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Slow, majestic rock ballad featuring drums, fretless bass, electric guitar and drawbar organ. Good for old school movie, about hippie wanderlust, last summer vacation, sitting near the fire with good friends, wild nature, and backpack travel.
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Uplifting, groovy and powerful composition.
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Kinda naughty blues in the dark smokey bar room. This track has some cool, retro vibes, but is still a lot of sexy. Highly energetic and upbeat, dub drums, dirty guitars and hypnotic didgeridoo at the end of the loop. Perfect underscore for night clubs, road trips, high speed, extreme sports etc.
1:48 , 0:36U, 1:20
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This is my newest positive, romantic and sentimental pop background music track "Colours of the night" special for Valentine's Day holiday video, photo slideshows, nostalgic wedding video.
0:47 , 2:08
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An uplifting, mellow, upbeat and motivating background track with modern indie pop vibes.
1:55 , 2:15
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Deliberate, punchy arrangement of electric guitars, piano, organ, bass, drums, and percussion suggested for crime-in-progress scenes and dive bar segments reminiscent of retro TV detective series scores.
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A slow, brooding rock track, with 90's vibes, Nirvana in mind.
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This beautiful romantic guitar melody ideal for video projects, slide show for weddings, life and travel videos.
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A fun rock tune with a great guitar hook and powerful chords.
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This one is a powerful dance track for various purposes.
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Cool and stylish EDM music.
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Instrumental Rockabilly loop reminiscent of Tarantino movies and atmospheres.
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Pop dance loop with a retro feel featuring keyboard synths, acoustic drums, steel drums, and bass.
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Quality royalty free dance music with modern synth sounds and hot beats.
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Atmospheric, hypnotic, background music loop in the corporate ambient genre with groovy drum beats, warm basses, rich piano keys, euphoric synthesizer keys, airy plucks, relaxing mood and more! Mood & Genre: ambient, chill, melodic, euphoric, success, hope, elegant, groovy, motivational, aspiration, business
1:11 , 0:31, 1:00, 2:49, 2:49U
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Motivational and uplifting track with powerfull guitars and a nice melody.
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This is American style heavy rock and roll music, full of energy and power.
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Emotive, powerful, cinematic rock ballad.
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The measured slow urban reggae music track.
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Light sensual atmospheric track with guitar, soft piano and gentle pads in the background.
1:26 , 1:54
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Let's Move is an inspiring and uplifting electro 80's pop tune suitable for media and event projects.
0:52 , 1:01
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Wild and exciting Rock track featuring catchy e-guitar riffs and a firm groove that drives the piece with unbridled energy.
1:38 , 0:31, 1:02, 2:54
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Inspirational and emotional Rock with Blues elements.
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Modern and light corporate track with the spare arrangement and focus on technology.
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A simple but effective energetic classic rock loop, with medium distortion guitar sounds, which will definitely bring you energy and vibe.
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It sounds like indie rock.
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A very poignant guitar track.
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A loopable downtempo and chilling reggae joint in the old school warm dub style.
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