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It's like sneaking into a dark old house with a flashlight - searching for clues. Featuring lots of fun instruments like castanets, fender Rhodes, flute, oboe, and celesta. Perfect for cartoon or a video game.
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Dark and enchanting orchestral score full of nostalgy and irony.
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Ambient chillout electronic atmospheric music track with deep and spacy sound.
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Kinda naughty blues in the dark smokey bar room. This track has some cool, retro vibes, but is still a lot of sexy. Highly energetic and upbeat, dub drums, dirty guitars and hypnotic didgeridoo at the end of the loop. Perfect underscore for night clubs, road trips, high speed, extreme sports etc.
1:54 , 1:00U, 3:19
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Piano, strings, harp and percussion combine for a moody arrangement.
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Soft piano melodies with nature sounds and noises in the background.
1:52 , 1:55
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Energetic and dramatic music, great for use in games, trailers and projects that need a lively, exciting soundtrack. Available in three versions. Think about Sherlock Holmes, fascinating adventures, fantasy movies, spy/detective like darker music.
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Emotional, reflective piece of music with a touch of suspense.
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A fun suspense tune with a fast pace and a great melodic hook.
2:03 , 2:43
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'After Sunrise' is a very soft and quite atmosphere track with a smooth and pulsing synths movement in the background.
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This is a moving and gentle contemporary drama music that builds from a tender and emotive beginning to a grand and passionate climax.
1:56 , 2:22
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Deeply philosophical and atmospheric track with beautiful melody.
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Serious, elegant and sophisticated corporate music for business and motivational projects.
1:36 , 1:38, 1:00U
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Laid-back arrangement of upright bass and drums inspired by jazz and blues suggested underscoring scenes involving comedy, private eye, detective story, espionage and fifth business.
1:36 , 1:40
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Dramatic hip-hop track with tense beats and melancholic mood.
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Ethnic cinematic music with modern elements.
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This is beautiful, light, atmospheric and emotional instrumental music with a contemporary groovy beat and delayed piano fills.
1:15 , 0:35, 2:00
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Upbeat and energetic track with punchy drums, guitar, and bright synth.
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Laid back ad whimsical swing jazz loop with big band elements.
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Modern music for contemporary business, technological and corporate media.
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An epic cinematic trailer useful for cinema or youtube epic trailers, video game intro or end title screens, trailers, credits, menu, hold screens, or as background music in a game.
1:44 , 2:38, 2:39U
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Hip Hop track in the aggressive mood.
1:55 , 2:15
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Deliberate, punchy arrangement of electric guitars, piano, organ, bass, drums, and percussion suggested for crime-in-progress scenes and dive bar segments reminiscent of retro TV detective series scores.
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A looped electronic composition perfectly suited for ambient projects, fashion, new age, travel videos, technology advancements and corporate presentations.
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Sad, dramatic and very emotional track with beautiful strings, brass, electric guitar, pads, synths, bass and drums.
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Calm and quiet minimalistic track.
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Powerful pop with a strong and direct drum sound.
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A private eye theme in a post rock- electronic style.
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Upright bass plays cautious walking pattern pausing for pitch-bending glissando notes with hihat cymbals and triangle, a la The Pink Panther.
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Slow jazzy melody loop with bass solo.
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