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    • Delicate and classically melodic track for piano solo, veiled by a subtle melancholy. Elegant background.

      Slow, sad solo piano composition in 82 second loop suggested for setting of a formal funeral, serious narrative or bittersweet, tragic love scene, also underscoring images of natural disaster relief and calls to donate. Key of F minor/100 beats/min.

      Delicate track for solo piano, slow time. Atmosphere poignant, intimate and very sweet. Beautiful music for sophisticated images or videos.

      Downtempo Hip Hop storytelling instrumental featuring brass, acoustic piano, electric guitars, bells, & strings. Possible uses can range from full songs, "reflection" type scenes/scenarios web videos, trailers, etc.

      Delicate and modern track, with a reflective first part and the second part animated by a lively arpeggio. Ideal in background and for web projects.

      Piano and strings play slow romantic theme with oboe. Suggested for end credits, love scene, transition or emotional, sentimental, romantic sequences. Also for underscoring heartfelt narration, voice-overs, PSAs.

      Mysticism and spirituality in this majestic track, with rich classical instrumentation, male choirs and soloist female voice.

      A simple, classical piano minuetto that exude feelings of happiness and joy. This track loops seamlessly.

      Positive and very warm universal music, soft and bouncy commercial sound.

      Fairy Christmas time when everybody believe in magic. Yes, if you really do it - no wonder, all wishes come true. Very gentle and majestic composition.

      Grimey Chopped & Screwed style Hip Hop instrumental featuring modded synths, strings, brass, and bass. Possible uses can range from songs, web videos, trailers, etc.

      Beautiful and sad piano composition, that evokes sentimental feelings.

      dramatic ,orchestra and choir

      This is a sleepy time waltz fitting a commercial ad for something such as Ambien or some type of lullaby.

      Exotic atmosphere and aromas of Japan in this quiet and relaxing loop. Perfect background for answering machines, in waiting rooms, in oriental restaurants.

      Calm ambient track. Used digital drums and percussion, electric organ sound. Perfect for underwater filming, space frames, relaxation and other projects

      Piano is accompanied by strings and percussion in a slow loop suggested for setting of a formal funeral, serious narrative or bittersweet, tragic love scene, also to underscore images of natural disaster relief and calls to donate money for aid, voice-overs.

      Romantic song, orchestra, drums ,conductive pian

      A philosophy trip to search for the self.

      Cinematic, dramatic loop. Orchestral violins and choirs.

      Pleasant and melodic track in classic style with featuring piano and orchestra.

      Fragile and poignant theme, with a dominant violin over a sound carpet of choir, strings and guitar. Very beautiful melody, full of melancholy and elegance.

      Sweet and intimate theme played by a violin over a carpet sound of piano and strings. Ideal audio logo and great background.

      Between jazz and blues, acoustic guitars and sax to create a bit crazy atmosphere, for background and... for a bit crazy projects!

      Sweetly melancholic melody with a sax player on a carpet of violins and piano controcanto. Atmosphere and suggestion in background and for videos.

      Slow mysterious Violin creates edgy scene of mystery and intrigue with a slight Victorian edge. Very useful for horror, tension or suspenseful story telling themes. Melody designed to be over laid with a voice as if it was a ghostly tale or story.

      Heart-felt, positive and pensive song that evokes hope and good thoughts. Perfect for inspirational video clips.

      Electric guitar and drums create a modern rock style theme tune, suggesting driving a car or truck on the road. Very suitable theme music for motor sports such as formula one or off-road racing. Track features many moods such as being competitive, challenging and motivated.

      Electric keyboard and an array of string synths create futuristic space exploration music background, suitable for sci-fi or science investigation scene with an element of mystery and suspense. Suggests floating around in space searching for a planet or an alien.

      Middle Eastern female voices and violins with strings. Deep, sensitive and sad music is a perfect background for a sad scenes and videos.

      Track starts slowly with a string and piano combination, which gradually builds offering a sense of inspiration, determination and resolve. Very useful composition for film promo or trailer to imply success, mournful loss, remembrance or heroic inspiration.

      Subtle piano accompanied by antique sleigh bells, pipe organ and strings play A/B pattern. Suggested to underscore happy, feel-good moments, nostalgic winter holiday scenes, traditional Christmas reunion of extended family a la Norman Rockwell and seasonal narration.

      Beautiful piano and gentle strings in the background provide relaxing theme music suitable for calm scene or documentary background. Very useful track for corporate or business advert which involves time progressing.

      This film inspired sci-fi music really captures your attention. The strong bass and haunting pads scream drama while the strings just give it that something extra.

      A calm and angelic ambient piece would be perfect at many fields such as Spa and Yoga, travelling to exotic lands.

      Orchestral loop, classical conception. Evocation of a dance in European Courts eighteenth-century. Noble atmosphere and light elegance, for particular projects.

      Looped track for piano solo, classically modern style and slow time. Impression of the first star who wins the light of the setting sun. Sweetly melancholic and powerful, ideal cinematic background.

      Soft piano loop, classical style, very sweet, elegant and intimate atmosphere. Great background and intimacy for dreamy projects.

      Very elegant loop for piano solo, classically made, with a melody that stands on a continuous arpeggio. Romantic and sweet, intimate and very beautiful, fine for many projects, presentations and comment of images and videos.

      Throes of death, death and revival.

      Orchestral track, cinematic character, loop structured in particularly original way. Great lirycal atmosphere. Ideal background for romantic scenes.

      Upbeat flowing strings combined with electronic keyboard chords provide a very futuristic fast paced track suitable for product or technology launch for background presentations or corporate themes. Track contains digital synths with half step drum beat which suggests time, movement or motion.

      Calm and quiet ambient track. It would be nice for websites or relax videos.

      Looped track for piano solo, classical style. Lyrical and romantic melody for intimate atmospheres.You can keep in background also for the pure pleasure of listening.

      A smooth, sad, yet promising tune. Less is more on this track. Beautiful strings over a warm synth pad.

      This dramatic tune has a powerful atmosphere and dark tones. The horror pads gives this music a very ominous nature while the piano really brings out emotions. It is perfect for a wide range of applications including horror, drama, ghosts, trailers, film, and much much more.

      Beautiful ethnic loop made in indian style. Good for relaxation, yoga projects. Would look great as an intro.

      Easing beat with synth melody

      Calm and quiet ambient track with a dark atmosphere. It would be nice for websites or sci fi videos.

      Calm and quiet ambient track. It would be nice for websites or relax videos.

      This horrific tune has a powerful atmosphere and dark tones. The horror sound scape gives this music a very ominous nature while the eerie pads really give it an edge. It is perfect for a wide range of scary applications.

      Track full of peace and quiet, with dominant harp on a background of running water, synth and soft piano. For therapy and to restore spiritual balance.

      A track with epic and lyric sound at a time. The song features brass and strings orchestration with solo piano.

      Gentle, atmospheric piano based background piece, with hypnotic harp phrases suggesting calm waterside ambience.

      Calm and positive track . Featured instruments are piano and synths. It would be nice for romantic videos or Christmas media content.

      This light composition takes us up into the sky - above the clouds.

      Solo violin, accompanied by an instrumental ensemble invites us to a romantic dance on a sunny beach.

      Very elegant track with piano, clarinet and cello in relief on a background of strings. For pure listening pleasure, background, web.

      Classical piano solo track, gentle and modern, with dynamic contrasts and romantic accents. In background and for web projects.

      Majestic track for epic and dramatic projects. I have imagined the mourning for the death of a great king.

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