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Bright and emotional, modern classical orchestra track with melody, that's built to an exciting climax.
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This is brilliant and celebratory pop music with uplifting and inspiring atmosphere.
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This is very inspiring, positive and upbeat music with motivational and uplifting mood.
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Positive, energetic song with ukulele, piano, claps, bells and percussion.
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This is a happy and romantic Mexican mariachi music, full of fun and joy.
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A flowing and inspiring corporate piano solo track for use in commercials, film, tv, youtube and other forms of media.
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'Auld Land Syne' is a contemporary, upbeat and energetic rendition of the popular song often played to celebrate New Year!
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Energetic, modern, dance and positive instrumental music track in pop and funk style.
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An elegant, uplifting and inspiring chamber orchestra and piano melody.
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A bright, optimistic, uplifting and inspiring piece performed by electric and acoustic guitars, piano, violins, bass guitar and acoustic drums.
1:05 , 1:24
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The “Success” is an uplifting, positive and motivational piece with modern piano lines, orchestral strings, beautiful guitar arpeggios, pop-rock drums and warm pads.
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Stylish modern corporate track with an energized, yet sophisticated vibe.
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Excellent motivational tune, featuring piano, electric guitar, and strings.
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Happy, cheerful and motivating Rock music track with groovy riffs, casual drums and claps.
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This inspirational tune is the perfect music for any project or presentation that needs an optimistic and positive instrumental background.
1:56 , 1:59
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Uplifting and positive pop/rock track.
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Corporate music track with a motivational and inspiring feel.
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The cinematic composition used in the award-winning movie "A Rainbow of Adventure".
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Full Symphony Orchestra.
0:52 , 0:57, 0:57U
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Grand orchestral cinematic track.
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Corporate music track with a motivational and inspiring feel.
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An inspiring and motivational track with an uplifting feel.
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A powerful and inspirational cinematic instrumental.
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A festive, bombastic, uplifting and lively cinematic orchestral score.
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All In or Nothing Small Cover
It’s hard to describe how it feels to win big. Yet, these melodies do.
26 Melodies
Road to the Olympics Small Cover
Hard work and dedication followed by success. That’s the journey these melodies inspire.
22 Melodies
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