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A playful, spooky and bizarre theme in fast tempo.
1:32 , 2:10, 2:10U
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This is a positive and uplifting track in a cheerful mood with the influence of country, funk and reggae genres.
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The mysterious mystical track with a repetitive melody and strained mood.
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Comedic and funny background music with tuba, trombones, acoustic bass, clarinet and upright piano.
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A unique blend of bell and marimba creates a repetitive melody with a transcendental mood.
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Hopeful and loving new year holiday music.
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Cheerful song with bouncy rhythm bringing positive vibes.
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A strange, yet intriguing experimental jazz piece.
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Gothic melody combined with modern rhythms, transport the listener into the era of knight's battles and viking raids.
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Cheerful, catchy, joyous looped track, with uplifting strings, piano, bells, hand claps, synths.
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A funny loop about the friendly alien folks that lives around the corner.
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Retro inspired cruisey 70's style pop funk.
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A snappy loop with drumbeats, acoustic rhythm guitar sound and synths.
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Catchy and funny theme with xylophone leads good for cartoons, children's or casual games, short video clips, etc
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Middle tempo cute tune with balalayka solo.
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Track delicate and easy to listen to, with melody that stays in the memory.
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It's very amazing and weird track.
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Playful loop for piano solo, rag-time style, syncopated and lively.
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On a warm summer evening we walk listening to the sounds of music in the light of the moon.
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A soft Toy Piano melody with brushed drums and a Synth Harp accompaniment.
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Soft and innocent, playful children music.
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Abstract exotic track featuring sounds of marimba and xylophone.
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