light melodic rhythmic bell sounds and minimal orchestral elements with a relaxed earthy beat. Suits commercials and backgrounds and also good for an outro in loop to fade.

      This funky loop contains some groovy male vocals, synth bass, muted guitar, crunchy funk piano and drumloop . A warm, rhythm based piece as waiting loop or background music for film and video.

      Calm and quiet lounge track with a minimalistic arrangement. Featured instruments are acoustic and bass guitars. Good for vacation or hotel video, slide show or as a background music for broadcast.

      Motivational, inspirational, mystic, positive, energetic, acoustic, instrumental track featuring acoustic guitars, drums and organ. This track combines the gentleness of acoustic guitar, the power of drums, the energy of electric guitar and the mysticism and depth of organ.

      A catchy song, a little funny, a little melancholic - different!

      This is a musical sequence with a high energy content. It has a very catchy tune and screechy.

      This hard hitting and advanced music screams modern and cool. The powerful beat is complimented by a soft pad and an echoing pluck synth melody. The idea was to create a modern train style music but it also works great with a wide variety of applications.

      A modern take on classic nu wave pop with dreamy strings, sci-fi synths and banging breakbeats. In the vein of New Order.

      You see the pictures from the past. And so much golden memories are growing in your mind. Life can be so wonderful... A friendly guitar theme guides through the relaxed rhythm with piano elements and string melodies. A peaceful song with slightly melancholic feel.

      Simple piano chords resolve through close harmony pattern, with percussion and double bass. Suggested for supporting, uplifting, positive scenes, underscoring of narration, public service announcements, voiceovers, transitions or TV and radio commercial spots. Key of F, 121 beats/min

      Very motivational and positive track that rises from the staccato strings, to the powerful rock part. Dynamic changes, sweeping effects, full of positive emotions. Can be used for various corporate and advertising themes. Ideal for adverts that showcase achievement, excellence and teaming up.

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