1:55 , 2:24
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Inspiring, positive and exciting classical background music. Perfect for historical films, nature videos, inspirational love projects, timelapse and landscapes, fantasy, trailers, commercials, inspiring speech, vlog with elements of motivation and other. Featured instruments are piano, strings, flutes, choir.
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A trendy downtempo track reminding slightly of Major Lazers mega hit 'Lean On'.
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Absolutely romantic, warm and shine pop-folk track, with happy and smooth acustic guitars. Perfect for delightful summer trips, weekend leisure, relaxing day off, cycling through countryside meadows, dreamy vacations and holidays and the variety of uses.
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This one is a modern and motivational pop track for your upbeat, summer holiday projects.
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Very positive, cheerful and playful music with uplifting ukulele ,sweet bells, upbeat claps and drums.
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This is a sweet tune with a vintage flavor & orchestral elements makes a great track to use if you want to give a creative & magical feeling to your project. Perfect for commercials and advertising, YouTube videos, kids projects, winter holidays, Christmas shopping and more. Featured instruments, piano, strings, clarinet, bells, harp, contrabass, drums & percussion. In the style of "Home Alone" soundtrack.
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This is a touching and emotional cinematic piece for any romantic and lovely moments of your life.
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Bright and emotional, modern classical orchestra track with melody, that's built to an exciting climax.
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This is a motivational and inspirational track featuring acoustic guitar arpeggio, orchestral strings.
1:43 , 2:07, 2:07U
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This is warm and heartwarming orchestral music in a peaceful mood with a deep philosophical sense.
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This is sunny and positive summer dance track with inspiring and uplifting mood.
1:55 , 2:11
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This is very romantic and lovely cinematic music with sentimental and warm atmosphere.
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An exciting melody created using a variety of orchestral instruments provides an upbeat colorful theme suggesting Christmas Day or an exciting magical moment.
1:40 , 2:11
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Magical and inspirational winter holiday track with rich piano keys, fairy flutes and strings, positive shiny bells, cinematic drums, orchestral horns and brasses, sleigh bells, catchy melodies.
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This is very inspiring, positive and upbeat music with motivational and uplifting mood.
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A very melodic tune with an ironic feel to it.
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Quiet, joyful, positive, inspirational, motivational instrumental track inspired to country-rock and new age.
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Positive and uplifting track with bright and joyful feel.
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An elegant, uplifting and inspiring chamber orchestra and piano melody.
0:45 , 1:41
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A positive summer mood hip hop beat with old school vinyl samples and groovy drums.
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A cheerful and unique sounding tune which would suit a children's program or TV commercial for children's fashion, toys, food, cartoons.
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Stylish modern corporate track with an energized, yet sophisticated vibe.
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Excellent motivational tune, featuring piano, electric guitar, and strings.
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Sweet and colorful tropical track with a bright and joyful feel.
1:10 , 2:20
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Mellow, beautiful and happy music track driven by piano, acoustic guitar, Hammond organ and acoustic drum kit.
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This is my new, super positive, "Santa Hurries for Christmas" music track with holiday beautiful mood!
1:56 , 1:59
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Uplifting and positive pop/rock track.
1:00 , 2:40U
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Inspirational and Uplifting Pop/Rock track in Coldplay's style with guitars, bass, drums, piano and orchestral strings.
0:52 , 0:57, 0:57U
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Grand orchestral cinematic track.
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