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Happy, optimistic instrumental chillhop featuring catchy chopped vocal elements, big beats, laid back jazzy sounds.
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Uplifting and inspirational pop rock music, featuring glitched harmonics and steady beats. Making it great background music for timelapse videos, documentaries, films, filmmakers, vlogs, tutorials, commercials, school and business projects.
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Hypnotic, relaxing, mellow track in chill trap genre with old school drum beats, rich piano chords, acoustic guitar, and synthesizer stabs.
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A upbeat electronic track with bells, bass guitar, and crispy drums!
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Jazz background music track with manouche acoustic jazzy guitars, uprigh bass, swing drums and big band brass.
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Traditional African instrumentation such as marimba, African Flute and Tribal drums.
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A very melodic tune with an ironic feel to it.
0:51 , 1:30, 1:30U
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Futuristic, soft and airy Chill track.
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It's a cheerful and positive track featuring harp and strings.
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The energetic pop looped track, with a punchy drum beat and an inspiring, soaring chorus, with just the right amount of a vintage flavor.
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An intriguing acoustic guitar track, featuring a club-like bass drum, a progressive rock-like progression and a flamenco-like guitar solo.
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Very fast, quirky and funny tune, played by bongos, walking upright bass, cheesy organ, piano and snappy electric guitar.
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Wavy mellow tune suitable for many uses to give a comforting background to compliment your project.
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This cinematic track features electric guitars, synths, electronic drums and pads.
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Positive and uplifting motivational track.
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A very upbeat and playful tune.
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A lush and pretty gradual buildup to a climactic crescendo.
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